Aug 11

Tonight’s Show: No other explanation makes sense

Tonight I will be speaking to Marcus who is from Oklahoma. Marcus says “Wes over 30 years ago I was on leave from the military. I was out night fishing with my mothers boyfriend and we had a very odd encounter with something or someone who was on two feet. There is no way it could have been a “someone.”

Flash forward many many years later and I am staying in the exact same spot living in my RV and I have another run in with this thing. I do not know if it was the same one or not but I would listen to this thing vocalize at night.

I am pretty sure I found where it was bedding down during the day. I stumbled across this bedding area trying to get around this lake so I could fish the other side. After that day this thing…would tap on my trailer window at night. There was no trees, no humans it was a very isolated location. I can go into more detail if you want.”

I will also be speaking to Drew who lives in Washington State. Drew says “After I bought this home in 2013 the activity around the property has picked up. I have seen the creature, my wife and kids have seen it, the neighbors have seen it. I am not really sure what to make of all of this.”

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  1. Laura M

    Enjoyed both guests. I could have listened to Marcus all night. Remember, for most of early and modern human history we have shared this planet with other Hominins. Some of which were related to us and some of which weren’t. Maybe we still do.

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