Sep 7

VideoCast: Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

Duane Ollinger has sunk everything he has into hunting for what he believes is a vast fortune of gold on his property. But with each step he takes closer to finding the treasure, the land seems to hold on tighter, stopping him in his tracks.



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    • Sharity

      They should contact Terry Carter. He has a YT channel and has a lot of knowledge about those lost treasures and caverns that are said to dot the landscape out there.

  1. greg d

    Interesting subject. But seriously can’t stand modern reality TV format. Surprised they didn’t have an animation of the tractor falling in. “After the commercial”

  2. Evelyn L

    There probably has been strange stuff going on around there at one time but I doubt that they are going to get anything on camera. The scientists at Skin Walker Ranch said that all of the activity ramped down when they moved in. To the point that nothing was going on and they left. What a waster of money.
    What they are dealing with is far beyond anything these guys have imagined. They are like blind men wandering around. Most scientists and “investigators” have no idea what “paranormal” really is.

    • Charles R

      The current crew at Skin Walker Ranch led by astrophysicist Travis Taylor are getting loads of activity and aerial camera shots of the UFOs that show up. Their high tech electronic devices are recording huge spikes in gamma particles and other particles. Lights at night from the mesa are recorded. Drastically cold spikes in temperatures are recorded. A cow died and UFO recorded above it. Now can the make sense out of all this, maybe never. I am fully on board with your last sentence.

  3. Charles R

    I will wait for this program to be presented on either Discovery Channel or Travel Channel like they did with this years Expedition Bigfoot. This is all part of the Uintah Basin chock full of High Stangeness. I for one would take a dip in that water. Maybe it would help with my Spinal Stenosis diagnosed this past March by my Ortho Spine Dr. However a daily routine of appropriate stretches and core muscle strengthening is paying huge dividends right now. Sure would like a complete cure though.

  4. Justin G

    So, I love Sasquatch Chronicles, and I greatly appreciate all that Wes does. I’m also open to the possibility that strange, unexplainable things happen at Skinwalker Ranch. However, with all due respect to Wes (seriously), I think there are red flags all over this Blind Frog Ranch show. First of all, it’s from Discovery, which has an atrocious record of putting out completely fake documentaries and marketing them as if they’re real, only to put words about “entertainment purposes” in the finest of fine prints (if at all). Secondly, after the huge success of The Curse of Oak Island and the growing success of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, I find is suspicious that we suddenly have this new program by another network that combines strange happenings at a ranch with an ancient treasure buried under water. They even stole the idea about the blue clay from Oak Island. On top of that, I know those guys aren’t actors, but it’s clear in some of the clips that they are attempting to act, whether it’s in undisclosed “recreations” of events that they say happened, or it’s completely fabricated, stories and all. Finally, no one can tell that that bloodless deer corpse had been refrigerated for a period of time? Another good explanation for why a cow carcass would have missing parts and no skin is that they got it from a slaughterhouse. The mutilations on Skinwalker Ranch have been documented over decades and are actually nothing like what’s shown on this property.

    Anyway, don’t misunderstand my intent. I love Wes’s show and I know for a personal fact there are supernatural things and things that mainstream science refuses to consider out there. It would take a lot for me to buy into this show, however. There may have been something weird at some point, but I’m pretty sure a good bit of everything that we saw was completely staged, and every time this stuff is faked, it makes it more difficult for legitimate info about cryptids, the supernatural, and other unexplained phenomena to be taken seriously.

    • Clifford B

      I have a friend by the name of Ken Kaplan aka Kaplan America( I hate name dropping but felt it necessary). The Discovery channel wanted to do a show featuring his Motorcycle Museum.
      So I have to agree with everything you allege about the Discovery channel. They bring directors to real life and manipulate the s_ _ t out of every single scene .
      Then they edit to the point of total fabrication.

    • nacole c

      My thoughts exactly. I started becoming really suspicious around episode 3 when I could tell some of the townspeople telling stories were making it up. You can tell the difference between a real experience and someone retelling a story. I was completely done with the show when they caught the “skin walker” on their trail cam.

    • Charles W

      If I could vote-up Justin G’s comment I would. That show is just a bunch of opportunists dramatizing a hoax for profit. Even if they find nothing, which is probable, they’re trying to generate enough interest to eventually sell. Skinwalker Ranch sold for millions over the actual comparative land value for anything around the Basin, now we have its cousin, the Blind Frog. The clips of them finding carcasses were so contrived and utterly ridiculous.

  5. Danny R

    I agree with above comments. Discovery will turn a good story, into a pile of excrement!
    Really wish they could have gotten some backers, and filned a self funded docu-series.
    But…. For all that it’s worth. I enjoyed season 1. Hoping season 2 comes out. Ready to see where this iridium thing goes. Wondering if Discovery is going to somehow join Blind Frog Ranch, and Skin Walker Ranch in a few episodes.
    Thanks Wes for all of your great shows! Listen to your podcasts everyday! Can’t wait to meet you sometime! Heading to Honobia Bigfoot Conference October 1st!

  6. Charles W

    Dubious story and evidence. Because the Skinwalker Ranch was ultimately profitable when sold, I feel like these piggybackers are trying to create a legend to eventually sell it. They’ll keep attempting ridiculous stunts as cheaply as possible and find nothing, then eventually sell it. “My radio’s not working!” Wow, excellent paranormal evidence.

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