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SC EP:83 Sasquatch encounter on the mountain

Tonight we speak to Alex who had an encounter as a young man during a hiking expedition. Years later he had another encounter while skiing. These encounters have changed his life. Alex discusses the behaviors and what he saw.



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86 Responses to “SC EP:83 Sasquatch encounter on the mountain”

  1. Wally R

    You guy keep on giving gold and after hearing the outtakes I hope everyone (like me) has gained a new level of appreciation for the work you all put into this show. Thank you

  2. thomas m

    Great encounter! I heard a very similar story from the bfro site about a woman solo hiking that camped out on the side of a cliff that was zeroed in on just like this… with the distant screams that came closer and closer… the sasquatch exhibited the same exact behavior upto and including the way it just trodded off… ill see if i can find it and post a link if anyone cares ro read it… tom in nj

  3. William L

    Excellent show! It is always a good show when you get an intelligent, thinking person on the show no matter the nature of the encounter. Like this guy was only able to see the outline of the creature, but with his knowledge of the back country and the fact that he and his buddy made the exact right decisions at the right time it really brought it home EXACTLY what was happening and made it soooo real. The discussion you all had was really good also. I think an in depth along those lines with several knowledgeable people would make a great show. Sort of like the rabbit hole series but from a different angle.

  4. jamie smith

    Awesome show as always and excellent information Alex , people just don’t realize what they are really getting into until they are confronted by these creatures . I have had a up close encounter and I know that they watch me as I wander around aimlessly looking for their signs , you can just feel their eyes always watching. Since that night it showed itself to me I panicked and left A.S.A.P but i continue to go back because I just have too see it again so I can get over it and move on , since that experience it has just over ruled my life and I don’t do anything else but research this subject , I use to ride my dirt bike, work of cars as a hobby ,go fishing now all that comes out of my mouth is ” I HAVE SEEN YOWIE ” I do go alone only because no one else is willing to come. I just have to see it again so I know that I’m not crazy.

    • Alan T

      Hi Jamie, I’m from Newcastle, Australia and when I get in a better position to, I plan to do some looking around for yowie sometime in the near future also. I can relate to the obsession. I haven’t seen a yowie however I very much wish to. Isn’t it a fascinating subject! How clearly was the yowie you saw? Did you get an idea of it’s size, build, height and weight?

  5. Letty

    Wow, it’s going to be a great week!!! Bring it on!! Can’t wait to listen to this one in a few minutes. Grabbing some snacks and then I will blasting the intro!

  6. Tyler D

    I definitely agree with this guy. I do think this is goin to come out sooner rather than later, n I think some government agencies are preparing for this. For an animal that isn’t even classified as being real, why is it illegal in certain states, including Washington,to kill them? It’s pretty interesting. I think out in the front of all this they make the topic look like a joke, which the media is great at doing. But behind the curtain I think their getting prepared for it to come out soon enough, trying to prolong it ofcourse, but I think soon it’ll be out there

  7. Patrick W

    Man Wes, Its so good to have you do a real S.C. show. Informative and none of the fantacy land bullshit that has became part of the line up. That may be fun and interesting for some people, but I tend to take this subject a little too seriously like yourself and am not part of the fun, fun bigfoot community.. Its a bitch getting Old and stuck in my ways but I get frustrated at how many lifes that have been lost and how many more will die before we have Sasquatch recognized as a real threatening beast that shares the wild w unsuspecting outdoorsman. Thanks & keep up the cause…..

  8. Mike H

    Nice everytime i see members only i get even happier listening to the show. Anyone who doesnt love this show enough to spend a measly 7$ a month can go watch finding bigfoot.

  9. Brian A

    {Point of Interest At 35:35 in the podcast The guest remarked they were hiking north of Mt Jefferson, so I always like that I can pause the podcast at anytime and view a reference. When I’m done return and I’ve never missed a thing. I couldn’t imagine 16 mile hike from the closest drivable road. These were very brave men and way off the grid by anyone’s standard. I believe they are telling the truth and am very interested in what they have to say.

  10. Lisa

    Wow! What a week-end they had!
    – you know the thing that concerns me the most, is that when it “does” come out, that the gov. will shut down even more wilderness.
    Every year they are grabbing more and more land.
    I remember what happened with the spotted owl. In fact right now I live in what’s left of a teeny lumber town. The mill is still here,
    but not a whole lot of anything else. I love it here tho.
    – I remember exactly where I was when they were on that ridge.
    227 miles north of St. Helens, Shortly before I turned 18, sitting on my sofa with my 2 day old baby girl….The explosion rocked everything in my apartment, things fell off the walls, and it’s the only time in my life I’ve ever seen plate glass swim.
    It sounded like it was just down the road.

