Feb 23

Tonight’s Show

Tonight’s show has been moved to next week. I had an unforeseen emergency come up. I apologize to everyone I know some will be upset with me but almost nothing would keep me from the show. I will put out an extra show next week. Thank you for understanding.

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  1. Thomas J

    Seek HowtoHunt.com and David Paulides channels on YouTube for some great information and Wes hope all is okay for you and yours. Tough going without my fix of SC but will survive.

  2. phil w

    Having been a member for quite a few years I cannot believe how hard you work , how few holidays you take and how your interviews are so informative…..looking forward to next week

  3. Stephen C

    Just hope everything is alright and that’s all that matters, and if someone gets upset over it their the ones with an issue’! Every body has responsibilities we have to deal with. So go handle your business brother

  4. Trent M

    No problem brother, your shows are worth waiting for. Like 99% of the people here I feel you are important to us and if you need to take care of something we support ya!

  5. Debbie S

    I just hate to hear that Wes, hoping you get whatever resolved quickly and satisfactorily. We understand…..goodness….I’ve been listening since somewhere in the teens….I can’t remember this happening much, seldom actually. Prayers that all is well with you soon. If anybody wants to get upset….they need to grow up and get a life. I think the vast majority of us though understand and hope everything goes well for you. 🙂

  6. Steve W

    Well Im in the hospital anyway so the withdrawals from “ LACKASCEPISODEITIS “ are being mamaged with DILAUDID & MORPHINE. Guess there WAS a reason to be here in the first place !!!

  7. Steve W

    But… … on a serious note : Im not sure WES knows how much we care about him and how much he has enhanced our lives. We tell him all the time but perhaps when you hear it DAY IN -DAY OUT it loses or LOOSES its effect …

  8. Steven B

    Dear Wes

    I hope your emergency is nothing of a permanent nature and will be quickly resolved. As a paying member, speaking for myself, I do not feel you owe anything. You are a human being with a life outside of this program. To be prevented from living it, and tending to it, is not reasonable nor compassionate in any way.

    God bless

  9. Jon W

    No worries buddy!
    If you need that thing in your garage fed while you’re out of pocket, just leave the keys under the Sasquatch statue. We got ya covered!
    Hope all is well.

  10. Eric S

    We’ll all go and listen to older episodes for our fix. I mean, migawd, some 600 plus episodes there are surely some replays that’ll forestall the withdrawals.. Me? I’m gonna cue up my favorite, episode 295.

  11. Joshua W

    The Jackson – Wyatt Family sends our thoughts, prayers and wishes for peace profound to you and yours Wes. This show got me through many nights at the hospital with my son. If there is anything my husband or I can do please reach out. Even though we’ve never met you’re a member of our ‘family of choice “. As such we’d like nothing more than of service if there is a need.
    Warmest Regards,
    Joshua, Liam, Connor & Quinn Jackson-Wyatt

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Feb 17

Tonight’s Show

Tonight I will be speaking to two guests my first guest writes “In 1974, my mother, my brother and I lived in Sacramento, Ca. In April 1974, we went on a trip up the coastline during which we visited multiple beaches and camped along the way. I remember playing on the beach, collecting driftwood, and being afraid of the powerful waves of the ocean.

We had a 1967 GMC club van with a rear seat which folded out into a bed. This is where we slept as we camped. One of the places we stayed is at Patrick’s Point State Park. What I remember about that place was the campground being way uphill from the beach, and the place was surrounded by redwood trees and was scenic and beautiful. We went to sleep that night in our van. My mother was on the driver’s side. My brother was on the passenger side, and I was in the middle.

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke. I’m not sure why, but I believe I heard something moving around. When I sat up and looked out the passenger side of the van, I was face to face with a manlike creature. It had stopped whatever it was doing and stood squarely in front of me, facing me.

Though it was the middle of the night or possibly closer to early morning, I could see somewhat clearly. I think it must have been a moonlit night and my vision was always very good, certainly much better than it is now. I thought I was looking at a man. He stared at me very intently and looked very wary as well. I looked at him the same way. I wondered why he was here, what he was up to, and whether I should be concerned with his presence, but he made no move toward us. Also, I wondered why he was so strange looking and so ugly.

