Dec 3

Military Veteran Talks About Bigfoot Encounter

From the youtube channel, a military veteran shares his amazing bigfoot encounter.

11 Responses to “Military Veteran Talks About Bigfoot Encounter”

  1. theresa m

    I’ve seen this fellow before on youtube. He usually mentions it at least once in a video that there are people out there who give those who have said they’ve seen something a really hard time. No wonder people don’t want to share their experiences. Thanks, Wes. I think the more people hear they are not alone in their experiences, they’ll be more likely to share and get some help.

  2. Shaun F

    This might just be THE crossover of unfuckwithable documentary on this subject. Keep going, guys. Steve is doing incredibly fearless andy honest work, as well as is Wes, who has been doing this for years. This implied accommodation is huge, people. Good luck. There are some of us who need to figure this out.

  3. Linda P

    (Montana) Thank you Wes for having Steve on your show. I am a big fan of his (second only to you) and although not one of his better shows, I like his no bullshit attitude. Thanks again, Wes!

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