Apr 17

This Sundays Show!

abominable-carSunday night is going to be an interesting night. I speak to several witnesses, one works for the sheriffs department, who was hunting with his brother and while they were sitting in their truck waiting for the sun to come up something had pushed the back of the truck with enormous force. The men stepped out of the truck to see an 8ft tall figure retreating back into the forest.

I also speak to a witness who was out hiking with his kids and was caught in between a black bear and a Sasquatch, terrified the family fled down the trail to get away.

The final witness is a fisherman who was floating down river when he noticed something staring at him from behind a tree when his fishing partner became terrified and screamed the creature fled.

154 Responses to “This Sundays Show!”

  1. andrew S

    They all sound scary but I’d take the one being in the car Cuz least I could take off lol. Love my squatch chronicles but where have will and Shannon been hiding at?? I miss will and Wes joking n laughing back n forth

  2. Jason M

    I don’t get it about Will and Shannon.

    Wes is soldiering on like nothing happened, which is to his credit. Surely whatever caused the falling out has blown over, and it’s time to mend fences. I don’t see what Wes did that was so egregiously terrible that Will and Shannon can’t return, unless there is more going than we were told. Personally, if I’d had Wes’s encounter, I’d recall the exact date when I had the $#!% scared out of me by at least 4 Sasquatches, but OK.. that’s me. I can let the whole moon-phase thing go, too. Stress causes different folks to recall different details.


    * Will’s “reputation” can’t be that precious that his brand is damaged by associating with SC; SC is still the top-rated bigfoot site. Why not collaborate?
    * With the forums moderated, Shannon should be free of inappropriate comments.

    I just have a bad feeling that Wes can’t keep going at this pace all by himself. He’s going to need some help.
    Wes: Time heals all wounds. Time to extend an olive branch maybe?

    • dan s

      The fallout was due to the government imho.

      SQ was hitting too close to the truth.

      Will most likely got a knock at his door that changed his life forever……

      They have most likely been harassing Shannon as well, and she has had enough. “Taint” worth it……….

      Think about it. It all unraveled shortly after the camp site cover up episode…………… Playing with a blow torch!

      • MilitantDanny

        I agree. The Gov doesn’t come out and say in the open what nasties they will do to you. They’ll discredit you anyway they can through other channels. Got a Youtube Account? Let’s see what you’re watching/posting. Got a Facebook/Twitter? All over that. Let’s look at your tax returns for the last 10 years….. You can’t tell me the IRS hasn’t been ‘weaponized’.

        But what would be the easiest thing for the Gov to do in this case? They’d look for weaknesses and exploit them. The forums being completely unmoderated and difficult to navigate unless watched closely provided that ground for simple trolling to rally the community against the hosts. They aren’t going to produce Grizzly Adams and Agent Smith just because Wes called them out.

        Will has pretty much gone non-existent even outside of Sasquatch Chronicles – unless my Google Fu is just bad. I’m willing to bet they did give him a hollar of sorts beyond simple trolling though. Somethings sketchy thats for sure.

        • Eddie M

          I can attest to the weaponizarion of the Government Agencies being used to intimidate … To say it pisses me off would be an understatement…they hate educated tax paying citizens that will NOT line up like Libby ducks and follow their and the msm’s party line. I and we tax payers OWN them…a house cleaning is in order. Being a productive Citizen is not appreciated…they just want the production…they can bribe the “drones” that are not productive … And basically make the non “conformers producers” dissidents. Sux!

          • MilitantDanny

            Term Limits for all of Congress for one should have been included upon the Foundation. Right now, both Parties are completely ruined, on top of that if one can’t see beyond choosing for one side or the other then they’re part of the problem.
            That being said, I try to keep politics out of my bigfoot hobby/interest, but it’s pretty hard to with how intrusive they have become.

          • Richard C

            I agree with just about everything said. Seemed like everything was timed to happen right after this Texas trip The Trolls play dirty, sad thing is, they’re playing dirty with our own money and using it against us. People have the right to know the truth about the potential dangers that lurk in the woods, little 4 and 5 year kids being abducted, and the Trolls not giving a “Dam#”. That is what is really bad.