He was probably within 25 feet from me. He was a sort of ashy gray. His skin was gray and so was his hair. Mostly, I just stared at his face, but I did notice some things about his body as well. He had bold looking eyes. I can’t remember exactly how his nose looked, but I believe that it had open nostrils from my perspective but was not large. His mouth was large however, and at some point it was agape so that I could see his teeth. They were large, blocky, and had some space between them. Years later, I would describe them as those of a caveman. His facial proportions were off. His eyes were too close to the top of his head from my perspective.

His mouth was closer to where his chin would be, with a longer distance between the nose and mouth. There was no forehead and the top of the head had a crest shape to it. If you were to make a triangle of about 120 degrees and round off the top of it, this is in the neighborhood of what I saw. This shape always really stuck with me for some reason. The hair was fairly short and came forward from the top of the head down and stopped at the brow, except where it sort of came around the sides of the eyes and sort
of blended into the face.

The area around the eyes and the upper part of the nose was hairless. I don’t remember seeing ears. Also, there was some skin showing on the center of the chest. It had prominent musculature on the chest, shoulders and arms. I didn’t even know what that was at the time, but I did observe it. Nothing below the waist or the forearms got my attention. Since he stayed there looking at me during the encounter, which may have been several minutes or more, I never saw his profile from another angle.

Eventually, I tried to wake up my brother, then my mother and that is when the “man” moving very strangely, crept back into the forest. Neither of them wanted to be woken, and I went back to sleep. First thing in the morning, I told my mother that I had seen an “ugly man”. After asking around, nobody else around the campground had experienced anything unusual, and we left. A few months later, when my mother got married and we were moving into a house in Sacramento, I was helping unpack a box of books. One of those books belonging to my stepdad was “Abominable Snowmen of North America…Do They Really Exist?” As I was thumbing through the pages and looking at the drawings of bigfoot, I started asking questions. My mom’s answer is that it is like a hairy man who lives in the woods. A light bulb went off, and I have been a believer ever since.”



I will also be speaking to Zina. Zina had a encounter with a Sasquatch and the following year she had something even stranger happen to her that may not directly related to Sasquatch.

Zina writes “This happened back in 1976 ish time period. The last experience was in 1977. I was 13 years old and lived in Southeast Iowa and grew up on a farm. We lived out in the middle of the boonies. My parents owned 110 acres of farmland, bottom fields that a creek ran through. My dad bought the property from a man who retained some of the property to put a trailer on for his mother-in-law to live in. He had a big storage building made of Metal that sat back from the trailer. I rode a bus that dropped me and my sister off 30 minutes apart, at our mailbox then we would have to walk l/4 mile down a lane to get to our home. I always got off the bus first. hen my sister got off after me every afternoon. This was a spring day probably April or May, but can’t remember that for sure. I’m 55 almost 56 years old now.

Anyway I was walking down the lane heading home that day when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of something unusual to my right. Just at the tree line, not more than 50 feet away from the trailer that the elderly lady lived in, I saw a very tall black looking thing standing there at the tree line. I stopped dead in my tracks and kept looking at this thing trying to figure out what the heck it was??? I watched this thing for more than 5 minutes, and the whole time I was frozen in terror once I realized it was a 7 to 8 foot upright creature on two legs and was covered head to toe with dark to black fur. It had its back to me. I watched it look into the branches of the tree it was standing by, intently looking at or for something in the tree. It shifted its weight back and forth on each leg as it was doing this. I kept thinking OH MY GOD, what am I going to do? I had to walk very close to this thing to continue to walk home. I know I prayed that this thing would not turn around and look at me. I was just a teen and I knew I’d probably faint with fear if it looked at me. Time went on and it never even acknowledged my presence, thank goodness! It all of a sudden walked in the tree line and disappeared. Well I took my cue to run like heck and get past the spot where it was close to the road and ran like heck all the way home. My next concern was what about my sister and the old lady?? After I ran home, I committed the cardinal sin of waking my dad up from his afternoon nap. He would nap after work and we tip toed in the house and didn’t wake him,,,,ever! Anyway this day I ran in, woke him up and told him what I just saw. I asked him, do we have bears in Iowa that walk on their legs the whole time??? Its all I could think of besides what I knew it was.

