Feb 23

Show Notes with Shannon-Author and Investigator, Linda Godfrey

On this episode of Show Notes with Shannon, I will be joined by Linda Godfrey. She is the author of 16 books on strange creatures, phenomena and people. She’s a frequent guest on national TV and radio shows, including Monsterquest (Seasons 1 and 4), Lost Tapes, Monsters and Mysteries, Sean Hannity’s America, Inside Edition, Coast to Coast AM, NPR, Wis. Public Radio, and many more. She lives in the Kettle Moraine area of SE Wisconsin with her husband and monster dog, Grendel. Her newest book is:American Monsters; A History of Monster Lore, Legends and Sightings in America



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55 Responses to “Show Notes with Shannon-Author and Investigator, Linda Godfrey”

    • James G

      To clarify: Great guest, very descriptive and articulate,,,great questions by you. To be picky I could say something like; audio cuts out at random points for a second here and there,,usually when Linda was speaking (so I don’t seem like a sycophant,,& I can be critical), this was an excellent interview. Thank you.:) Loved it!

  1. Terry W W

    Very interesting show. I wouldn’t think Dogman could swim so fast. That brings me back to Missing 411 where a Guy who was a football quarterback in college went fishing in a floating device up there in Michigan, as he was fishing he kept calling his girlfriend or wife telling her that something or someone was following him down this river. They later found him deceased. I believe his wounds were from blunt force trauma. They don’t know how he got down river in a short amount of time, because the river current was slow. It was like someone or something carried him because he floating device was left miles up river. This guy was 6 ft. and weighting about 190 or so. Could a Dogman ambush someone by swimming to them. That would give him (Dogman) an edge in being in stealth mode. Just a theory or hunch I had.

  2. Patrick W

    Here we go. The book sellers BS show. Haven’t we had enough of these on all the “other” coast to coast type variety shows. Everone can say what they want about me, but this is not what I sign up for. SC was the opposite of this, that is what made it stand out. Oh well. Whats next Vampires & Zombies? How about pointy little hat Gnoms ?…..? This broad can shove her 16 fiction books. Shes makeing shit up as shes going along on home to count her money from foos who buy her books. I’m done w my membership… Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Mr.Crypto

    Author of 16 books ? and the little ‘plug’ of that sighting she said ‘would be in her next book’ but oh no hell no dont tell it here, make people buy her new book to hear the story.. she is just another money grubber who surfs the internet for sightings and makes up shit for the rest just to sell her damn books.. we dont need people like this who stir the pot just for monetary gain. i say FAIL!!! all of these self proclaimed experts piss me off.. she needs to be tied to a tree for bigfoot bait while the SASCHRON crew lay in hiding to bring down this asshole monster.. LG is another idiot on the “100 flute playing nights” side of our research!

    good show on your part Shannon! 🙂

  4. Michael K

    Pure flutery. Its not a canine till you prove the species, it is called Dogman because it has a similar look to a dog. Unknown animal.
    Asssertions prove nothing. Comparing it to Bigfoot (also unproven) silly. This kind of micro BS muddies the water.
    Stick to BF proof , then diverge into half cocked theoristicles.
    If you go the Anubis route dont forget crocodileman, crane man hawkman, lionman etc. animal spirits
    I go hiking in the Bush and we see feral dogs, they look you from the underbrush , hide from us and follow us.
    Only see them in the open when they are in a pack and have less fear. The non-green faces in the foliage, poor Scott Carpenter.
    Listen for the key words It Seems, I feel, sometimes they seem and eveyone tells me.
    They like water? All animals NEED water. OMG this is a scientific handbrake.

    • Casey M

      Why would a dog/wolf/whatever evolve in to a bipedal creature? Why would it need to stand or run upright? And why wouldn’t those legs change physically to accommodate its becoming bipedal? This has Darwin rolling in his grave!

  5. Robert P

    Well now you’ve done it. I check Sasquatch Chronicles first thing to see if there is something new. Drudge has fallen to number two. I wish I could get Matt to pick up a story now and then but that might make your servers crash. Great job people.

  6. Brian M

    Perfect guest for Shannon’s show, and my favourite Show Notes so far.

    I think this is the part of SasChron which veers a little more to the Fortean without going completely flute player, I think it’s working well.

  7. Brad L

    Excellent show, Shannon. I really appreciated Linda’s view and deep research. It’s a shame that people are bashing her for being an author here. Would you rather read some old newspaper clipping about a “hairy wild man” or the 100 Bigfoot Nights lady, who obviously a fake, self-published and marketing the unproven to the Bigfoot market (yes, we are a market to be sold to). Linda documents, and made her name getting out there and finding the fantastic. Her balance and honesty made her a very fresh and important voice that needs to be heard here. Thanks Shannon and SC!

  8. Mary Ann W

    I am skeptical that these are canid creatures. I really feel that some witness attribution of canid features is probably taking place. I do believe that she has been investigating sightings of something. But then Wile E. Coyote always walks on two legs…..

