Nov 6

Bigfoot Odyssey Live Tonight: Terrifying Encounter

Everyone heard Kerry on the show. Tonight he is doing a live show at 5pm PST. Kerry writes “Guest Matrix7 Adventures discusses her terrifying encounter with Kerry & Daniela”

7 Responses to “Bigfoot Odyssey Live Tonight: Terrifying Encounter”

  1. Lisa B

    I really enjoyed this one Wes, it’s nice to see the face that has the awesome mesmerizing voice that I can’t wait to listen to every weekend! Your personal opinions on the world as it is, as it was, is pretty close to my own. I understand the power that comes with saying -in Jesus’s name- but I still want to know, what is Sasquatch? Why are they here? Where did they come from? Where did all of this start and why? What is going on? I’ve heard an ungodly scream come from the woods in South Carolina. I’ve experienced some strange things similar to MaryAnns in Virginia and Illinois. Why are certain people targeted? And it’s true what Daniela was saying how people have to live with what happened to them without having answers. Life is never the same. When I hear these conversations, I want to ask, did the demon/Bigfoot take something from me? Did it leave something in me? Am I sick now because of it? What’s going on? When will we know? Thanks so much for sharing this. So with all my questions, I have but one now, what is the question you’re not supposed to ask? ?

  2. Kathy K

    Okay Wes, here is the burning question that is on Everyone’s mind, what is the question that you’re Not supposed to ask a Ouija board? ( Lol,Don’t worry, I sold my board 3 years ago to some lady at a yard sale for 5.00)
    Good show Wes!

  3. Lethia B

    Kings and Kingdoms shall all pass away, but there’s something about that name. Thanks Wes for the post. I watched it live last night for the first time. It was nice to see the man behind the voice of Sasquatch Chronicles.

  4. Ed M

    Some questions you wouldn’t want to ask: Do you want to hang out. What’s your sign? Are you single? who do you work for? Are you gluten intolerant? Who’s your favorite band? Can I borrow your car? Can I borrow some money? Want to do a sleep over? Know any jokes?

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