He said no, we don’t have any bears that I’m aware of here. Anyway, he took me very seriously and ran into the bedroom and got his rifle, which looking back now, wouldn’t have done much of anything, but its all he had besides a hand gun. We both ran out the door and back up the road toward the area. Next thing I know my sister is running and screaming that she just saw a big black thing near the tree line, right where I saw it. Dad assured us that its ok. We are safe. We stood on the road while dad went to the tree line to investigate the area. He didn’t see anything or at least that’s what he told us. He then knocked on the lady’s door and she was home. He told her what we just saw, and wondered if she saw anything? She said no, she was watching tv and didn’t see or hear anything. So dad told her goodbye and be cautious. We went home. After that we both kept our eyes peeled to see if there would be a repeat performance. But thankfully we didn’t see anything like that again. I talked to dad about that again during the time that the show Finding Bigfoot was on the air. He said, yes he remembers it and he believed me! I do remember he and his hunting buddies talking about people that had encountered what we called in this area MO MO.

I had two other things that happened to me. It has to do with seeing a strange jet/object in the sky?”

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  1. Bal G

    I’m glad Zina’s dad believed her,and made sure her sister came home safely. I wonder about the old lady knowing more than she let on. Maybe she was gifting them with apples, candy bars, etc. The big guy might have been looking for his weekly snack. Maybe she forgot.

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Oct 26

Tonight’s Show

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the show will be up later tonight. I am in Texas traveling and will be picking Tony Merkel from “The Confessionals” from the airport later, so I apologize for the show not being available at the normal time.

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  1. Steven B

    No apologies necessary – SasChron shouldn’t be a “ball and chain” for you. 🙂 Wish I was closer to Dallas and I’d come up and visit with you and Tony…9 hours is a LONG drive.

      • Steven B

        Not from where I am – last flight out was 7PM. Also, ticket cost and motel are a little steep just for a weekend as much as I like Wes and would like to hang with him and Tony.

        I was able to meet Wes and Woody almost a year ago now just before Thanksgiving. If I had of had a little more time they going to take me up to where their encounter occurred which would have been awesome. In any case, it was great to be able to hang with them for a couple of hours and with Wes the day before. They’re down to earth guys and it was a pleasure to meet them. 🙂

  2. Asheim

    No apologies necessary Wes! You do what you gotta do. Waiting on pins and needles for the show but always flexible too. My head is still spinning with the Mattsquash presentation. ?

  3. Marc S

    I demand a Sasquatch Chronicles Confessionals crossover episode. My two favorite crypto podcasts. Or even better, get Dark Waters back on with the two of you.

  4. Terry R

    No worries Wes, hope you’re having fun. In waiting I got a chance to go back and re-visit old shows again. Then I checked back to see if you had posted the show yet. When it wasn’t up the first thought I had was you got your ass handed to you at the poker table in Texas. The mental picture of you sitting at the poker table wearing nothing but a barrel held up by suspenders was not a pretty sight. If you need money for at least a pair of pants to make it to the airport let me know and I’ll send some down.

  5. Arlene K

    Is it me or does it seem Wes is MIA. Not sure what the time zone is in Texas, but where I’m at it’s past 130am on the 27th.
    I’m with the intervention. Pull yourself together, man.

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Jun 4

Tonight’s Show

I have posted episode 330 in the podcast section. Tonight I will be speaking to two witnesses who will share their encounters. My second guest will be sharing some of his audio with us. I have posted the audio clip you did not hear during the show under that episode

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Jan 27

Tonight’s Show

I am working on a multiple guest show tonight. I will update the blog later today.

One of my guests writes “I now live in PA but grew up in Ohio. Back in the middle 70’s when I was about 19 I had the best kind of sighting, full moon, less than 100′ away and safe in my bedroom on the 2nd floor of my parents house. I grew up in a town called Hudson in NE Ohio. I’ve been listening to your show for over a yr now and remember the episode early on where you had a girl that helped every once and awhile from Ohio.