    Great show! Thank you Wes and Alex

    • jeff m

      Could you see the plume of ash from Mt. Saint Helens from your location or was it too far away?
      I ask this because Alex and his friend not only heard the blast but saw the eruption also. And they were over 100 miles to the St of St. Helens.

  11. Bob S

    Great, credible intelligent , detailed encounter!! Encore! Thanks, I hope someday you guys can grow this site into a television show that will truly re educate the poor folks now risking there lives in the woods with what they have been scammed into believing about these wild beasts by the poor guy who’s been a researcher over 25 yrs and his cohorts

    • margaret h

      To clarify, my earlier “Dickhead” comment was in reference to a listener, Michael I think, who posted that Wes was in it for the $$$ and this interview was fake. Now I don’t see the comment from Michael. Maybe the post has been removed??? Anyway, I don’t agree with “Michael”. I think Alex’s interview was one of the best. Good on you Wes, Will and Shannon. Mx

  12. Robert P

    That was great. One of the best so far. What made it so good is his ability to tell a story . No doubt in my mind that happened. I just wish I could have seen the comments by the Sasquatches denier. There will be proof pretty soon and laws will be changed. Maybe less access to the forests.

  13. Bob S

    Great well spoken account on these creatures, maybe our Gov should put of public brochures and free transponders for any of our citizens instead of trying to hide the truth from us? If they can afford free cell phones for the needy then I’m sure they can afford transponders for people that enjoy remote national park areas. Great show! I hope you can grow this into a TV show and give a real education on this. Bob

  14. Jim D

    The more I listen to these actual encounters being experienced by the callers here on SC, the more I am seeing what these things are truly all about. I have gone from a being a Sasquatch Ontario believer to being a person who now agrees with his wife (again-she’s pretty much always right) that like Alex said, these are not warm fuzzy Harry and the Henderson type creatures who you would want to walk up and shake their hand. These are scary monsters who have killed nobody knows just how many humans over the years. Mike Patterson is really doing every searcher and hunter of Bigfoot a disservice with his “Hi buddy, I love you” routine. They are more like how Kyle Reese describes The Terminator; “Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.” “I love you buddy” my ass. Sorry Mike P.

  15. Eddie M

    There is enough physical proof , audio proof, video proof…there’s no no need to shoot them unless threatened. They’ll check out trespassers and lose interest when they discover it’s just a no threat human. Perhaps there are pre dispsosed big guys with bad experiences with humans and they’re probably more dangerous…but, not hurting them or their family is probably smart . And giving ground leaving area is smarter.

  16. Theodore G

    Another home run! The great thing about your show is that it is bringing our people who now feel they can share their encounters and not be ridiculed. Great job! Go team SasChron!

  17. david s

    A very good encounter to listen to. the guy was good at telling the story. you can usually tell who really saw a BF by the way they tell their story AND the EMOTION in their voice…No matter how many years ago it was. I agree with him 100%, if someone does bring in a dead one or undeniable proof, their life is screwed. It just will be.

  18. Gail V

    This was a really good episode. Glad the guest made it home to talk about it. I will never, NEVER walk alone in the woods again.
    Also listened to the outtakes. Great job at keeping it together, guys.

  19. Christopher c

    My kind of show a SASQUATCH A.A. meeting for those of us who have been through it! best show in a while! thank you Alex for your share!I have a brother in Bend.Or. and am familiar with the area around Sisters we were up a the Dee Wright observatory 2 years ago with my wife and son .

  20. Dave T

    Home run again for SC. A very well conducted interview with a very credible, knowledgable, and believable guest. You could really feel Alex’s emotion as he told how this thing was hunting them down. He may not have been face to face, but to have something like that stalking you and you have nothing to defend yourself, scary shit!

  21. A & C B

    Agreed. Great interview! Another example of a close encounter. I feel for Alex when he says you have to do something and I don’t want this to ruin my outdoor experiences (or something to that effect). It really does ruin things.

    What I want to know is where can I find info on this John Bisel he was talking about who was missing. I can’t find anything about this person and wanted to read about it. Thanks in advance if anyone has anything.

  22. donna d

    Great show guys but I think the government won’t ever let this one out there’s a lot more to this than we know. look what lengths they went too to get Bob Garret and he was being a good citizen. Self education is the best bet when it come to this topic shows like this and others that bring information to the table so the people who know can weed out the crap and get some scence of what we are dealing with. Don’t waist your time trying to figure out what the governments going to do when it comes to Sasquatch because there already doing it .

  23. Brad L

    Sweet to hear some Central OR accounts! This is where one of the first “good” pics were taken. What Zack Hamilton saw – and captured on film in the 1950s – in the Three Sisters Wilderness, is still disputed. He was supposedly stalked by a creature for a while, took a compelling picture of it, then dropped off the film to be developed – But never returned to pick it up. As the story goes, the photo developer saw the picture of Sasquatch first then shared it with others, which sparked speculation. Yet the question must be asked: If you were stalked by a giant creature and managed to take a picture of it – and survived! Wouldn’t you at least make sure you picked up the developed film? Google it…
    Great account Alex, I can’t wait to get to Bend and hike Sisters again.

