Feb 22

SC EP:82 100 Bigfoot Nights

Tonight we speak to Christine Dela Parker, author of 100 Bigfoot Nights. Christine talks about moving into a home that was abandoned and in need of fixing up. She moved into the home and realized very quickly that something was not right. Listen in as she talks about the encounters around her property with Sasquatch and the Dogman. To learn more about Christine’s book, visit the site at: www.100bigfootnights.com



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222 Responses to “SC EP:82 100 Bigfoot Nights”

  1. WindshieldSquatcher

    Great! Right at the top of my list of who I want to hear on the show 🙁 Can’t like her. Can’t believe her. Greasy old voice reminds me of Sylvia the psychic grifter. Yuk!

    • Joseph B

      I agree, that voice and the way she goes on makes me believe it less and less. To my ears, that is someone screaming for attention after having a little something happen on the property, most likely a large group of aggressive coyotes. It sure sounds like the facts are being stretched to the max here. I may be completely wrong since I am not on site, but after listening to a LOT of these encounters, this one just does NOT add up.

      • Jon K

        Totally agree, fabricated to sell books. I find it hard to believe that she didn’t share this info and all that happened in their neighborhood to the neighbors. Too non committal on location and names. Looks like she is hiding , not wanting anyone to backup the claims. But, it worked I see plenty of people here buying the books. Gives real encounters a bad name. One positive is it makes all “real” encounters look that much better.

      • laura t

        Joseph b, are you kidding me, grow up, the sound of her voice makes you not believe her, that is the most retarded thing I have heard yet.. Like I have said ten times over, the subject matter, is fairly new, it’s about give and take information , good or bad information until the right people take notice.. I for one believe her info, she is very detailed in the info she shares. Seem like you so worried about her voice, and missed out in The Details and commen sence of the info… wow you sound ignorant

    • Allan L

      Where are the pictures and videos. A year and a half, watching them all the time, she should have enough pics and videos to make a documentary. Where is this place? Why not send in a team to do some real investigation and get solid evidence. I don’t know, it sounds legit but…

      • Gerald G

        I’ll do one better, I’ll eradicate everyone of those S.O.B. If she’s telling the truth. I have the time and five buddies who will have no problem without charge, just out of the goodness of our hearts will rid her of her problem. So put up or shut up.

    • Michelle D

      That’s not nice. Don’t be such a jerk. I read Christine’s first book. I couldn’t put it down. She has audio and video to back up everything that her family has experienced. Do your homework before you open your mean mouth.

    • margaret h

      Heard guest on C2C last month. Her name, they said, is an alias. Most relevant details are kept secret. Plays coy and/or dumb when questioned. Is selling books for profit. Plausible???? After so many years and “right in the middle of the action” one would think you could produce something more. It all seems very RICK DYER-ESQUE to me.
      This is only my opinion. Could not listen to her for the full show.

    • Tracy L

      Why do people seem to always focus on the sound of a woman’s voice, especially when judging one’s credibility? I don’t read such comments when the guest is male. I think people need to ask themselves if their own personal biases are tainting their ability to listen and judge whether a person is telling the truth or not. Listening is a better way of judging credibility than seeing a witness testify because there are more prejudices that come into play when we look at a person than when we just hear a person talking, but there are still prejudices present that we need to guard against. The problem isn’t with the guest or her voice but with the ears & mind of the listener.

  2. Donna A

    Thanks for another awesome episode! Have heard this lady interviewed elsewhere and I believe her accounts to be credible. Am glad to see you got her on the show. Would like to see her get assistance for her situation.

  3. Susan B

    I bought both of her books about 2 weeks ago and it took me 2 days to read them. I’m looking forward to a third. I have so many questions for her. I believe her family’s experiences.

