Dec 2

Honey Island Swamp Monster

The Honey Island Swamp Monster is a swamp dwelling Sasquatch like creature reported in the Honey Island Swamp, north of New Orleans, Louisiana. In this episode author and investigator Dana Holyfield discusses her grandfather’s alleged encounters with the creature as well as other local stories.

4 Responses to “Honey Island Swamp Monster”

  1. Lisa B

    I’ve always been curious about Honey Island Swamp. I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to capture the creature, specifically around the 1800s. Thanks Wes!

  2. Christopher A

    It’s like the Sasquatch on the west coast are original creatures and these ventured out creatures in the South East are mutated from inbreeding or change in environment ect. By the time their existence is accepted and some kinda boundaries are accepted the East coast ones may fit in the category of too dangerous to co exist or some serious security tools put in place.

  3. Charles R

    I have seen Dana on several documentaries, however usually less than 30 seconds. She gets to explain more detail here. Also others have used a print that is definitely gator and not the human type 3 toed one here. Not sure what to make of this casting – Rugaroo maybe?

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