Oct 8

BNO: My Encounter

Chris writes “Today, I tell my story of Bigfoot. I walk you through what happened that December day in Ohio.”

6 Responses to “BNO: My Encounter”

  1. Bonnie I

    I agree Lisa, when an eye witness says that a Sasquatch was there and then just not there, probably was still there. Unless one hears it crashing through the brush to get away I think it’s hiding behind a tree, lying on the ground or something really strange like cloaking itself.

  2. Ben H

    He said he heard a snap to his right as he was looking at the thing. I wonder if he has realized yet that it as a second Sasquatch drawing his attention so the first could get away.

  3. Michael V

    Dogman has ears and looks like a giant wolf. There are supposedly BF’s that have a snout. Beast of Bray Road I think is one like that. Real picture of one with what us suspected to be a small white dog under is arm. It looks like a Cross between an ape and a baboon.

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