Jan 31

Tonights show

I will be posting it up tomorrow morning. – Wes

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  1. Mark B

    Wes WAKE UP! It’s 9:15 where I’m @ and no show posting yet. I’m on my third cup of coffee.Ha! Just kiddin. I understand it’s only 7:15 on the west coast. This sucks.

  2. Wes Germer

    I am formatting it to a higher bit rate so it sounds better. I am wrapping it up. I will also be posting a show for members tonight. Greate interview with a military person who ran into a yeti.

  3. andrew S

    WHHHHAAAT IS HAPPENING???!!? Is the show going to be posted today still or did something happen that I am missing? So soooo confused right now and I am bumming out pretty hard I NEED MY SASQUATCH CHRONICLES FIIIIX cmaaaawn man lol

  4. Martin G

    Thanks Wes…we may be impatient, but we will all be thanking you in our heads as we listen to the christal clear show…
    …I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning…lol…crazy.
    What have you wonderful people done to us???

  5. Richard C

    Hey everybody!…mornin!…teeheehee 🙂 just openin eyes here in northern Wisconsin…had a pretty weird sight last night!…I a truck driver up here haulin wood chips to electric plant…last night no b.s. brrrrrrrrrr….still gives me creeps….caught somethin…not sure what but IT WAS UPRIGHT!…run up a abandoned driveway as I come round a sweeping left at bout 60ish…shhhhh…dont tell on me….anyways was pretty messed up…no b.s.!!…yellowish red glow to eyes…pretty sure it had mouth open like it was …idk…hollering…three long strides from side of black top….gone!…from side of road to woodline bout 30+ft…it WAS FRIGGIN CREEPY…redish brown fur or hair whatever

  6. Jonah N

    I love the Sasquatch Chronicles (SC) Team and all the people who share their stories.

    Sasquatch Chronicles are going to be on the air during the Most exciting game of the year and everyone in Washington Love Seahawks Football. I am very grateful for recording technology because during the podcast I’m going to be watching the Seahawks WIN.

    Remember: Some Bigfoot news is better than no news. Show the SC team some love and respect. Go Hawks!

  7. Pat T

    Wes, were a bunch of SC junkies needing our next fix. Look what you’ve created! Love your show and the effort u guys put into it. Keep up the good work , 95% of us love it, you’ll always have your critics.

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