She stated that there was a hot spot along the RT303 corridor. I grew up there.It was 11:00 at night, full moon, in sept. My bedroom faces south and has a huge picture window. Again I’m on the 2nd floor and when I saw the big guy he was 75′ away from the house. The house is a little over a mile down the road and at that time was only the 5th house on that side of the road. Since then all the dense woodland has been replaced by housing developments.

As I was saying it was at night with a full moon and an absolutely clear view of the back yard as far as you could see. I was laying down on my bed with the window open and just decided to look out over the back yard, I often did this because of the calming effect it would have on me, when I see this very tall reddish looking animal start to cross across the back yard. It seemed to float, or you could say mosey, its arms were very long and the hands were below its knees. His face seemed to have a smirk, $hi% eating grin on it. His movements were very confident and his steps were long. about 6 steps he had crossed from one group of trees and into the next. About 100′ distance.”

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  1. Daniel E

    Looking forward to hearing this. I also lived on the outskirts of Hudson about the same time and am about the same age. Although I never sighted one there I felt I was followed and watched several times walking through the woods and heard strange things. The was a rumor amongst us kids at the time of a very large monster with a big head that was seen at an old abandoned house east of town on 303. I don’t remember who but a group did go look for it one night and when they came back they were very scared and said they’d never go back again and refused to talk about it.

  2. ERIC R

    I can’t wait to listen to this show. I also grew up in the CVNRA park area. in a small town called Peninsula. The Hudson boys should know it well. I Grew up hearing about the BOOGIE MAN. I was raised in this park. My Grandparents lost 2 homes to the Park during the big family buyouts by the Park system. Stanford Rd. and on Scobie Road. I personally never saw anything, but wasn’t looking for it either. I assumed as a kid that the PNW only had them. Now living in Florida just East of Tampa Fla. I have heard of a lot of sightings in the Hillsborough county area. I have always been intrigued since IN SEARCH OF…………..

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May 19

Tonight’s show

I will be speaking to a witness who had encounter in New Jersey over 30 years ago. He says “I remember this like it was yesterday, I was on my bike and this creature crossed the road right in front of me. It was huge, at least 8 feet tall. I will also be speaking to Shane from the Olympic Project and host of Monster X Radio. Shane will be sharing his encounter and we will be discussing the up coming expedition this weekend.

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  1. Maynard w

    Hoping for an early post. Cant wait for the encounter. Any luck contacting Anna-Marie Goddard? Would love to hear her encounter without the ridicule. Can I suggest an in studio interview? Just joking.

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Dec 9

Tonights Show

Bob Garrett comes on and we discuss an investigation about going activity at a family home in the woods. Bob and I spoke to the witnesses the other night we will give you an update on what is going on. I am still working on bringing the witnesses on the show. I will be also speaking to two police officers who are listeners of the show and they found some very interesting evidence in the woods. You have seen the video posted to the blog a couple of days ago titled “Strange activity in the woods.” The gentleman are going to share the context behind that video. They had some interesting things happen while in the woods when they were recording that video. Join me tonight!

14 Responses to “Tonights Show”

  1. John M

    Bob Garrett is a treasure trove of knowledge and is one of the most humble and sincere individuals of have listened to…Thank you Wes for having him on…The goldminers episodes were CLASSICS!!!!

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Nov 10

Tonights Show

I am moving tonight’s show to tomorrow night so I can include additional guests to the show. You will not be disappointed, I will be speaking to the researcher from California but I will also be including some additional guests with some great encounter stories for you. I am also currently working on an additional show for Friday as well. I will update the members of the site very soon. Again I apologize for moving tonight show to tomorrow but trust me you will not be disappointed.

10 Responses to “Tonights Show”

  1. Pat T

    Thanks for the tip Eric re: David Paulides on Shannon’s show. Always a great interview. You can also catch him on the Howard Hughes podcast promoting his new book. Wes, is he still coming on The Best Show by far re: this subject? One would think he might want to promote his new 411 book, not to mention donors for his movie. Had to ask. Thx

  2. Tyler D

    Ya, Shannon has a new show on cryptids and what not. It’s good to see her get back into it. I’m sure tomorrow’s show will be well worth the wait. I remember when it was just a show every Sunday. I’m really enjoying the multiple shows every week, they just keep getting better and more entertaining with every episode

  3. Laura K

    Really looking forward to it!! When you do so much work to bring us multiple shows a week, dude, how could any of us complain?!? Thanks so much for your dedication and time, Wes…it’s SO greatly appreciated!