  4. jeffrey n

    Wes, Will, and Shannon you guys are doing great and I applaud the effort you put into the show .
    That being said you cant always hit a homerun every show . this guest is the worst to me she isn’t believable and honestly I think she drags the subject down .
    Someone on your blog started a thread on guests we would like to hear I and others said do not have her on bring back coonbo or jack
    again good work dust the show off from this guest and get back in the game.

    • Rich A

      I have to agree with you on both counts.
      1. We applaud the SC team for their hard work and love the show!!I’m sure there is a ton of work that goes into the show that none of us are aware of so bravo!! Love the subscription! Thanks for making this info available to us.
      2. This lady was very hard to listen to and I don’t feel she is credible. She seemed to be improvising her story as she spoke and latched on to every word Will was saying. She seemed to take each comment and run with it…Hopefully she can come up with credible evidence and prove us wrong.

    • Sherry R

      Sorry my reply is so late but I hope you read it. I just found this site a couple months ago and I LOVE IT!
      I think you guys should read her books before judging just because of her voice. I, like the others couldn’t put the books down. She never claimed anything that she didn’t have pictures and/or sound to back up. Every interview she’s had has been consistent with every thing she said in the books.
      If we had clear evidence, besides the P/G film which is the BEST, then it wouldn’t be “FINDING BIGFOOT” it would be “FOUND BIGFOOT”, and you can bet if this was you, you wouldn’t be spreading your real name and where you lived all out there for everyone either. They’ve went through Hell as it is and I’m sure that’s the last thing they want. As for profit? If you read the books you’ll see how much personal funding they had to fork out just keeping safe in their own home. Open minds guys until it’s proven otherwise. Everyone things we’re all stupid for just believing that BIGFOOT IS REAL! Her voice? Really?

  5. Donna K

    Oh my God!!! So what was the one fateful night that she alluded to at the end? Are you going to have her Back on again soon??? What part of the country is she in….and what happened with her son? You gotta do a followup.

  6. Patrick G

    Relax, Donna K. Don’t wet the bed yet.
    This person they had on needs medical care and our understanding.
    I hope she is resting comfortably.
    She doesn’t need to be on a podcast, though.
    Absolute garbage.

  7. Brian A

    She has loads of stuff on youtube search 100 Bigfoot Nights. Just checking them out now. Fascinating story! You guys did a much better broadcast thr C2C am. You let her relate many more details without interuption, and were very nonjudgemental

  8. michael b

    I heard her I think on coast to coast and she said that the bigfoots would move trees around. like pull them up and set them in different places. In Oklahoma we call that being geetered out

  9. Jonathan E

    I honestly cannot believe you had this person on your show tonight, I love always love the show, and appreciate your hard work, but this is an all time low. I could not even get through another show I trid to listen to she was on a couple weeks ago, so I cannot even think about listening to this again. A look at her Youtube account will tell you a lot. I have to say this is the FIRST and hopefully last show I ever skip past. Sorry, I am just giving my honest opinion and the opinion many others share I suspect.

  10. Patrick K

    I heard her on Darkness Radio. She lives in the south for sure. She stated that she doesn’t know what Spanish moss is, so most likely Northern Georgia, Northern SC, North Carolina, or Tennessee. She is awful. SasChron must not have read the comments the last time they posted her story. Most members were pretty vocal about their disdain.

  11. Robert V

    This is a telling of Sasquatch from a city girl who moved out to the country. I think this gives her a different view point. One where if a person grew up in the country would think she is making things up. When she says I didn’t know, I believe she doesn’t know, if you’d grown up in the country you’d question this statement.

    I grew up in the suburbubs were true city people thought I lived in the country and true country people considered my area to be city. Thinking about this makes me believe where I lived was a little bit of both, with more city than country, but true country was to the west of us and true city was to the east of us. I’m sure there are millions of Americans who grew up in these sorts of communities. I sometimes think a Sasquatch and or a small group would visit my grandmothers house mostly in the fall. If being logical this doesn’t make any sense because of where we lived. If my son never said he saw one looking at him I’d never thought we had a Sasquatch near my grandma’s house (I’d play there was one after watching “bigfoot” on TV but never thought there was a real one near us). I just felt we had a creepy yard and odd things happened in the yard in August and September.

