Sep 15

Nasa UFO Report: What We Learned From UAP Study

The BBC writes “A Nasa probe into hundreds of UFO sightings found there was no evidence aliens were behind the unexplained phenomena, but the space agency also could not rule out that possibility.

If the truth is out there, this long-awaited report offers no conclusive evidence.

But it did outline how Nasa will investigate what it calls UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) with improved technology and artificial intelligence.

Nasa administrator Bill Nelson said the US space agency will not only take the lead in researching possible UAP incidents, but will share data with more transparency.”

4 Responses to “Nasa UFO Report: What We Learned From UAP Study”

  1. Ron S

    Why isn’t Greer front and center at these whistle blowers meetings sitting next to Jeremy C. in that empty seat? None of it makes a lot of sense to me.

    I’m designing and building new prototype fishing lures to try tomorrow. I’m really surprised people haven’t thought of new creative ideas in many areas of life. I sure wish I knew how to patent things on the cheap. I have so many original ideas and good at making things… And it pretty much ends there 😆

    Have a beautiful day everyone! Make your own sunshine even if it’s cloudy outside like it is here today:)🌞

    • Ron S

      This is going to sound absolutely absurd in a “me too” kinda way, and I’m not saying it’s 100% unexplainable but it seemed very very strange, especially looking back on it today.

      I had to go back to find this comment I made about making fishing lures. The fact is, I was trying to save money and also be creative make something new. I was using old stainless steel utensils for building material for these lures along with an angle grinder and chop saw to get a rough shape started.

      On my first attempt I took an old butter knife, chopped to desired length and then used the angle grinder cutoff wheel and sanding disc to shape it better… Well, the angle grinder wheel (no guard, not advised!) grabbed it an launched the piece out of my hand.

      I generally thought I knew the direction it flew inside the garage and heard it as well, it was straight in front of me and I figured likely by the stacked 2X4’s and under the toolbox which is also under the workbench. I looked for just a few minutes before giving up and starting a new one.

      The following morning I decided to look in the garage again for another several minutes for the original piece I had started, I did so just before taking out my bicycle and go for a ride while my dog got her exercise, but nothing… in my head I asked if I could get some help finding the lure blank that was flung out of my hand (just general help from whatever may be listening, God, Spirit, Angel or whatever).

      I go out to the garage again this morning to take out my bicycle 2-3 days later and there right next to the bicycle is the 3” long shiny chrome lure piece I was looking for days earlier, right in the wide open where I would’ve almost stepped on it going in and out of the garage previously. I was really surprised as it wasn’t anywhere near where I was looking and thought for sure I would have seen it in the previous days… then it’s gets weirder…

      Then I hear Steve Isdal has a similar thing happen with losing a hunting knife and it appears 8 months or so later in his bag. It just dawned on me now that what I had lost was also a knife, or part of one, and granted it was a butter knife but still a knife nonetheless… I just think that’s really strange.

      I have had otherworldly/psychic help finding things before or even had a physical objects appear directly in front of me and in accordance to what I was thinking, so the appearance of the knife/lure thing wasn’t really all that overly surprising by itself… The most amazing part it that it had to do with a knife at roughly around the same time Steve I. had the same thing happen with a knife.

      Maybe there is a slight chance that when it flew out of my hand it went in a completely different direction that what I thought I saw and heard, and then I walked back and forth over it 5-6+ times in my direct path without seeing it… but I really kind of doubt it as I’m always pretty observant where I step.

      This whole scenario really goes along with my thoughts I’ve recently commented about of how these paranormal happenings can use certain instances or peoples situations as a scapegoat or a cover.

      Some might think it’s so utterly ridiculous that there could be a synchronicity between two separate similar accounts of appearing knives, let alone the believability of just one of the them happening, at least through the eyes of a skeptic. I understand It just makes all of it harder to fathom. But it did happen…And it’s really odd to me as well.

      I’m actually kind of surprised I even mentioned making lures several days ago, but maybe something was compelling me to write that down days earlier as later confirmation, and maybe I just couldn’t see it at the time. Idk.

      Life is really strange sometimes. I just do my best and roll with it. Take care everyone! 🌞🙏🏼

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