    • David R

      I’d like him to contact Derek Randels. ( However it’s spelled) Nice guy that I met at the Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores. He used a recording of a baby crying when one ran within 30 – 40 ‘ from him. He then shut it off, because it scared the crap out of him! I think he would make another great host!

    • Tristene M

      I don’t have a problem with moon phase or even being months off or the year even. Time shifts as you get older. I believe them flat out. It’s the encounter that gets burned into your memory not a date stamp. Poor Shannon was targeted by the loving” community. If people don’t like this podcast nobodies holding a knife to them to stay. The people that whine should make their own show and quit their bellyaching. No this isn’t meant toward you it’s just a great place to put it.

    • james b

      Honestly, Im so glad Will Jevning is gone. I thought he was Generic and boring. I felt like he was over rated and brought very little to the table. The only thing that he had to offer the show was his connection with Mr. Black . Other than that I just didnt care much at all for him. i didnt like this personality or his stupid catch phrase “underwear changing moment” but most of all I got so sick of hearing him drone on and on about Rene DaHindon. Its as if Wills whole Identity was based on DaHindons reputation. I would be so disappointed if will returned to the show. I mean Will went on about how important reputation is to him but what about loyalty honor? what about integrity? I just felt like will jumped ship at the first sign of trouble. And to me that speaks volumes about his character. Ya know I never thought about Wes bearing the whole work load now but i guess your right and I imagine its taking a toll. hopefully they can find some good hosts to lighten the load,

      • Phyllis E

        I so agree with James B. I listen to old encounters again. Will really didn’t contribute much info. It really started grating on me the way he constantly quoted and referenced DeHindin and Green. It was boring and repetitive. I miss Shannon but I understand. Hopefully she will reconsider when the time is right. Wes you and Woody have the BEST bigfoot forum going. Keep it up and know that your providing an anonymous and safe forum for those who need to share are able to do so. Thanks!!!


    Lets tell it like it is and KEEP IT REAL!
    Wes is a EMBECILE for slaging of WILL mate RENE DAHINDEN ON AIR PERIOD!
    Very UNPROFESSIONAL if you ask me and any DECENT people out there.
    Good on you WES you DICK, put the man down who has spent a life time trying to prove its existence and spent many yrs in the bush ALONE unlike some who have spent sweet F–K All in the bush I say.
    The man is dead and he CAN’T EVEN DEFEND HIMSELF.
    Who knows what went really went down with his family and for what REASONS he chose to not see much of his family!
    Oh yeh sounds like WES KNOWS IT ALL? NOT
    Dont worry about RENE SON AND FAMILY MEMBERS still alive just lets put SHIT ON HIM BECAUSE WE CAN EH WES!
    Your the MAN WES NOT!
    I lost all respect for you and im SURE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE.
    TIP you CLOWN!
    Anyway I could go on and on but I said my peace so fire away now all you FOOLS out there who KISS WES ASS! LOL
    Im waiting ha ha
    Can you DIG IT! LOL
    Hope you read this comment WILL as its one for you who also didnt have a say on wes and woody 5yr old RANT!
    KID YOWIE chillin the MOST!

          • ben p

            Thats the best you got?…. Really?…. Thats It?
            Kid donkey, Lets review. I basically say that you must have had a man balls in your face while typing you first post.
            Than you ask me if i am going to a birthday party( thanks for your interest ) and you mix up the names of the person having the party (we are typing. just read before you post). Unless you can’t read because you have a mans sack in your face. Circular argument!
            I thought you were going to be fun not simple…..

