Nov 6

The Confessionals Podcast: Red Eyed Demon Dogs

Tony writes “On Episode 176: Red Eyed Demons Dogs, we have Maria, a military veteran, on the show to talk about her lifelong trials with the paranormal side of life.

Her experiences seemed almost inevitable since birth, when she was born into a lineage of witches that set the course of her life. She has many experiences to share, but one in particular that stands out from the rest is the night Maria witnessed a pack of red eyed demon dogs roaming her military base!”


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  1. acrylic sand artist

    In my opinion, I truly believe you are born with psychic ability.
    With some people that special ability fades as we age.
    In Maria’s case her psychic mind remains open.
    The paranormal world is no longer invisible to her.
    Paranormal evil is chocking to the soul.
    It’s like your thinking, do not speak out loud what you just witness.
    “It might hear you”~but “it” can hear you without words or voice.

    • Nerida H

      My ability is getting more as I get older. I used to just sense spirit, now I can feel what they are feeling , + have seen 2 , + 2 animals spirits, 1 leaving the body, a minute before it stopped breathing. I cant tell my fellow Christian churchmates, as they dont believe in life after death, sadly.

      • Peter B

        Sadly, religion gets mistaken for Christianity. The Bible is full of love and acceptance based on one thing…… FAITH. People read scripture to fill their own way of thinking. Instead read the whole story and not one or two sentences.
        The Bible talks of those who have abilities in faith that heal others. When people could not reach Peter for healing they touched his shadow on the ground and they were healed. Because of the faith that Peter had in the Father.
        Religion is created by man…. Remember, Man is fallable….

  2. Nerida H

    I believe we can command these demonic creatures (+ Sasquatch) to leave, in the name of Jesus Christ, + they do, as mentioned by at least 6 people Ive heard on these blogs. Worth a try if you ever find yourself in this situation.

  3. Lisa B

    I have the sense, Gift of Discernment or Gift of Spirits. I see flashes of images as well. I once saw something that terrified me and left me questioning about the area I was in. I saw two men in front of me struggling. They both looked like a farmer would, both dressed in denim coveralls. They were fighting. Both covered in blood. One had a hatchet in his hand and was attacking the other man. The feeling I had from the man with the hatchet was he was very evil. I felt the other man had just realized who the other man was and what he was capable of. Perhaps like this hatchet man had done some previously and the other man realized it was him. I was sitting in a car in a corn field at night, I was in front on the passenger side and it was like being at a movie drive-in watching this before me. Then about a couple minutes later I was attacked by something. I did have someone in the car with me that saw what happened to me. The whole line of events before this happened and after are weird. I’ve always felt the two men were from a time like the 1800s, don’t know why, it’s just one of the feelings I perceived during the flash/vision. I’ve tried going online to look for information about that area for historical newspaper articles or anything but I haven’t found anything yet. I never knew what the 12 Gifts of the Bible were tho, until I spoke with someone here on chat. I always thought I was a witch or something lol. For me, the gift has become stronger as I’m older. I’m definitely empath.

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