    This testimony and few others has helped me understand some things. The going threw a garden confirms my thoughts on why certain vegetables in my grandmothers yard would be eaten, this could have been deer or other wildlife, but it’s just as easy for me to picture a Sasquatch crawling up to the garden or walking up to the fruit trees in our yard. There was plenty to eat: there were fruit trees, vegetables, berries, grapes, a huge mulberry tree, during hunting season my grandfather hung deer carcases in the garage (he was a retired butcher and had a small butcher shop in the garage) and a large black walnut tree in the yard. The other thing I can relate to is having odd feelings at night in the yard and growing up I never wanted to go into the swamp behind my grandma’s house. Coming home late more than once was very creepy, I would feel like something was near the walnut trees or something was watching me run into the house. Or the times my son and I would be by a bon fire and we’d feel the need to douse the fire and get into the house; I wish I could remember if the night my son saw one looking at him was one of the nights we built a bon fire in the back yard. We normally roasted hotdogs or marshmellows. One time putting up Christmas lights late at night I felt like I was being watched. My experiences are probably on level Z of Sasquatch encounter or on a A to C scale of actually having one near my house. If I they were coming into my yard and if they live near where my grandmothers house is it makes me wonder how close are they to our outlaying suburbs. I’m aware of a community father west of us had sightings in the 1950’s that the local papers joked about. There was a report of a Sasquatch taking a deer out of the back of a guys pick up truck.

    I have sometimes wished I would have done things like this woman telling the story and camped out in my grandma’s yard. Thinking about the idea of camping out in my grandma’s yard sounds eerie to me. I’m reminded of how my mom and two of her friends camped out in my grandma’s yard once,, and from what my mom said her dog went crazy during the night. What I was going to say before I went on this little tangent, was maybe I’m glad I never found the “proof” they were coming into the yard. Like this woman and others have have mentioned maybe it’s better I was ignorant of what was really going on. I never want to see one, the only time I’d have liked to is when my son came into the living room telling me a “Monster” was looking at him, I wish I would have investigated on this night just for the fact I’d know, but maybe it was better for all of us who lived there if I didn’t.

    I’m thinking about how I always wanted to make sure the two doors to the house were locked and even during the summer I closed the big wooden door in front of the glass door going onto the front porch. I’m a very sensory person similar to my mom and I wonder if I always could feel things I didn’t know what I was feeling. I’m not a flute player and I’m not trying to make up things just considering and remembering what it was like outside of my grandmothers house. Again I’d think the likely hood of a Sasquatch being in my grandmothers yard on a scale of A to C is most likely Z. I wonder if a place like Sussex Wisconsin or near a urban suburb US is where we’re going to find proof one exists. Can’t easily hide a person shooting one in a park, getting into a house, or shooting one in a back yard of a surbaran neighborhood.

    Thanks guys.

  12. Dave A

    Wow! This episode ranks up there with the siege of Honobia! Poor family! Rather than tracing around the woods looking for these things all one needs to do is buy a small farm house in the right place.

  13. Tyler D

    Just how Wes was saying the topic of sasquatch brings out all walks of life. N I’m sure at some point she did have some sort of encounter. But it seems a lot of the stuff she’s sayin is very much embellished n exaggerated. N most likely quite a bit of assuming goin on on her part. She just sounds like a paranoid lady

  14. TheGiant573

    Sounded sincere to me. You have to remember she had/has no woods skills and had never been in the woods or li ed near them. We call them city folk. She doesn’t sound like someone that makes stuff up. Some of her ideas or conclusions can be squied because unlike a lot of us she never grew up in the woods.

