Aug 11

Strange tree structures and what appears to be a shallow grave

The title of the video is “Sasquatch grave found.” I am not so sure I would go that far to make that claim but it is interesting to say the least.

When I first watched this video I was a little taken back by how many trees were in odd positions.

Take a look:

16 Responses to “Strange tree structures and what appears to be a shallow grave”

    • Wes Germer

      Yeah he needs to be careful. Even though the pile looks somewhat fresh if he digs up a grave of a human he is looking at prison time. Especially if he films it and posts it to YouTube that would be all of the evidence law enforcement needs.

  1. Trent M

    I can’t tell how big the mound is from the video. I don’t think it looks big enough to me to be a BF grave, but he seems to think it is and he was there so it most likely is bigger than it looks on video.

    • m99

      Right. And why would it be so shallow? Why not report (to the police) what he sees in the forest? That be a human being in there. He just walked up on it, where as most people never would. If it’s a grave, at least find out what’s in there, although I agree it could be a slippery slope. Just a thought.

  2. Matt C

    “I just proved the existence of Sasquatch”……… how? By filming weird trees and speculating on what might be under a patch of different looking dirt? Sorry guy try again

    • William L

      Matt, you guys with your smart remarks are starting to piss me off. I have watched every video this guys has made and HE HAS PROVEN SASQUATCH EXISTS TO ANYONE WITH A BRAIN AND THIS INCLUDES SQUATCHES. So sorry to you Matty Boy, but you gotta lot to learn smart mouth asshat. Wes, sorry these punks are pissing me off, do what you gatta do but I’m not going to sit by and let these snowflakes say shit about Mark that is pure BS. I though we got rid of the butt hole trolls.

  3. Emma G

    This is so frustrating. Claiming it could be a Bigfoot grave is utterly pointless without proof and if it is, then digging it up (whilst distasteful) is potentially important. It’s intriguing but a waste of time as it stands. He should put up or shut up.

    • William L

      Emma, he didn’t know where he was when he found it and was at least 5 miles back in the mountains. He had been whistled at several times and the odds of him being watched were VERY good. Easy for you to say “put up or shut up”; if you had been there I would bet huge sums of money that you wouldn’t have dug into it either. Better you be frustrated than he be dead!

  4. William L

    What is really wild is that he found another one less than two weeks ago no where near this one. This one is pretty certain to be a Sasquatch just based on where it its. The other one could go either way. DocLarsen

  5. Steven J

    A simple picture with a smartphone should have marked the location with Geocoding, and therefore he could easily find it again.

    With it appearing to be an unmarked grave, if he did discover human remains all he would need to do is NOTIFY the authorities. People find and locate shallow unmarked graves all the time, often they are victims of foul play. he would not face charges. Only if he did not report it would he face charges. Only exception I can see is either private land or a Native American burial, but this looks too recent for that. Even on private land, he should have notified if it was unmarked.

  6. Tracy A

    If you go full screen and freeze @3:16/3:17 looks like a similar upper 1/3 of another “grave” in the lower rt. hand corner.

  7. Jannette A

    Very interesting and spooky at the same time. I felt like I was in a cemetery . In my opinion he wood have been in trouble if he started to dig! And the structures were all around it. Just amazing👣

  8. David R

    I think people have dug up Sasquatch bones, and called the police. They get a thank you, and are told it was a human. They say they will investigate it, and nobody sees them again. He should get one of his friends to go there to dig just a little up. I did notice there was some strange moss on it, and none anywhere else!

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