Oct 13

Upcoming Guest: It Ran Towards The Car

A listener writes “back in 2014, I was driving my family home (we lived in Berryville,AR at the time) from visiting my dad in the hospital in Springfield, MO. It was summer, right around 9pm, and it was mostly dark. I mean mostly as in you could still somewhat see but definitely needed headlights.

We were coming through a heavily wooded area around Cosmic Caverns, and I was on the lookout for deer, since they like to run out on the road at this time of year. I was having a conversation with my wife when a huge black mass came running up out of the ditch toward the car from the woods, which are probably only 20-30 ft from the road. It was massive (much taller than the car) and the speed in which it came at us from the ditch scared all of us. I shouted and swerved as I knew we were going to get hit, but did not. My wife asked me what the heck that was and I told her I thought I knew, but did not want to say. She asked, “Bigfoot?” I said, “I think so. It was huge.” I didn’t think they were in this area. I would have discounted all of this if it weren’t for what happened later.

So the really interesting part happened the next day when we got to church. The pastor’s wife (who regularly ridicules her son who is my age for believing in Bigfoot) approached me with a strange look on her face. She says, “You’re not going to believe what I saw last night.” I knew she lived around the Cosmic Cavern area, so I jokingly said, “A Bigfoot around Cosmic Cavern? Around 9pm?” Her jaw falls open and she shoves me back (think the Elaine from Seinfeld “Get Out!” shove) and says, “How did you know!?!” I told her that we had driven though that area at around that time and something had rushed the car. She told me that she had driven though that same area 15 minutes before we did and saw a massive black figure standing at the woodline.”

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  1. Denise F

    I’m telling you guys that I have wondered a hundred times on if Sasquatch caused auto accidents. There are so many missing people who’s car has been found with a fender bender on the side of the road…..I don’t think it’s all cases of people hitting their head and walking away with amnesia 🧐

    I look forward to hearing this encounter, thanks Wes

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