    Great show thanks Chronic Team

    • SteelcityNS

      I’M sure she said “6 bedroom, 4 bathroom” mansion, she bought for an extremely low price. If she is saving up to get outta there, I would think the work they’ve done on the home, has made it more than easy to leave, from a financial standpoint I’m assuming, this woman (by her voice, and the fact that she is from LA), to be from a “tribe” of people, that have no problem lying there asses off for financial gain. One word (and I don’t give a shit who gets offended) HOLLOWHOAX. Do you all wonder why you all hate the sound of her voice ? Because it’s natural to do so. The tribe is our enemy throughout history. Bye

      • Rusty Shacklford

        Wow, this clown actually managed to slip anti-semitism into a Sasquatch discussion. Why don’t you not be a huge pussy and just say what you really mean when you say “tribe”, and say that you hate Jews. Don’t hide.

  15. Tyler D

    Plus there is virtually no visual or physical evidence supporting her claims except the hyena. Sounds like she was up for too many days haha. But I’m stoked for Linda Godfrey tomorrow, that’s gonna awesome. Hope they talk about dogman type

  16. WALT D

    Very funny how the group condemns certain people for little or no proof. I have not seen one person brought on the show other than Bob Garrett with his video real proof of what happened. A lot of how an interview goes is by who conducts it. Now were these interviewers leading her into saying things that did not happen or did most of you come to your own conclusion on her previous interviews. Were they conducted by a flute player interviewee.

  17. Jacqueline N

    I really enjoyed the show and believe her. This is the first interview I’ve heard from her and have not read her books. Maybe I’m too trusting, but why would she make this up? Going to buy her book to hear more!

  18. Aaron A

    I had to stop listening to her when she was on C2C and I had to stop listening to her tonight as well. She jumps to a lot of conclusions because admittedly hasn’t done her due diligence to rule other causes out and doesn’t share information about which investigator helped her which is suspect. Also, she’s trying to sell a book so there’s an agenda. Will did a better job of reigning her in than the guest host on C2C and, but she is just too hard to listen to.

      • Mark b

        Hey gobshite i suggest you learn to spell correctly before leaving anymore comments. You are obviously thick as pig shit, just reading your comments quite clearly clarifies this. I get the impression you are a Billy-no-mates and class the members on here as your family. Get a life tosser and grow up you horrible little man!

  19. bill l

    It kinda reminded me of the “Underworld” series of movies. I was waiting for her to say that maybe the dogmen or werewolf types watched over the nocturnal bigfoot during the daytime while they slept. I enjoyed the show.

  20. Patrick W

    Are you sure this woman wrote a book? Shes a flipping fruit cake. She cant describe what she saw. Come on? A praying mantis bigfoot? I dont think Ill read her books. Mabey she writes childrens fantacy books. She was very funny at first but give me a fucking break…..

  21. Dario G

    I enjoyed the show. I regret reading the comments before mine. People can be down right disrespectful. Unnecessarily I might add. The lady on was spot on in consistency & retold Her story with the same details as other shows she has appeared on. I’m up in the air as to how truthfull she is being, due to the fact that her YouTube channel is full of blobsquatch & assumptions of orbs. Why not better video? She obviously has decent equipment & alot of time on her hands. She spoke of looking at the details on the face of these creatures, why not show the world? I liked the guest & would enjoy a follow up later down the line. Remember people, not every one has the same description skills, attention to detail, or frame of reference. So try to be gentle.

  22. Patrick W


  23. Wendy C

    Before I begin – just want to say I llove your site I have listened to you guys from episode 2 and will continue to but – this Christine woman Sooooooooo many words, which say sooooo very little – sooooo many contradictions – would love to see her hooked up to a lie detector – she spends a lot of time on the internet but has learnt very little about ‘anything’ – if she wanted us to believe she ‘knows nothing’ she was successful – conclusion :- she is an absolute B S artist !!!!!