          • KID YOWIE

            Oh ben pea brain you are so rude.
            I think your grannie who you live with should wash out your FOUL MOUTH with SOAP! LOL
            Those are very HURTFULL comments and I just don’t know how I’m going to COPE! LOL
            I think I’m going to have a BREAKDOWN if you keep RESPONDING like that? You are TRUELY BREAKING MY HEART! LOL
            EMBECILE there’s one in ever FAMILY! LOL
            I think you have HIT DOUBLE FIGURES KID YOWIE thanks to this CLOWN! LOL
            Australia 10
            USA 0

          • ben p

            Kid teabag,
            I’m so sorry i hurt your feelings. My Grannie slapped the back of my hand for what I’ve done to you. Once again I apologize.
            Your wife asked me to tell you to bring home some milk.

      • KID YOWIE

        Kid tea bag WOW now that’s really HURTFUL! LOL
        Well thought out Ben PEA BRAIN how do you come up with these AMAZING lines? you EMBECILE and by the way which WIFE are you talking about as I have so MANY! LOL
        Stop it BENNY HILL you are KILLING ME! Lol
        Always fun with KID YOWIE!

    • Lee W

      you sound like someone who just wants to keep bad talk going about this show and I think you have know place here,so just leave.we don’t need your kind here… by…. and don’t come back !!!!

    • dan s

      Hi Yowie,

      It is ” I rest my case”.

      When you use capital letters, it is more effective to use them selectively within a sentence for when you want to convey emotion. If you do it all the time and randomly, it is very hard to follow and has less impact.

      You want to tell a story to pull people in.

      Take care.

      • Eddie M

        You cannot hide an education and you certainly cannot hide the fact none exists….people not willing to work early and find themselves so wanting to be taken seriously when the opportunity is gone end up just like this guy…bitter, alone and left with nothing but that bitterness. The Ranbit Hole shows did this…they got way too close and those “government” employees are now CTA. When the name of “Griz Adams” was given on the air…that was it. I knew the second it happened. People like that depend on being anonymous and being able appear intimidate and leave….when “cover” was blown retaliation started. It is that childish and just that simple.

    • Rick F

      Any chance the requirements to be a member here requires someone to be at least 18 years of age ? It might filter out some of this nonsense. Everyone has a right to speak their mind but at least put in a context that everyone can understand for Christ’s sake. Otherwise, we may never understand your point (if there is one)

    • Logan E

      You’ve said your “peace” and “arrested” your case, now let me say my piece and rest MY case.

      I get it, you’re angry. Those squiggly little lines, what I like to call the illiteracy alarm, aren’t your biggest concern but this doesn’t help you at all. You aren’t swaying anybody with line after line of illiterate shit. I’m not even going to argue the rest of your post, if Wes said something against these people and speculated about something private that he had no business to, then I agree with you entirely that it was very unprofessional and hyperbole should stay as far away from this show as possible.

      But look at what anger did to you, friend. It made you write a hate speech, basically. If you had a radio show and you were pissed off at Wes, I’ll bet you’d do more than write it, too. You’d have said everything you just wrote which I may point out also has a LOT of speculation about Wes and what he has done in his personal life. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and I bring this up to show you that when you’re angry with someone over something, you’re a lot more likely to go off the handle and say whatever it is you can to hurt them, or in place of them, their image and reputation.

      Please don’t slam Wes for saying something like that and then immediately take to the comments and do basically the same thing while yelling about how wrong it is to do so. The hypocrisy of that will kill your message before it even gets registered in a persons mind. That’s like me speeding down the road bitching about people speed down the road. It makes no sense and you just end up defeating yourself.

      • KID YOWIE

        Thanks LOGANS RUN you are PARTLY right my friend with some of your comments!
        My mistake but
        Im not ANGRY bro I was just stating a fact as to how I seen it not to mention WES having a DIG AT WILL also when there was no NEED FOR IT PERIOD!
        Keep that SHIT to yourself and get on with the show WES! Thats all im saying bro….
        You all know what I mean!
        We are all here to talk about SASQUUATCH MATE NOT to comment on so called FRIENDS who can’t even DEFEND THEMSELFS?
        All the best kid yowie..
        P.s logan if you read my comments you will know im NOT ANGRY, just stirring you all up and having some fun doing it but yes I needed to have my 2 cents worth and tell it how I seen it! Thats all bro.then EVERYBODY EXPLODED! LOL
        I REST MY CASE!