  4. Paul M

    Ya wes. The week is better with more great shows. I mean hey its like I’m watching the prep debates. . Anyone have any paint I can watch DRY. THANKS FOR YOUR Wes. Makes life little more enjoyable.

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Sep 18

Tonight’s show

Tonight’s show will be up this evening but it will not be up by 5pm PST. I’m sitting in traffic in Los Angeles making my way back to San Diego. I wanted to give you guys a heads up.


21 Responses to “Tonight’s show”

  1. John M

    There’s traffic in LA? LOL… And you’re heading to San Diego on a Friday afternoon?

    I could pick you up tomorrow morning and we could keep heading south and research ChupaCabras a mi Casa in Baja!

    Bueno suerte Wes!

  2. John M

    Seriously Wes… You should park it somewhere get dinner and go after traffic… That’s heavy traffic all the way to San Diego on the 5 or the 15… That’ll be a six hour drive this time of day on a Friday…

  3. MilitantDanny

    Lol you got 2 hours before I gotta start my 2hr 30min drive home from a worksite, Wes…. But I could go the long way through the Smokeys and potentially get my own episode personally if not I suppose. Hahaha!

  4. Jonathan B

    I lived in Oceanside in the 90’s. It was bad then I can only imagine how it is now. During this time frame military was not to go to the first 7/11 store at the main gate. Gang activities was bad. Two deaded and many fights. Mexico after dark was not advisable.

  5. Six

    LA to San Diego?

    Everyone knows you first stop at A prop shop, Rent a Harry Henderson Animatronic , kid frendly automaton. Then you strap it to the roof of say, a Hummer and jump on the 101. This will keep the CHIPs from noticing that you are in a carpool lane as you speed your way out of LA county Believe me, no one else will pay much notice until you get into orange county, where you will transition to the 91 east. Take the 15 south and it’s easy sailing.
    I know it seems out of the way to get to the 15, but try it.
    The Last time I tried it I saved myself hours. Of course we forgot the motor to the danged BF and I had a PA climb up on the roof and make like he was wrasslin’ it to avoid suspicion when I had to speed along the shoulder to make up time
    Come to think of it, I’m not sure if that thing is still around. Haven’t seen many of the old contacts since I got out last year..
    Have a good one

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May 24

Tonights Show

Tonight on the show I will be discussing the Le Flore incident that took place in 1855. I will also be speaking to a member of the Nez Perce tribe and he will be sharing encounter stories from the tribe and his family. It is interesting to hear the tribes views on these creatures.

12 Responses to “Tonights Show”

  1. Tedd

    Looking forward to hearing what can only be a great deal of information. As a side note, after going back and listening to old episodes again, I can honestly say that after all the crap you dealt with the show is better than ever! Thank you for sticking with it and it exemplifies how others in your position should be!

  2. Jay Carlsen

    GREAT ! BRAVO ! I Never seen one of the Feral People .( as the Native Americans call them ) But form their Acknowledgement of them – I believe . They were here before We Were ….. Why would they Not KNOW ? & they say it as it is .

    • Jay Carlsen

      My Point being I do not believe they are just Animals. They are in fact a Separate Manor of People. & as long as they have been out of Public Opinion, Wouldn’t that alone Credit to their Intelligence ?
      Only they live by the Law of the Jungle , & that we are lower on the Ladder. They are the Stronger Race. Snatching a Free & Easy Meal is only a bonus for them.( in their eye’s )

  3. Tyler D

    Do you mean you’re goin to address The Legend of Sacred Baby Mountain? I’m very impressed with the direction you’re taking the show Wes. It’s an amazing feeling to be along for the ride. You should pick up the shout outs again. I’m just so glad that you didn’t wanna give up on SC. N not only that but you took the show to a whole other level. This show has done a lot more for me, n I’m sure the rest of the listeners, than I think you’ll ever realize. You say that you’re not out curing cancer, which is true, but what you are doin is important to a lot of people. SC FOR LIFE!!

