Dec 3

The Confessionals Podcast: Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies

Tony writes “In Episode 185, we have a conversation with Zach Vorhies, who is known as the “Google Whistleblower.” Just a few months ago, Zach started to tell the world about the censorship Google has been conducting through its search engine results. He claims that Google has blacklists in their files that detail what keywords are to be promoted and what keywords are to be suppressed. He has also stated that Google has even gone as far as to delete words out of the dictionary to make political adversaries look less intelligent. And the worst thing about these revelations is that Google hasn’t stopped its censorship since Zach went public – in fact it seems like Google is just getting started.”


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  1. m99

    ~ Never before has there been such covert hatred toward a President. During the Obama Era, the opposition (Libertarians and Republicans) tried to remain civil out of respect for the office. Not now! Every time I see this on the “news” I think, OMG, sedition! or, that’s collusion! Isn’t that Treason? It’s too much.

    My husband was offered a job with Google, but declined because of all the ‘collusion’ it has exhibited. Maybe in another time, but not now, not while all this blatant hatred and sedition is happening. And to control thought, language, the truth?

    Sedition: The illegal act of inciting people to resist or rebel against the government in power. It’s what the southern states did at the start of the Civil War.

    Collusion: The secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose.

    Treason: The crime of betraying a nation or a sovereign by acts considered dangerous to security.

    • Mario G

      Trump has done more for your country then any other president the dems are going to try to bring in socialism and communism. As a Canadian I can tell you do not allow the Democratic Party lie to you through cnn and other main stream media cause up here it’s starting to get real bad. Canadians can’t take it anymore. All they do is tax tax give give and debt debt which can never be paid. Sorry just a little upset the media lies. Trump loves the unite states

  2. Shirley C

    He said “ I didn’t even vote”. I stopped listening. You forfeit your right to complain about a process that you yourself are too lazy to want to think about and discern. You say you don’t know or comprehend politics, yet you have time to listen to lazy thinking.
    Nope, not an adult, not a responsible citizen. Sounds overly emotional and all over the map.

    • Mary D

      I suppose I’m just as bad. I’m not a democrat but I just could not vote for Trump. I voted 3rd party. As much as I wanted to exercise my right to vote, the 2016 election was just kind of “None of the above” for me. People point to the positives since Trump was elected but I’m trying to figure out what it was exactly that he did to make the positives come to pass–I’m not seeing it. Not sure we should be wasting our time with impeachment, though. I think we can just chalk it up to “Let’s do better next time” and ride it out.

    • m99

      Well, I disagree. Maybe people are too confused (at the time) to vote. They’re Americans. They can do what they want, vote or not, still Americans. I’ve voted for and regretted voting for candidates before. I’ve usually voted, but sometimes haven’t. And some Americans have been known to work for candidates at states level, voting in the State’s races. If you had listened to this video, you would have heard how he didn’t really know about it, but has since learned, and now things make sense. Just Saying.

  3. Chris B

    Cool story and attempt at revisionist history m99.

    Conveniently omitting the fact that our current office holder dipped his toe in political waters by perpetuating the nonsense “birthirism” conspiracy theory as an attempt to delegitimize Obama. A theory that wasn’t denounced fully by the opposition party because the leadership found it politically useful.

    Prior to that, on inauguration day 2009…the Senate majority leader was busy telling his caucus that their #1 priority was to make Obama a 1 term President. Really? #1? Not that anybody should expect anything close to full cooperation from an opposition party…but the #1 priority? Not working together to help get us out of a near world depression?

    My house in Vegas lost 67% value in 2 years. We were all going through a once in a century event…and there’s some ass clown opposition leader in D.C who only cared about scoring cheap political points and his personal power over millions of people losing everthing.

    So spare me this “civil” nonsense. Conspiring to work against the new president on day 1 in 2009 sure sounds like it could fit into your word definitions as well…although I’m of the opinion that they didn’t apply then, or now. It’s just that hyper partisan people always think the opposition is treasonous and obstructionist. But whatever helps you sleep better at night I guess.

    • Rick F

      Chris B
      If you simply look up where the Obama birther story originated you’ll find that it was Hillary Clinton Who posed it in 2008 when she and Obama was vying for the democrat nomination.
      If all you listen to and read is left wing news publications this very old news should enlighten you a bit.

  4. Tedd

    Career politicians who work hard only at building their campaign funds by selling their influence to big business is the opposite of what the founders anticipated.
    I’d much rather have a person in office who did it as a civil service and not a means to make good on promises that break the backs of the people and go on a speaking tour that miraculously makes them multiple more millions of dollars. Supporting without having an open mind and refusing to ask the simple question of what are your true intentions but so easily condemn others without anything other than rumors or pure speculation is simply ignorant, which seems to be the standard of the ones who disparage the U.S. President because he doesn’t fit the mold of a trained politician, or your basic fraud. You must be one of the few that prospered under the dems because everyone in my vicinity has struggled those times.

    • Mario G

      I live in a socialist country and I’m gonna tell ya when you see how much money single payer costs and how long we have to wait a simple operation you’ll wish you never went that route. Just saying

  5. Shirley C

    Oh so I hit a nerve! Lazy non-voting citizens have to flop around and make up nonsense. Guess they couldn’t find their way up their daddy’s basement step, lmao. Keep defended the criminal, it shows who you really are.

  6. Cathy S

    This was a very good episode and a trueful one. We need more people like you telling us the truth. I’m worried about our country the way the lies are so dominant. I just pray people can see through all the deception. Trump is the best president ever. He’s brought back jobs, strengthened the military., stock market, and many other things. He says it the way it is. Good job Tony.

  7. John F

    Arguing about which party did or said what is a complete waste of time, and these millionaire politicians in the house and the Senate don’t give two shits about any of our opinions and only care about there global agenda. This rediculous back and forth nonsense is nothing more than a distraction to keep the cash cow here busy fighting amongst ourselves to distract us from the real truth. These politicians strings are being pulled by the global elite, and who have all the gold (money) and pull all the strings. Let’s stop the herd mentality, the rediculous finger pointing and figure out ways to fight these evil sons of bitches, and stop the madness. This guy and Tony were spot on, and after hearing that you people are arguing about stupid crap. It shook me up bad, did it not shake you guys up? What the heck!

  8. Barry M

    Ok I only could stand about 30 min of this guy. What did he do at Google exactly? How does he know about memos n design documents n where is his proof? If I intended to discredit a misinformation engine such as Google and I was in a position to see the memos n docs I would damn sure have collected hard evidence and not simply expect everyone to take me at my word. I don’t doubt Google and every other search engine etc. are manipulating content but this guy sounds like he’s full of $#&$ and spouting what he overheard standing in line at his local Starbucks. Appreciate Tony though he always does a great job and is very respectful when he gets a guest like this.

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