  24. Carol Ann G

    I actually enjoyed her first book very much. Is it real…I have no idea. But it was scary and fun to read. I did kind of drift off several times while listening. But, in all fairness I have only gotten two hours sleep in the last 24 hours. So, I will listen again tomorrow once my shift ends and I have gotten a few more hours sleep!

  25. Joey S

    I’ve heard her on darkness radio. I’m just a few mins into the interview and so far she fails to say the previous owner to the home was a foster home for kids. The neighbors mentioned to her that the kids were sort of out of control and did what they wanted. So these kids did a lot of damage to the house.

    • Brad L

      It is fascinating how her story has evolved. Little things… And they trip her up now. Like who owned the home (now she says she doesn’t know) and her dog barking when she goes to sleep — it was immediately when they went to bed, now in the early hours. Also, who calls some “investigator” instead of the police or animal control when something is raking the side of your house and messing w cars? I find her a psychological study, not a Bigfoot victim whatsoever. Note how she says “you” instead of “I” to subconsciously distance herself from stories she made up and can’t validate. For that much, great show Wes and Will!

  26. Joey S

    I don’t think she’s 100% full of it. I think maybe she’s cherry picking some of the story. She said MANY Foster children lived in the house before she bought it. I have 3 kids and it’s like having 3 tornadoes a day come through!

  27. mick b

    Worst show ever. Turned off after will asked her if things escalated after the initial ‘weirdness’ and ‘scratching’ and she said ‘I don’t know’ and proceeded to plug her book and talk about the screams she thought might have been bigfoot. What a load of bullshit. Not sure what Wes and Co were thinking having this nutcase on.

  28. Leon M

    Glad I’m not the only who could barely get through this episode. I think knowing this woman and her family may be a weird encounter, just by themselves. I wanted to bust a hole in my ceiling listening to her. I believe her story is credible. I hate when she uses the word “forest”, wouldn’t woods just be better. Forest just conveys no civilization surrounding it. I don’t know just something about how she says it. I think she is bad at describing.
    I think experiencing these creatures all logic would go out the door. Also, what’s with the constant bashing of the BFRO? It’s like the guests are coached to discredit the BFRO and that every Sasquatch is an unconscious cold blooded killer. These creatures are very conscious maybe the epitome of consciousness. If they want you dead you’ll be one of the many who end up in missing 411.

  29. Audie J

    Sasquatch Chronicles is here for people to be able to come forward and talk about their encounters however far fetched they may seem to be……remember that it is what they experienced ….does anyone think that some of their comments may hold people back from coming forward ?

  30. Shawn B

    Wow , a lot of people rush to judgment off someone’s voice or accent . Is it really that unbelievable ? Read the books , then form an opinion. It almost seems like Gary Callahan bought several accounts with random names to discredit and start chains of doubt , or maybe I’m paranoid and need medical attention!

  31. Flavor Country

    I’ve heard her on I’ve lost count of how many podcasts and radio shows already, and I’ve yet to see one pic, video, or sound clip from someone who seems to have daily experiences.

    Sounds just like the “lonely old woman living in the woods” stereotype Wes and Will were talking about just a few eps back. Can’t believe they didn’t really challenge her at all.

  32. Shawn B

    I’m disappointed with the negativity of some of the post. Shame on you. Imagine if it were you, after the fear and disappointment in the home choice, not to mention several years of lost sleep, coming on a show and being blasted , all from a condensed one hour version of a story. Strange reactions.

    • John T

      Well said Shawn B….most people are fear based and are quick to point their finger not realizing that there are 3 fingers pointing back at them…disappointing that we are not evolved enough to truly understand what is happening with these encounters.

  33. Susan P

    I am also deeply disappointed in all the negativity with the posts. So what if you don’t like it. Turn it off and move on. Have to agree with Audie J, this will not help others who want or need to share their experience. This is not JUST for ones entertainment.

