Oct 11

911 Call With Ron Morehead

911 call from 1996 where a gentleman reports a Sasquatch type creature in his yard. The recording begins with the agitated homeowner, who has never been publicly identified but was interviewed by Ron Morehead several years after the incident, requesting police assistance after spotting a potential intruder lurking around the edge of his property. He states he was alerted to its presence by a motion-activated floodlight and notes that “just the other day” his dog was killed by an unknown predator. As the call progresses, he is clearly reluctant to characterize the figure as non-human. He is very careful to avoid explicitly suggesting that the figure is in any way unnatural, instead describing its immense size and its coloration without actually referring to it as a Bigfoot/Sasquatch-type thing.

15 Responses to “911 Call With Ron Morehead”

  1. Stephen W

    I was raised with German Shepards and if raised correctly they are loyal and will protect their owners without hesitation.When a protective and faithful dog as this one is killed by one of these brutes it upsets me terribly.I would not let this go without vengeance…..say large bore 416 rifle or larger and kill them twice dead.

    • Charles R

      Most dogs no matter the breed or how they have been trained will not go after a Bigfoot. They will cower by the owners foot or run back to the house or vehicle. However some dogs will go after a Bigfoot and it never ends well for the dog. I have personally witnessed this with my faithful Golden Retrievers back in early Feb. 2011 on the edge of the Huron National Forest, Sand Lake Region of Michigan. And all I found was a snow trackway that was not but a few hours old at most. My dogs stayed back at the road and barked and barked for the full 10 minutes I investigate the trackway.

  2. Sharon K

    You can feel the fear in this poor guy. He tries not to say what it is, probably because he wants someone to come out and help him and is afraid that if he says Sasquatch then no one will show up. I wonder what the police report looked like.

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