Nov 5

SC EP:597 Bigfoot Odyssey

Kerry Arnold of “Bigfoot Odyssey” returns to the show and it has been so long since I have had him on he recounts his encounter again. Kerry shares what he has learned since his encounter and also an upcoming expedition he has in Florida. its going to be a great follow up show!



Check out Kerry’s YouTube channel “Bigfoot Odyssey” here.





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  1. Dale M

    I’ve heard Kerry Arnold’s encounter a couple times and I find it fascinating and I’ve been a fan and sub of his ever since…I live the way he does his interviews cause he goes to them to do them and he shows us where and what they saw….keep it up Kerry cause your the best…you and Wes makes a great team….haha you know who I am remember? I’m in South Carolina….👍🏼♥️🇺🇸

  2. Terrence B

    Great, great Episode. Kerry’s story/encounter, one of the best I have ever heard. No doubt true and honest. Even non believers I think, would have a hard time not believing what he says. Wes, great interviewing, as always. Appreciate your efforts and professionalism. Appreciated by your audience, and me! Thank you!

  3. Josephine L

    Great show Wes!! Glad you’re feeling better. I LOVE the song 🎶 you play at the end of your show-this version sounded a little different & really cool! I’m a true fan of SC…keep up your great work & please tell your bro Woody he is missed 🥰. Listening from central CA.

  4. Charles R

    I am glad there are people like Kerry Arnold out here trying to push this subject forward in a correct way. Best of luck on your Bigfoot Odyssey expedition to Florida to you and all your members.

  5. Levi R

    I just love Kerry. Hes great.. and his encounter chills me to the core!! Unfortunately Ive been blocked from the bigfoot odyssey chat, due to repeatedly calling Todd standing a massive fraud :/ oh well… I stand by my sentiments. Frauds are the worst… and Todd is among the most fraudulent of fakers!!!! Hate Todd and his bullcrap. Kerry rules, tho!!!

    • Kerry A

      You’re not blocked bud. I just looked. You May have gotten muted for that one show. Sorry I don’t control that. Mods don’t allow disparaging comments about others.

      • m99

        Hi Kerry! So glad you’re reading reviews and being interactive here at Wes’ site. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your latest episode with SC. I don’t know if I’d heard your encounter before but won’t forget it now. Wow. That would have scared me to no end. Anyway thank you.

          • m99

            Yeah, that’s my biggest grief ~ that the powers that be haven’t disclosed or warned people. Making it a positive movement and getting a group together, planning this expedition may have great positive results. I wish you all the best.

  6. MONTE M

    Very compelling and frightening account. Can see how that would change a person. Was thinking you really do not need to donate all that equipment. The project may or may not have success, we have seen projects that have tried to get information to bring forth to the world. If those people had not ended the project, kept plugging away at it kept trying going back when time allowed, continuing on in some form they may have eventually had more success.
    I can buy musky tackle, an expensive rod and reel and say ok this is it iam going out for a week and Iam gonna cast for 78 hours and after that Iam selling my equipment. I may very well end up musky less. Should I sell that equipment and throw in the towel (probably lol)? Maybe consider holding on to that equipment and at some point in the future trying again in some form. I feel good quality photos and video are excellent evidence. Some do not feel that way at all. Dr Bindernagal makes the argument that this is a slow discovery progress and that seems to be very right on the money. He had a very different mind set and common sense approach to the discovery process that many lack and too bad for themselves that his colleagues do not have the balls to be more like he was about being open minded and up front about the reality of the existence of this animal(I feel it is that) and you know this. So why go giving that equipment away instead of stashing it away until you rest up, give it some time and develope a way to continue trying to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish because you may very well fall short of accomplishing it in the short time you are giving it. Rome wasn’t built in a week. There are good clear pics taken already in Ontario Canada but people tend to ignore them. I hope your project does well.

  7. Dale M

    If you have cable there’s a show on the travel channel and it’s called “terror in the woods” and Wes and his brother Woody are featured on a episode and the two guys portraying Wes & Woody didn’t do a bad job.. they take you through the encounter one step at a time and it’s creepy and scary

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