Sep 7

The Confessionals: Demon Sex

Tony writes “In Episode 371: Demon Sex, we are joined by Jimmy, who shares his experiences with a succubus in his youth. He goes into great detail about when and how his encounters with this demon would happen, and what kinds of baggage it brought into his life as he grew older. One of the issues that stemmed from his interaction with the demon were episodes of sleep paralysis, in which Jimmy would find himself attacked by demonic entities even more horrifying than the one he experienced as a kid.”

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  1. Jeremy S

    Whoa. This is a subject that is rarely discussed but all too real. I used to get the sleep paralysis crap. The reason I know it wasn’t just a normal thing was the haunting at my home started exactly in the same time period. I had some horribly demonic dreams during that time, too. It opened me up to the paranormal and took me on a decade plus journey through some dark, dark stuff. Glad it doesn’t happen anymore. The ONLY THING that helped me was Christ! Jesus is Lord, folks. Don’t doubt it. Evil flees at the mere mention of His holy name. I’m living proof.

    I had a chapter devoted to my haunting in a book called “Ruin of Souls.” It got real bad at it’s height. So thankful I’m free from that and moved to a new place. That entire road where all this took place was near an ancient Adena burial mound and I do believe it was the core of the weird activity (which included sasquatch, lights, and UFO’s). People who do Astral Travel have also experienced demon sex and it’s woke them up from New Age practices.

    • Jeremy S

      I also knew another guy who had sex with a spirit in an old apartment that used to be a booze house during prohibition. She would just walk in his bedroom, have sex with him, then leave. The last time he saw her, something changed and it turned real dark. Her features changed. It scared him to death and he ran from his own house. He never saw her again, as far as I know, but I haven’t talked to the guy in ages and he was headed down a real dark path.

    • Jeremiah S

      @Jeremy I also know some of those Dark things you speak of. Some I remember and some I don’t, only looking back. Things I may have opened myself to unknowingly. It’s very real. I have had my battles. I’m not perfect but I am saved in Jesus Christ’s name. A lot of what you said hit close to home. If you have the time I may have a question or two.
      If your new here, Sasquatch Chronicles also has a Forum on MeWe which is a members only group on a social media type platform. That’s where I be. Your more than welcome to come on over. Here some info:

  2. Lorie C

    Back in March of this year I went to Vegas with my sister and my niece for my nieces 21st birthday. We all shared a hotel room, me and my sister shared a bed. the next morning we woke up my sister said to me what in the world were you dreaming about last night? you were screaming and moaning and crying in your sleep. I looked at her and started crying telling her I wish you would of woke me up because there was a tall black figure holding me down and pulling my soul out of my body, I could see my soul coming out of my mouth it was a bright neon blue color and it was really painful I was so terrified screaming and crying but couldn’t move then I
    Said in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave and it was gone and I could move and I woke up. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced it was trying to take my soul out of my body.

  3. Jeremiah S

    That’s odd, I tried to post a reply to a comment Jeremy S made and when it goes up it says:
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    I’ve never had that happen before. Only thing I did differently was copy and paste the Web address to SC’s Forum Thread about MeWe.
    I’m asking so I know what not to do to prevent future comments from sitting in limbo.

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