  4. Reed D

    Kid Yowie…
    You are doing exactly what we and this site DO NOT need nor want…. it is very damaging and not pertinant. You said, “If you ask me…”. Well, nobody did. Keep that in mind, as nobody is wanting to hear such negative remarks.
    Please try and use the energy for positive, constructive input; a team spirit is what we’re all pulling together for. We have something extraordinarily good here and refuse to allow it to be damaged. We’re a first-class group of considerate people who will no longer tolerate such attacks. Please behave or go elsewhere. I believe my thoughts are shared by most everyone here.


      Sorry there REED I will TRY and be a GOOD SHEEPLE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE! NOT!!!
      I will try to BEHAVE MYSELF from here on in and NEVER EVER speak the TRUTH AGAIN! LOL

    • Eddie M

      THAT damage may be paid for and strongly encouraged…. I wish WES could say what “is the truth”. I wish Shannon and Will could say “what is the truth”….when you divulge conspiracy to commit a fraud that could people in prison that you know for a fact committed no crime…How far do you suppose the “conspirators” would be willing to go?


      Lee you are NOT HEARING anything on this show DUMMY.You are READING comments! Lol
      ONLY IN AMERICA as we say here in AUSTRALIA! LOL
      KID YOWIE pissing of the YANKS BIGTIME! LOL
      I think KID YOWIE your up to 13 different responses now! Lol


    If you lee and ray CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH THEN you are very SAD little boys! Just Keeping it real once again!
    By the way PLEASE everyone STOP RIGHT NOW with the NASTY comments about me as im a BIG SOFTY and BREAK DOWN EASILY! LOL
    Thank GOD for AMERICA/AUSTRALIA and the FREEDOM OF SPEECH unlike N. KOREA/CHINA or else I would be DEAD! Ha ha
    Ok guys and girls any LAST REQUESTS! Lol
    5 responses so far can KID YOWIE get to DOUBLE FIGURES?

  6. Nancy A

    Kid Growlie. … I don’t always agree with Wes, nor Will when he was on. However I do find many of the stories interesting. I actually live in the same city as Wes and have personally been in the areas near where they had their encounter. I am not a hunter but do fish the streams and rivers. I also used to ride my horses in years past up in the Indian Heaven Wilderness where the sasquatch like to hang out. Never had an encounter and am grateful that I didn’t while riding. As an older lady now my perspective has mellowed about diverse points of view on this subject. I have personally met Bob Gimlin and found him most believable and a real gentleman. I also have met Thom Cantrall and have read his books and website content. I believe Thom’s encounter stories which are quite divergent to most of the people who are intervied on S C. I am not a flute player but most definitely have a less terroristic point of view about the sasquatch. I do believe them to be a people. However, I am of the view that much like the various indian rides in the early 18

  7. Karen D

    Looking so forward to the show this Sunday !!
    As we say in Canada Wes …”keep your stick on the ice”
    You’re doing an awesome job at keeping the focus of SC on a place where people can come and share their experiences!!
    Thanks for all the many hours you put into the show.

  8. Nancy A

    Sent before I was ready… my thoughts on sasquatch as being similar to the Indians in the early 1800s. Some of the tribes were friendly and some were not. Because the Indians lived a rougher” lifestyle than whites they were badly treated for the most part. Same for black slaves. Think about it…if you think of them as animals and therefore subject to your control you may then justify shooting them for whatever reason your deem appropriate. The more I listen to Wes I am getting the impression that he is shifting more to that point of view. Very sad. I would hope he would honestly keep a more neutral mindset.

  9. Kay S

    I’m here to learn and talk about Bigfoot, not to tolerate someone throwing a rant like an attention seeking teenager. Kid Yowie? I think the emphasis is on the ‘Kid’. Please don’t wreck what most of us enjoy.

