Apr 17

Watch: When a Silverback attacks

Holy smokes!  The glass at these zoo’s are thick and not meant to be broken. Now image the damage a 8-10 tall Sasquatch could do. If the video below does not play click here.

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  1. Robert V

    Referring to Carol’s question. I’ve wondered this myself. Maybe they think it’s like a “Cave” or our “dwelling” and maybe within the culture of the speices they only go inside of another’s dwelling in only certain circumstances. Or windows confuse them. It’s an interesting question with many possibilites.

  2. Letty

    Great question Carol Sand good possible answers Robert V,. I wondered why they play peeiping Tom but never break down doors or windows too. There strength is capable of damaging a home. Very interesting….

    • Derek G

      I think one possibility is not because they can’t or that they are not strong enough, because we know they can and are but because they may not know just how weak and puny we really are compared to them. Some encounters say that sasquatch are 6 foot tall and many others from 7 to 10 or even 12 so they vary in size and that may lead them to doubt how vulnerable we are. People jump up on chairs because of mice and others could care less. We are much bigger than a bee or a spider or a skunk or porcupine or a bobcat or a wolverine and many others but wolverines backed into a corner have been known to but a beating on a bear. I remember my dad always saying to me to never approach any wild animal that is backed into a corner because they will attack. He also said if you can help it in the woods when encountering a wild animal, esp. a bear make sure you give it space and that IT has a way to escape. (go figure, “that it has a way to escape”. not us) otherwise it might fight. Sasquatch are wild animals and they know the law of the wild and although they are big they may have a healthy fear even of smaller things that may be a potential meal. I know that every good hunter should be humble enough to have a healthy respect and fear of any wild animal because they can be unpredictable at times. I think the danger are the Sasquatch who may have killed a human and found that it was as easy as taking candy away from a baby. Then they will start breaking the windows and kicking in the doors. Problem is there is no way to know if that is the one hidden watching you in the woods or not. It is quite unnerving to me at this point and I really hope it doesn’t ruin my future hunting excursions with my brothers and my dad. Sometimes I wish I had never fell down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole? or got so interested in this topic and reality if it is going to ruin my love of being out in the wilderness. I live on a farm and when I get home late now I purposely drive the car passed the motion sensor lights before I park and get out. Tonight they weren’t working and it was spooky getting from the car to the gate. LOL That is the part that sucks about all this.

  3. Gabriel H

    GeeZuss… outta nowhere. I struggle to even consider the sheer insanity that victims of Sasquatch have endured in their final moments. Pure horror and chaos 🙁

  4. r v

    Oh, and Vinnie: right? Carol: it’s ’cause they’re just pervs. Robert V: they’re like vampires. You have to invite them in. Charlene: zoiks! Tyler: yes. Letty O: I’m sure the big guy has broken up a few marriages. Gabriel H: pause it at :09, you’ll see the endurance right there.

  5. Gabriel H

    RV: yeah tellzme about it. And the strangest thing… paused at 00:10, immediately after the glass webs, from the perspective of the camera – which also happens to be our perspective – the face of the gorilla and the reflection of the face of the gal in the pink shirt, line up nearly IDENTICALLY.

  6. r v

    Tyler, thanks for the comment. I try. I take this subject VERY seriously but, in the end, we’re all just good ‘ol boys that have to keep life worth livin’. And to me that means humor! (we’ve gotta keep the alien handlers confused.. J/K – or aaaaaaaam I?) The most effective research is going to be good friends and relatives sitting around a fire one night with one of ’em saying “did you HEAR that?” (Hear it? I can SMELL it!) There’s science and then there’s the reality of being out there. When all goes quiet, and everyone knows something’s just not right… you want to be with your friends. Starting straight up in your sleeping bag – spidey senses tingling – going from dead sleep to adrenaline rush… You’ve got to keep a sense of humor throughout it all.

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