Oct 8

The Confessionals: The Demonic Intrusion

Tony writes “Today we have Chris joining the show to share of two extremely edge experiences he has had. We start off when Chris was 19 years old and he decided he wanted to get his own place to live.

That was a decision he would learn that came back to haunt him. His apartment was plagued with demonic activity and he shares it all with us! Then he talks about the time he had to perform an exorcism on his first wife and how that was more terrifying than his apartment!”


5 Responses to “The Confessionals: The Demonic Intrusion”

  1. L. Oriana S

    Great information on battling demonic possession by calling on Jesus Christ. Unfortunately it contrasted harshly with Tony’s zealous effort to sell his own brand afterward. This is a much more serious and important subject than making a buck.

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