Oct 7

The 2004 USS Nimitz Incident

Not bigfoot related but it is interesting to hear about this encounter from people who were there. In 2004, an American fighter plane from the USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier stationed off the coast of San Diego, engaged with a UFO over the open ocean.


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  1. ben h

    I think the navy definitely know where the ufo bases are or uso’s. There is one off Catalina island, interesting how the navy has conducted massive sonar sweeps of that area. Pretty obvious they know about them, the documentary ‘unidentified’ clearly showed a map of bases all of the world, some very close to global warming hot zones???

    What worries me is that footage the Chilean military filmed with a ufo dispersing vapor into the air, it makes me wonder if there is a correlation between the increase of sightings/reports and global warming problems. Lets face it if you wanted to change a planet to what you want you would slowly do it instead of independence day because humans could use nukes rather than be defeated. Makes wonder if aliens or some faction is responsible for global warming. But maybe only a very few have an inkling of what aliens are doing because they are just that, too dam alien! Apparently though according to Jeremy Corbell the physics is understood about there technology but it is the material research thats the problem, interesting again how the us air force have stated they have memory metals that can now change shape…. hmm wonder where they got that from. One last thing Mars has to higher radiation level but one that is only consistent with that of a nuclear battle…. again did something ancient happen there?????

  2. Cindy S

    I Taped this episode! It was fascinating!!! There is definitely something going on and they are slowly Leaking our info!
    Not long ago I was visiting in Arkansas and went out to view a Meteor shower.
    After sitting there for awhile, the person with me said something was darting from place to place. I didn’t see it at first… then I caught it! It was moving incredibly fast from point to point. We watched it for a long time, then it was gone. Very weird!

  3. Charles R

    This was from the recent series Contact, which I thought was done quite nicely in a different way. They also looked into cattle mutilations and events from the last century in remote rainforest town in Brazil. The great series on the History Channel ,I thought, from this early summer called Unidentified goes into great detail with Commander Dave Fravor and his wing pilot that was a lady about what they saw and out takes of locked on radar of tic tac shaped object. When the footage first came to light in Dec. of 2017 of the radar image turning I thought the image was of poor quality. Then Unidentified showed what a F 18 looks like on radar and you had no doubt what you were seeing and the heat signature of rear engines was un mistakable. The tic tac has no heat signature, but their is an aurora around it that may be the gravity field, no one explained it. The ship radar tech in this out take said dozens were dropping from 80,000 feet to the ocean in 3/4 of a second. 80,000 feet is the radar ceiling and they may have been coming from much further away. This is why he said our physics would render the pilot into mush. The pilots decided to go to a rendezvous point 60 miles away to the west after they lost sight of the crafts. Well, the crafts were their waiting for them. Somehow these craft knew where the F-18s were going next. There is much more.

    Also on Unidentified episode 5 I think, is Navy Lt. Ryan Graves explaining the daily sightings of his carrier group off the east coast of US in 2015, which went on for weeks. Most pilots are in fear of their careers if they come forward. When his group got deployed to the middle east the crafts went with them.

    Luis Elizondo who ran the AATIP Pentagon program says there is much much more the AATIP program captured, but he can only talk about what has been declassified for now. A couple weeks ago the Navy stated that the released material so far is actual and did happen and has opened the doors for Navy pilots to come forward with protocols in place. I sure hope this is the start of disclosure.

    Let’s see those Aliens.

  4. Michael S

    I’ve seen two objects in the sky- I know it’s not Sasquatch related, but I illustrated what I saw ( I sent them to Wes). I know we are not alone, this universe is huge and it’s ignorant of us to believe that we are the only living creatures with our basic technology. I think the idea of “others” frightens people…

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