  24. LC B

    This is what makes this show great, and why I support it here, two of the most suspenseful encounters I have ever heard. I cannot imagine being the kid who climbed the structure. I would much rather stay on this track than fall back down the rabbit hole

  25. pam

    I know the area he was in – VERY well. A couple times a year I go up 242 and drive to see the lava flow area and go to Sisters.
    It is remote with a few houses on the way. The road is so narrow you cannot take a camper or pull anything behind you due to tight curves.
    Anyway I will get some pix and post them.
    It is pretty and wild BUT I have heard cougars crying there in midday and there are squatters back in there growing “stuff” and I wouldn’t brave it!
    Alex is right on in everything he said….I “ditto” his estimate of the creature and the aftermath of scientifically discovering one (dead or alive).

  26. John S

    Alex brings up a story of a fisherman who had gone missing he called John Bissell. I did a search, and I believe he meant Robert Perry Bissell who had gone missing in Mount Hood National Forest in July of 2010. -just to clarify

  27. Jay Carlsen

    My Father moved us Up North From Detroit in 1978 , I was 7 years old. We moved into an Old Farmhouse that was converted into 2 apartments , We lived downstairs. The Up stairs apartment was considerably smaller. A Couple moved in Up Stairs , they also had 2 Horses . My Mother had an Arabian 1/4 horse – I had a Shetland Pony , But we ‘got on’ Quick w/ the Neighbors …
    Turns out like 6-7 years prior , they were Living 15 miles North of where we Lived at the Time . There was a Terrible Thunderstorm , that lasted 6 – 7 days . 4 days into this Thunderstorm , There 2 Horses ran Straight Through the Barbed Wire Fence in the Middle of the Night . The next Morning , seeing the Horses where Gone , They gave chase.
    2 – 3 days Later. When they Caught the Horse & brought it back home , They found all these Giant Footprints around their Barn . He cast one of those Prints ! I was allowed to Hold it , If I sat down on the Couch . ( So there was no chance of me Dropping It ) I remember ” Lording ” it over my Younger Brother ! ( who is 4 years younger than Myself ) Telling him ‘ Oh they wouldn’t let YOU Touch it ! Because your a Little Baby ……….’ ( Yeah , I was an Asshole )
    But I also remember My Father; Hounded & Dogged the Neighbor ceaselessly. Began to call him ‘Bigfoot’ , kept badgering Him w/ ” Tell Me ! How did you make that !?!”……… Constantly . Friends of Ours would come up north to Visit , & My Father would go on & on About it . Putting the Neighbor on the spot . Until I am Certain ; He just said ” ALRIGHT ! Fine , yeah it’s Fake .’ The old man felt like he was Sherlock Holmes.
    But I held that thing , while sitting on the couch . Yeah it was a long time ago , I was Young. But i remember how out of place it looked . it was Huge .
    I am a Critical Thinker , Can hear the cow farting , when someone is trying to feed me a Line . I have never seen one – do not care too . But I do think you are on to Something . that it IS real .
    So I do not mind whoever you have on , Musician’s, bullshitters , Whoever . I enjoy the show . Great Job

  28. Asheim

    I really enjoyed listening to Alex tonight. I could have listened a lot longer and he was cut off. That 48 minutes went by so fast then there is about 5 minutes of music I always turn off. Would rather have had 5 more minutes listening to Alex or Wes talk. Thanks for a great show. Felt sorry for that poor boy coming face to face with a Saskquatch . Had to feel for him. Some people want so badly to see one and I think they have some how glamorized it to what it would really be like and hospit would feel to absolutely lose control of what may happen. I always wonder how Shannon would feel it she got her wish to see one for real. Most people have nightmares and stress disorders when it comes down to it. It is also SO scary to think of how many go missing. I just tried to imagine how hard Alex and his friend were skiing and that thing was keeping up with them through the snow. Thanks for another great show Wes!

  29. Kathy E

    I love this story…one of my favorites. I grew up in Sisters. I got lost in that wilderness with 2 other kids when i was young ,we heard some scary sounds out there. Totaly beleivable. Thank you for sharing

  30. Lisa B

    Whoa, I seriously disagree with that Wes. I highly doubt that most people…actually I Know that the majority of people have absolutely no clue about these creatures in our forests.

  31. Kimberly M

    I wish the person was able to talk more. He seemed to be cut off and right before he was going to say something. I wish Wes would listen more and not talk over the guest. I agree about the kid comments ! Who in their right mind would take the kids to search for these creatures. You can’t fix stupid I guess. David Paulides 411 show I think is a Sasquatch encounter gone wrong. Paulides YouTube page has missing people almost weekly.

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