Oct 11

Bigfoot Encounters In the Pacific Northwest

Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC writes “The Pacific Northwest is by far the most active area for Bigfoot in the United States with dozens of sightings report each year. Documented encounters with this legendary creature date back to the early 1800’s as explorers, trappers and pioneers moved westward. Throughout the years reports have consistently been made by many of encounters with hairy man-like beasts in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. However, definitive evidence that these creatures exist has yet to be discovered.

In 2019 a Team was assembled by Stephen Major of Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC with the goal of once and for all obtaining definitive proof. The mission is to travel to areas with recent credible encounters and follow the tracks until a face to face encounter provides us with the opportunity to prove the existence of Bigfoot once and for all.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey and explore the myth and reality of this legendary creature in the Pacific Northwest.”

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  1. Stephen W

    Tracks smacks.We’ve poured enough plaster of paris to coat the moon. Someone with the money to hire fresh navy seals, SAS, maybe some Rangers and the worlds best trackers.Give them the objectives, with state of the art equipment and I’ll double dam bet you they’ll come back with the goods. They need people in the field that will not take NO for an answer. I mean heck they are puttingWilliam Shatner, 90yrs. Into space. Should I get my checkbook?! Its in the m…….

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