  9. Renee B

    Great job Shannon and an interesting guest and show. Tracy I’m glad Shannon mentioned that you are getting some help from folks who have seen these creatures too. It was very brave of you to go back to the area of your very scary encounter. That took serious cojones man! Kudos!

  10. Sean C

    Thank you Shannon! You are awesome as usual, and thank you for your email replies as well, you really stay on top of everything and it is much appreciated : )


    • Kris W

      Thank u Shannon …. Best show u did yet … U sound more confident… And asked great questions…. I liked Linda and felt she is as truthful as this stuff can get…. This is a hard subject cause no one has the answers and some of these stories borderline paranormal. But I really really enjoyed this show and Linda is ballsey for a woman…. When I had my brief encounter my wife was screaming like a nut and would not let me stay for one second and we were in a half ton truck.

  11. bill l

    Man what negative paraniod outlooks some people on here have. So let me see if I understand this. If you write a book than you are not credible because you want to sell the book. Look everyone has to earn a living. Do you think people get rich writing about this shit? Arm chair experts,amatuer phsycologists, suspicious of everyone, crapping on people who actually do some research, and yes, write a book.

  12. Robert V

    Thank-you for the show. Kettle Morain State Forest was forty-five to fifty minutes from where I grew up. It’s nice to hear about Sasquatch in the midwest. I believe people see these creatures in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa but the ridicule people receive for telling of their encounters is far worse than other parts of the country.

  13. Eddie M

    Great Job Shannon. The three Wes, Will Shannon compliment each other and never sound like D.J.’s….show the guests respect, never forget whose interviewing who and don’t fall in love with they’re on voices…it is why I listen! They’re sincerely credible. Thanks guys!

  14. Marc T

    Linda was talking about a manifestation of an animal. One time I smoked Salvia divinorium (legal at the time). I screamed like a werewolf with my head up louder than I ever have. I then ran down the road in a remote area so fast my friends that were driving after me thought they lost me. They couldn’t believe how much area I covered. It was actually almost a mile. I felt like an animal. Fun stuff. I don’t mess with that stuff anymore.

  15. Steven W

    Ok, I can accept that there are claimed to be four types of sasquatch, I believe they do exist. But to claim this animal jumped onto a road emitting its own light, can communicate telepathically, and magical appear in people’s bedrooms? Not interested.

    • Kris W

      I don’t think she claims to know but just that people shared their encounter of…. And that’s all anyone can do, and what sc is all about people sharing encounters

  16. Irene A

    I am not convinced that Dogman/Manwolf is a primate, considering it leaves huge canine tracks, not primate tracks. But in the realm of cryptozoology, I guess I have to keep an open mind.
    Shannon, great interview…thank you! I’ve followed Ms Godfrey’s research into this cryptid. Very fascinating!

  17. Sean C

    It’s so funny, where people decide to draw their lines of reality! “Well, I believe in bigfoot, but I don’t know about those dogmen or werewolf things…….. .” People have spoken about vampires and werewolves, in one form or another, for centuries, in much older countries! I don’t know what is or isn’t out there for sure, but I find reading about these types of creatures to be very interesting. I would rather read about almost anything though, as opposed to planting my ass on the couch to watch TV these days………especially if it involves listening to the same old regurgitated news stories over and over. Yes, evil in some form is coming, only the greedy elitists plan on surviving it, they tell all us sheople what to believe in and we buy it. Wake up America! The people that act like none of this is possible, will be the first ones grabbing their ankles, when this ancient evil comes to their town. Make your decisions with your heart first, and they will be the right decisions, keep your friends and family close, and watch each others backs! I wish there were only Sasquatch, vampires, and werewolves, to be worried about and leary of!

    Great job Shannon! I have 2 of Ms. Godfrey’s books, and they are very well written and are very interesting. Thank you for having her on the show : ) You rock!


    • Casey M

      Sean C,
      Hey, I’m drawing a line because there’s no evidence other than eyewitness interviews. I wouldn’t believe in Bigfoot either if it weren’t for the dermal ridges on the foot print casts and the Patterson footage.

  18. johnny b

    Great show Shanon! I’m a fan of anything unknown. So many stories by people seeing something unexplainable. I think Linda Godfrey is a great guest to have. I’m like you in that I’ve never had a sighting but these stories are so intriguing that i find myself reading all about them. Please keep the great work!

  19. Richard L

    Good job Shannon !!!
    Interviewing people on video where they had an encounter would be a great idea !!!!
    Love to see that happening !
    I listen to finding bigfoot just to watch peoples encounters ….cause the rest is crap lol

  20. Letty

    Great show! I also sensed confidence and had great questions to ask. As for some of the audience members, its probably best you unsubscribe and do your own research. I don’t have time nor the resources to do so I do depend on SC for the information. I appreciate their time spent to find credible people even though I admit a few sounded a little sketch. But that’s ok. You dismiss those and continue listening for more accounts and validation of their existence. I open to all possibilities including the Dogman. Wish all those Negative Nellies a safe journey and this place is probably so much better without them. Great job, Shannon!!

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