    • Mark B

      Kay it would take more than the raving of ” misguided New Zealander” to ruin what we got going on here. Especially if you just ignore them. They feed on attention. Personally I think he’s just spent too much time with sheep and hasn’t worked out the nuance of dealing with humans. I pity the sheep that’s crossed paths with this kid.
      So go on kid keep typing and showing your ass.

      • Kay S

        I agree Mark, but please don’t judge all New Zealanders by this moron. Most of us have at least a modicum of manners and intelligence. I think that even the sheep here in NZ would prefer more intelligent company. Lol.

  10. Joni

    Hey guy’s / gal’s Love your shows/encounters !! Don’t ever stop. Some people want to ruin it for the rest of us who just love it! THE TRUTH !!


      Yes JOAN OF ARK the TRUTH IS BIGFOOT/YOWIES are REAL 100% but thats it.
      Im so SORRY JOAN OF ARK for telling the TRUTH about WES and have SIMPLY just RUINED it for EVERONE? LOL

      • Eddie M

        The truth is Woody and Wes had a life changer. Not ask for. I’m sure Will would attest … It is just not the same reality after that…just let it go as that….and please stop with the stuff that cost Shannnon no longer being here. There would not be a SC if not for Wes and Woody’s experience. That is all.

  11. Donald B.


  12. A & C B

    oh come on really!!!!? It wasn’t enough to remove the forums but you people still have to show your a%$ anyway??? Stop posting trolls! Stop bickering you idiots! I’m not paying for this SH^t. I just want to read about bigfoot.

  13. Kim L

    This is my thinking on the matter- we’ll enjoy another great show tonight, Wes will do a professional job interviewing, we’ll all go to bed scared spitless, and no one will care that kid yowie pulled his pants down and showed us all his real problem. The best way to deal with juvenile posters is to not respond, though, i guess i just did, sort of. Looking forward to a great show, keep up the good work, and thank you for everything you do that we don’t see or hear about that makes it all work.


      Pulling my pants down how RUDE KIMBO SLICE! LOL
      You kim are BREAKING MY HEART
      but ill try and move FORWARD ANYWAY!Lol
      Hey KID YOWIE nearly hit DOUBLE FIGURES!lol
      you yanks are so GULLIABLE you CRACK us AUSSIE’s up evertime!lol
      Nite KIMBO…

  14. caroline v

    OMG, enough with all the juvenile banter… time to move on. I miss Will and Shannon but am grateful to Wes for keeping this site going. It is a service to the many who have a need to learn and share. It would be a wonderful testament for “mankind” if the team could come back together, demonstrating that human egos really can be transcended. Meanwhile, Will, Shannon, I hope you are well and I hope you comeback to SQ… and Wes, thanks for all your hard work.

    • caroline v

      Side note: Wes, You may consider having a 3 strikes rule or something for forum etiquette. I know you want to give folks the freedom to express themselves but If the posts are derisive and the implied criticism is not even meant to be constructive, what’s the point? Just a thought…


      Caroline v could’ve said it BETTER MYSELF girl! Lol
      Shannon you ROCK and Will HAPPY HUNTING BRO!
      Ive gone YOWIE HUNTING so thats it from me.No more UPSETTING THE POOR OLD YANKS as it was FUNNY from my point of view! Lol
      People in AFRICA are STARVING and all you want to do is give KID YOWIE a hard time because he SPOKE THE TRUTH!
      Kid yowie chillin the MOST!

      KID YOWIE chillin the MOST!

  15. Kim

    I agree with you Caroline v. If posts are not about Sasquatch and encounters maybe they need to be in a different posting. One for rants one for serious posts. That way we can choose who we want to listen to. I dont care to siphon thru the posts. I want to learn and experience Sasquatch.
    We all have issues, and blame falls on both sides.
    Wes, I feel you are doing a GREAT job.

