Oct 10

Toddler Missing For 3 Days Found Alive

Three-year-old Christopher Ramirez in Texas has been found alive after he was lost for nearly four days in the woods alone. He went missing Wednesday while chasing his dog as his mother unloaded groceries. NBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian reports for Sunday TODAY.

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  1. Denise F

    He was found “not shaking and calm” the witness said. Apparently, the Good Samaritan said he thought he heard an animal of some sort but it turned out to be the boy.

    Btw, he was found over 5 miles away. Could a 3 yr old travel that far through dense woods in 3 days…..I suppose ???!!

  2. Charles R

    Boy was found scared, especially the face and dehydrated. Authority said the boy had taken his cloths off. Now that is right out of Missing 411. Will see if any more info comes out from the boy. So glad they found him and 4 days and hundreds off people looking and finding him 5 miles away is peculiar. There was just so many houses he could have went to for safety.

  3. Michael K

    Thats the second story that Ive heard of a child coming up missing and mysteriously found days later in good shape. There was another story similar to this one in the SE somwhere like the Carolinas or Georgia. Very similar story very similar outcome.

    • Charles R

      Yes, that was the young 3 year old named Casey Hathaway in North Carolina. He stated that a bear took care of him. One of Casey’s relatives stated that Casey’s favorite cartoon was Masha and the Bear. This bear was more human and animated than Yogi of my childhood ever could be, and Yogi was very human like.

  4. Debra T

    So glad, Wes, you posted about this. We can’t help but be suspicious. 5 miles would be impossible for a 3 year old toddler to walk to. Many of us are suspicious about the child being naked. However, as a mom, when my “littles” wet their pants or panties they usually pulled them off because it was not comfortable. We just can’t say which was the case with this child. All who helped in the search deserves to be commended.

    • Denise F

      That was a pretty bad storm too. I only live about 12 miles from that location in Montgomery. It was strange but they were old enough to communicate a problem, I would think?!

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