Oct 14

Regarding Episode 678 “The Hunting Lease”

A listener writes “I am from Arizona and I’d like to follow up on the episode where you spoke with Matt the trucker and his experience with this “flying white anomaly” near the Az/NM state line on I-10. Its odd that I caught that episode and heard the experience to which I can attest that this “thing” is real.

It was last fall, 2019, when me and my friend had seen this creature in the night sky by chance. My friend Ryan and I were outside my house one night chit chatting about these “lights” that were seen in the night sky a few nights before. As you can tell not much goes down here as we live in a rural arid area up near the Four Corners region of Arizona and seeing weird is a common occurrence if you pay attention. One this particular night, while talking and joking, me and Ryan for some odd reason as we talked about “lights in the sky” happened to look up into the night and unbeknownst to us we saw quite possibly the same thing Matt the trucker had seen – a white serpent like flying entity. This thing as by my estimation was about 40-50 feet in the air, flying from north to south, my guestimation about length was about 3-4 feet with a body width of at least 1 foot. Now the kicker here is, it’s operation of flight. From what we saw, the “wings” were affixed around the mid body area possibly a little more towards the front of the body. It’s wing motion was that of a “swimming type” motion as it looked to be pulling air from the front and swiping it to the rear(like a breast stroke motion in the pool). We had witnessed this spectacle for about 10 secs before it vanished into the cold night sky. With our jaws on the ground, we could only utter “What the fxck was that!!?” as we were stricken with awe and excitement. Our minds raced to formulate a guess as to what we saw or even ask if it was real. I remember asking Ryan, “You did see what I just saw right?” and his response was “I don’t know what we saw but it wasn’t a bird.” Ryan being younger threw out “Jeepers Creepers” type entity but it wasn’t. It looked like a worm or a serpent because we had seen the underbelly of the creature as it glided through the night sky flapping its wings in a forward to rear motion unlike any bird we’ve seen. When you’ve been in the military you have a sense of what avionics we have in our arsenal, public and secret, this wasn’t a drone. It’s motion was fluid and real. Like Matt the trucker said, it looked kind of like a squids motion in the ocean but only in the air.

I can vouch for what Matt the trucker had seen many years ago in the night sky. Me and my friend had seen this anomaly firsthand only once but for the few seconds we had witnessed it, that in itself is a lifetime of mystery and memory for me.

Thank you for time, your show and your inspiration in the unknown. I do understand that this happens to be off the cuff of your normal Squatch avenue but I thought I’d share my experience because I’ve known no one else other than me and Ryan to have seen this spectacle. And no sir, they aren’t or weren’t “rods” by any stretch of the imagination.”

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