  16. Michael K

    Sorry everyone Kid Yowie is not Australian at all. Bro? Too many “mates” and not one Australian uses “Nite” we spell it “night”. A major giveaway. His grammar and vernacular is all non Australian. Rene Dahinden pretty unknown in Australia and I’ve been following the Bigfoot/Sasquatch subject since SUN books released Mysterious Monsters. So the vitriolic attack on Wes comes from someone in that circle of Rene fans who wants to appear not from that circle.

  17. William L

    Really? Do we really have to put up with this 10 year old dweeb from Australia? Every other comment he’s got diarrhea of the mouth. 3 Strikes? He has ten times that. Wes, please blow this guy away! He can’t shoot back: they don’t allow people in Australia to have guns and if this guy is any example, with good reason!

    Can’t wait till tomorrow’s show. Hang in there Wes


      You yankie DODDLES just dont know when to QUIT,but you all KEEP RESPONDING! Lol
      Bloody AMAZING
      Keep it up as I’m BORED! Lol
      Wes you are a popular man! DEFEND, DEFEND and more so lol
      The JOKE is on YA ALL! LOL
      I cant believe all the HURTFULL comments you all have been making! Lol

    • Michael K

      Kid Yowie refers to an American state law. California 3 stirkes. Hardly a tip of the tongue remark for an Australian to be aware of particular state laws. Also we have guns in Australia. Its a tool for hunting and such. After one of the worlds worst massacres the Govt said enough no semi-autos. We’ve always had a licence system for firearms. Unfortunately lots of Americans tend to believe NRA lies. I dont know why they do it, we view guns differently. Saying Ya’all? Isnt that an expression from the Southern states.Yowie’s definitely American his last comment about Aussie speaking German has his concept arse about. If America Lost youd be speaking German; Australians if we lost would be speaking Japanese. So much wrong with his banter.
      So ill sign off in a similar fashion pretending im American – Michael Los Angeles Sierra Mountains USA? It makes not much sense.

  18. Pat T

    Michael K, I can see why you would want to respond and defend your nation and call him out for the fraud he his. Probably French I am guessing. What’s up with this keeping score us vs. them. Americans have always thought of our Australia as one of our best allies and this guy thinks we’re at war with each other. Wes, keep up the great shows and all is fine with one host although I do miss Wills laughter.

    • Rick F

      Pat T, I personally don’t think this “Kid Yowie” is from “down under” at all. Based upon his comments, words, and sentence structure, I’d say he’s 13 maybe 14 years old tops and most likely been surfin’ on the net all day from his bedroom. So yeah, he’s not a real Aussie, just a wanna be.


      Dear Patrick such a BEAUTIFUL name! Lol
      There’s no keeping the score REALLY it’s just to upset EMECILES like yourself! Lol
      It so far seems to be working a treat as you all have been RESPONDING VERY WELL!
      I think I’ve hit a NERVE! Lol
      You are all BREAKING MY HEART! Lol
      PLEASE stop with the NASTY NASTY comments! Ha ha
      Its NOTHING PERSONAL towards american’s you IDIOTS as if it weren’t for the GOOD OLD USA I probably would now be speaking in GERMAN and would not have my FREEDOM so to speak!
      So all I can say to your NONSENSE is GOD BLESS AMERICA!
      French no patty im from NORTH KOREA.
      You were CLOSE? LOL

  19. BTDT

    You people are so pathetic, anybody who just asks for what they were promised over and over and over is a troll or a government plant, you pathetic sycophants.
    For instance did any of you know that a lawyer who is a partner in a law firm in Texas owns SC? He also owns the trade marks to several other sites so your money isn’t all making wes rich after all, most of it is going to a lawyer.
    One of those things that make you go Hmmmmm, wes probably has orders not to put the forum back up, it might cut into the bottom line again.
    Will and Shannon are doing just fine they are just particular about the kind of company they keep these days.