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Mar 22

Tonights Show

Tonight we speak to Mo who had a sighting while out hiking with his kids. The children were playing and Mo looked up to see a figure just outside of the treeline watching them. When the creature and Mo made eye contact the creature then backed up into the brush. Mo terrified for their safety quickly left the area with his kids. This day has haunted him since. Mo continues to look for the creature he saw that day. Since this event he has had another brief sighting and different events in the woods that have shaken him up. I will be posting the show this evening.


32 Responses to “Tonights Show”

  1. Patrick N

    Hey everybody jump all over the slime from bigfoot evidence if they post anything nasty. You can tell who they are immediately. Wes delete their accounts and do not refund them. BTW they are not part of the bigfoot community or any other community except their own sick psycho creepy slimebag community. Every time i’ve looked at bigfoot evidence….there they are spewing their loser venom. They do their sickness every day. It’s their hobby. I can’t believe they were allowed to create so much havoc.

  2. Robert V

    What’s bigfoot evidence? Is this a group? My next question who is funding them? Are these the people who started to attack the developers of this site?

    Anyway I’m glad there will be a show tonight. Look forward to it. Is Shannon going to still be on the show? Wouldn’t blame her if she quit but I’m hoping she won’t.

    Wes thank you for pressing on, not so much for me and the listeners but also for yourself. I’m predicting this website becomes the standard of all Sasquatch research. Even if it doesn’t Wes you know for a fact what has happened next; because you’ve chosen to live it.. If you would have quit you’d never know what would have happened. If all else fails stand, then just take one step forward, and with this show tonight you’ve taken that step.


  3. Jonah N

    Wes, You have a wonderful talent to mediate a show. You have a pleasant voice and are polite with your Segways. You have patience and understanding. I remember I heard a speaker that didn’t quite sound right to me and I dismissed her. You kept that show professional and that was it. Though I didn’t believer her, I still enjoyed your show.
    Your show has a wonderful intro and you give it charisma. I have listened to other shows in the Bigfoot community and they don’t seem to have moderators that sound intelligent. Their voices are boring and without tempo and you ask the right questions and have an outstanding way to lead the discussions to have them talk about what I/your listeners want to hear. I have listened to some and regardless of the content, I automatically tune their shows out because of the tone of the interviewers voice. They simply don’t have what you do, Talent.
    Recently, there have been some banter about your shows content. I can appreciate the critics and their voices, as intelligent and well put their words were, I was bored and was turned off with their persistent putdowns -So Annoying- they we went from sounding interesting and morphing into the voices of the parents of Charlie Brown, I literally was disgusted in glancing their screen names and Avatars in the Discussion forums. Some keep posting and trying to discredit you, but now, I automatically ignore them. I don’t make a lot of money but I sacrifice my time at the movie theatres to listen to you. I enjoyed Will and Shannon a lot, I would enjoy seeing them come back again and if they don’t your talent is still Top Notch, because you sound like a Professional Talk Radio Host, even to be better than Coast to Coast.
    I know Apache are a spiritual people, they are Mountain Native Americans (and know Bigfoot exists), their Crown dancers are amazing and the singers are exciting. They Honor women and sacred principals of what Mother Earth provides. I once read a report about Geronimo in the National Geographic in the 90’s that in the Fort where the US Army held him captive before he died, he told a solder while digging into this chest with his finger that the White Mans bullets do not kill him. He died the year he dug into his chest and it was discovered he had 13 or 19 metal slugs in his body…..Geronimo was a considered to be a Medicine Man and his vigilant followers were America’s First Home Land Security. You can tell I really like Geronimo, but the wisdom Apache’s have are abundant and the wisdom the elders have is Cognitive Wisdom. They are a beautiful People and are highly welcomed and honored to the surrounding Tribes of the Hopi, Pima, Zuni, Navajo, Pueblo, Piute, Shoshoni, and the various Native Band Indians of the California’s. The US Government committed Atrosities to the Apache and they have Endured to Persevere.
    Its my hope that you can fulfill your potential to be the best at what ever you want to be, either to host a show or other things that you have talent for. Your gift to me was that you made an interactive spiritual entertaining show. Thank you.

