Aug 10

It crossed the road from north to south

A listener writes “We live in Colorado now. (*edited this portion out due to the type of professional work his wife does*) We wound up renting a place down there a nice place out in the middle of no where. We lived 9 miles from the nearest paved road.

The town I live in has one traffic light. My wife worked the 10pm to 6 am shift. On her way home one morning she was driving along down county road 330. She got about 2 miles from the house when something crossed the road 50-75 yards upfront of her.

It startled her to the point to where she stopped so sudden it stalled our vehicle. We had a stick at the time. She said it was 7-8 ft tall was reddish brown and walked on 2 legs. It crossed the road from north to south. Now when she told me this I wasn’t sure as to what to think. Damn sure wasn’t going to call her a liar. I’ve heard of Bigfoot as a kid,had seen the pg film or stills from it but assumed it was fake and never gave it a second thought.

It wasn’t long after her sighting we had strange things happen around the house. We had 2 pit bulls at the time,they would often run around the house growling under their breath,acting odd wanting to go out. This would be 1-2am. On one occasion I heard things I would assume to be rocks hitting the roof. My wife has heard more.

It got to the point to where after 10 at night we didn’t want to be out side,would get weird feeling,hairs on the back of your neck would stand up. Just feelings of being uneasy. We eventually moved back to Pueblo and still live here. I’m an avid outdoors man. Was raised and spent 30 years of my life in the Florida panhandle fishing,camping and hunting. Still fish and camp. I have never had the feelings of uneasiness before or since that time.

I heard a show of yours about a gold mine and his encounters. He mentioned the Spanish peaks here in southern Colorado. We lived not far from the base of them at the time.

Like I said I never saw it but had some strange occurrences happen around the house after Lisa saw what she did. At the time didn’t know much about Bigfoot or give it any thought,thought it was fake and that was that. I did report it to Oregon Bigfoot at the time,never heard anything from anyone but when I heard your guest mention the Spanish peaks it brought it all back. Thanks for putting out an awesome Show. Very informative we enjoy listening to other encounters. Thanks for letting me share our experience”

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  1. doug w

    I just drove down 330 tonight. It’s like the longest dirt Rock road I have ever been on. I was coming from plataro and got off fr250 somehow. I had some strange thing happen yesterday and found a track this afternoon.

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