    LAST COMMENT as I have YOWIES to find! I’ve had my fun so it’s now time to move on!
    Acting like a teenager well ONLY TEENAGERS KEEP RESPONDING and you all seemed to FIT THE PROFILE very nicely thankyou! Lol
    Thanks viewers for all your KIND WORDS!LOL
    and I hope we can all have a barbie some day soon and talk about the day KID YOWIE from DOWN UNDER yes you heard right mate UPSET all of the SASQUATCH CRONCICLES VIEWERS with one short RANT! LOL
    Im so funny as I nearly PISSED my pants a few times hearing your FUNNY COMMENTS!
    You YANKS are so GULLIABLE that its not even funny but I did enjoy all your comments EPSPECIALLY The HURTFUL ONES! LOL
    So PEACE to all people on this blog who write NASTY stuff about me! Boo hoo
    I forgive you all and will now turn the other CHEEK! LOL
    If there’s anything to take from this encounter with ya all remember the name KID YOWIE LOL
    I’m sure you wont forget! Lol
    Cant BELIEVE how many comments I received BLOODY AMAZING GUYS and GIRLS LOL
    Always FUN with KID YOWIE!
    KID YOWIE Friend of the yowie
    Blue Mountains
    Australia…..or is that FRANCE? LOL

  21. MilitantDanny

    Ah…. a shining example of what the heritage of an entire country made up entirely of relatives from Penal Colonies looks and sounds like. You do them proud Yowie. At least our Founders fought for our independence from someone who wanted to keep us, the Brits just kind of sh*t you guys out and had to find a place to flush the turd.

    • Michael K

      Ahh Danny back to the history books son. Maryland and Delaware were also British Penal Colonies; and yet your nation somehow overcame it’s convict roots. If you were to portray your nation so simply with the one tar brush.
      Should of stayed the British course and you ‘d have free Health care that a Government provides through your taxes.

  22. Milton L

    It does seem that the comment section often becomes a flame war, as did the forum. Having a moderator would be desirable, but it is doubtless a mater of time and staff.

  23. chase w

    Like wtf seriously the people that dont have the money for monthly payment dont even get the sunday shows now? not only do we not get the sunday shows but when we do we have to fuckin listen to the stupid fuckin drama bullshit that i dont give a fuck about cause all that is, is stupid fuckin jelouse retards causing drama. SO wheres the sunday show? i thought you guys said you were not gonna take away from the regular viewers that were listening to this before you started charging?! Im out.

  24. Patrick B

    Hay Wess, Keep up the good work!!! Don’t let them get you down. I always fight my hardest when I’m cornered! Always think my best too when the getting gets ruff! (I usully suprize myself when its all over) I paid for a subscription and will continue to support you, just keep the good guests coming in. I have listened 3 times to the Jim Lansdale program, making my husband and a coupla good friends listen along. Now there is a real person who knows his stuff. We kneed more of guys just like him if this thing gets out of hand. I live in southeast Wyoming, and the wolves are coming back, after 100 years of ridding them from our meager prairies. I have to admit, I grew up fishing secluded beaver ponds, hunting elk in up country, and camping every chance I got with my dad and 2 brothers, and never saw a sign of Bigfoot. Brown bears, yes. Even mountain lions and bob cats, but nothing as frightening as a rouge bigfoot. As we humans encroach on more and more land, I think we will continue to see more and more of the wild things fighting to exist, sometimes not so harmoniously. You have brought to the fore front, a reality we must face. I don’t have the answers. None of us do. So I listen, and learn. I just read 3 of Will Jevnings books on my Nook, as I couldn’t wait for Amazon to deliver the hard bound, and what an eye opener that is. I think I have exhausted the archives, and the guest list just get better, as this new development builds. Please keep us posted. So far your program offers the best in the “real deal”. My favorite was Shannon”s Feb 9, 2014 show with the southern guest who reported seeing Firefox and comitted himself to funeral rituals. Keep up the good work, and know those of us who still have ears…hear. Thanks again!

  25. Debbie C

    I have a question for you Wes,
    SURVIVORMAN BIGFOOT – Les Stroud joined by Todd Standing…
    This episode has me wondering if one day you will be interviewing
    these two men, Les Stroud and Todd Standing?
    And some disturbing information killing off Bigfoot from over populated areas?

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