Apr 17

Abominable Chicken Man

In the late 1960`s  a creature simply known as the “Abominable Chicken Man” had been reported on a farm west of Oklahoma City near El Reno. According to the Oklahoma Journal, a farmer found the door to his chicken coop ripped off and lying on the ground. On the surface of the door and inside the coop itself were strange hand prints about seven inches long and five inches wide. When he saw that several of his chickens had disappeared with out a trace, he called the local state game ranger.

The door was shipped to zoologist Lawrence Curtis, director of the Oklahoma City Zoo. After a study that included comparisons with the hand and paw prints of human beings, apes, monkeys, bears and other animals, Curtis confessed his bafflement. “I don’t know what this is,” he said. “It resembles a gorilla but it’s more like a man.” According to Curtis the creature’s thumb crooks inward as if deformed or injured. “It appears that whatever made the prints was walking on all fours,” he said, judging from the footprints on the ground outside the coop. Unfortunately these were not preserved.

The Oklahoma Journal announced in a front page story: “Hen House Terror Just Monkey Stuff.” Staff writer Jane Berryman wrote that Howard Dreeson, who operated a sawmill in Calumet 13 miles west of El Reno, had seen a chimpanzee in the woods several times and tried unsuccessfully to catch it. The reporter quotes zoo director Curtis’ suggestion that a chimp may have escaped from a psychology laboratory at the University of Oklahoma at Norman. (Curtis advised that “these prints are definitely not from a chimp.”) A check with the laboratory in question (run by Dr. Bill Lemon of the university’s psychology department) elicited amused assurance that no chimps were missing. Dreeson himself believes the animal escaped from a circus train wreck or derailment near Mulhall some years ago. (Mulhall is about 50 miles northeast of Calumet in central Oklahoma.) It was determine, however, that the “wreck” was a minor one and no animals got away.

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  1. Pierre M

    Its been known for sasquatch to be in this area. They are seen from time to time. But theres been sightings for decades just west of oklahoma city. Theres even been a sighting in oklahoma city in a wildlife refuge. A tribal member of the Chyemne Arapaho tribe got 2 photos of a large sasquatch in 2000. Check out Possible Wood Ape Photos Central Oklahoma. There is a family of sasquatch that live in that area and have been for many years.

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