  4. Charles B

    Keep doing what you do, your show is the only one (except big thicket watch) that is not driven by ego. I can decide for myself who is credible, and you help people tell their stories, the really compelling guests need help because of the trauma from their encounters.

  5. Bruce M

    Great show and I am so glad you have pressed on. I have a thought, seeing that their is so much activity there and they cross the road at the same spot, is their any kind of night web cam that we could put up to monitor the road? If you can find out before me, I say we start a drive to raise money for a Bob-Mo Road cam. It would need to be strong and weather tight with a solar panel charging system. I have an idea for a T-shirt design to give to big money contributors. Sasquatch Chronicles across the top with a saddowy picture of the road from a driving perspective with sqatches in siloette peaking out of cover and jumping across the road and running across. Across the bottom of this shirt should be the dedication and date as well as the website link to the camera. With your permision, I will look into cost and set-up and get back to you.

  6. Agnes B

    Wes, thanks for getting back up on the horse. Mo was a great guest. Can’t wait to hear what you have in store for the week. Thanks for doing what you do best, YOU.

  7. MONTE M

    For any one who is a seeker the night vision equipment above all others ( makes Flir available to the general public look like child’s play ) is against the law to own . It is manufactured by Raytheon a govt contractor . They make other infrared stuff like missile head this n that , satellite stuff , weapons missile detection and protection stuff. It would give a person a great advantage at night but you can’t legally own it. Sounds like Bob and Moe don’t need it they are practically hi giving squatcher!

  8. Anthony M

    Come Join Wes On Facebooks Show Support Group For Sasquatch Chronicles.
    Sasquatch Chronicles Fans!
    We Are A Closed Group With Plenty Of Administrators To Patrol For Trolls, Troublemakers Etc.

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Jan 31

Tonights show

I will be posting it up tomorrow morning. – Wes

39 Responses to “Tonights show”

  1. Mark B

    Wes WAKE UP! It’s 9:15 where I’m @ and no show posting yet. I’m on my third cup of coffee.Ha! Just kiddin. I understand it’s only 7:15 on the west coast. This sucks.

  2. Wes Germer

    I am formatting it to a higher bit rate so it sounds better. I am wrapping it up. I will also be posting a show for members tonight. Greate interview with a military person who ran into a yeti.

  3. andrew S

    WHHHHAAAT IS HAPPENING???!!? Is the show going to be posted today still or did something happen that I am missing? So soooo confused right now and I am bumming out pretty hard I NEED MY SASQUATCH CHRONICLES FIIIIX cmaaaawn man lol

  4. Martin G

    Thanks Wes…we may be impatient, but we will all be thanking you in our heads as we listen to the christal clear show…
    …I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning…lol…crazy.
    What have you wonderful people done to us???

  5. Richard C

    Hey everybody!…mornin!…teeheehee 🙂 just openin eyes here in northern Wisconsin…had a pretty weird sight last night!…I a truck driver up here haulin wood chips to electric plant…last night no b.s. brrrrrrrrrr….still gives me creeps….caught somethin…not sure what but IT WAS UPRIGHT!…run up a abandoned driveway as I come round a sweeping left at bout 60ish…shhhhh…dont tell on me….anyways was pretty messed up…no b.s.!!…yellowish red glow to eyes…pretty sure it had mouth open like it was …idk…hollering…three long strides from side of black top….gone!…from side of road to woodline bout 30+ft…it WAS FRIGGIN CREEPY…redish brown fur or hair whatever

  6. Jonah N

    I love the Sasquatch Chronicles (SC) Team and all the people who share their stories.

    Sasquatch Chronicles are going to be on the air during the Most exciting game of the year and everyone in Washington Love Seahawks Football. I am very grateful for recording technology because during the podcast I’m going to be watching the Seahawks WIN.

    Remember: Some Bigfoot news is better than no news. Show the SC team some love and respect. Go Hawks!

  7. Pat T

    Wes, were a bunch of SC junkies needing our next fix. Look what you’ve created! Love your show and the effort u guys put into it. Keep up the good work , 95% of us love it, you’ll always have your critics.

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