    • Mark b

      So what if you don’t like the posts, simply don’t read them and move on. Your comments won’t help true researchers into finding out the truth. Not while there are idiots like her out there………. Jog On!

  34. Brian M

    I expect, once you’ve seen a bigfoot, that every bush and shadowy corner starts to look like one, doesn’t mean you didn’t see one in the first place.

    There are lots of slick talkers out there who can sell you anything but who you shouldn’t trust as far as you can throw them. This lady may not inspire belief but I enjoyed her stories and keep an open mind.

    Enjoyed the show.

  35. Gerald G

    I’m tired of people claiming they have videos of sasquatch Let’s see th e freaking video. Or shut theheck up. What an experience very terrifying. ( here gos if anyone is having any problem like this near one’s home. Myself and some friends will come and eradicate them no charge.) I’m sick of this shit once and for all let’s bring this thing out. You have a right to live in your hone without being harassed. I’m serious I don’t care were you live we will come and eradicate every stinking one.

  36. Paris A

    I believe something is going on there. But maybe a fear induced imagination is playing apart. One encounter could induce tremendous paranoia, I believe. But I don’t believe we should jump on her with both feet. Cut her some slack.

    • Michele D

      I’ve never heard so many disrespectful comments, everyone please get over yourself. A lot of us enjoyed the show,if you didn’t then don’t listen. And God
      Forbid you should have an encounter and everyone rips you apart. Adults who are worse than 1st graders.

  37. LC B

    Sorry Shawn that the rest of us care to use our brains,
    I wonder if she got the money she needed to fix up that house,
    maybe I need a book to get my kitchen done, and another
    for the baths, siding and a roof, better get writing. I think that
    something real happened and she embellished for the books,
    happens all the time, not to be cynical, just not being gullible.
    The fact she could not see it clearly but then gives way more detail
    is suspect, and the fact she plays stupid when she gets questioned.

  38. Mark b

    Ive read both her books now and nothing will convince me that this woman is telling the truth. I picture her sat at her computer each night, and writing anything that springs into her tiny little mind. Absolute bullshite on the highest of scales, people like her continue to ruin the credibility of Bigfoot. And it’s so unfair on people like Will, Wes, & Shannon who are doing their darnest to finally prove their existence. She’s a total crackpot!

  39. Richard C

    wow a lot of negative comments/posts.Makes me not even want to bother listening to this one (I’ll probably listen anyway) 🙁 Seems to have made a real negative impression on folks.

  40. Richard C

    oops almost forgot, so huh… when does the store open up so that we can buy “Sasquatch Chronicles” t-shirts, posters…. 🙂 I’m dying to buy a few t-shirts, can you say “free advertisements”. Might even buy a few for family and friends. 🙂

  41. Mark b

    You’d think she would have the most convincing proof ever and the existence of Bigfoot would be in the can. But know just the same usual shit, 1st time i can honestly say i turned the episode off I’d had enough. A persons brain can only so much shit in oneday the silly old fart!

  42. LC B

    I have experienced these creatures on my own property and the very
    first thing you think of is getting some evidence, so show me the evidence,
    I would not present my story to the world without it, I might be willing to
    present more if I had more.

    • Mary D

      So I guess that if you don’t have evidence, you keep your mouth shut and keep the whole thing inside and let it stew for the rest of your life? I don’t think you’re being fair. The whole reason that I am even interested in this topic is that when I was a little girl, my aunt, who I know to be credible and who is a wonderful person, told me and many people that she knew at the time, about her experience with one of these creatures. She told me about how one winter, her children were out sledding on the hill nearby her farmhouse, and they called her out to show her some gigantic human-like footprints in the snow–bare footprints (why would someone walk around in the snow barefoot, a cornfield full of stubble at that.) This was in South-Eastern Idaho, close to the Snake River, in the late’70’s. She said that the following spring, there was a giant black monster that hung around their dairy farm. This was a dairy farm, which stinks already, and she said that the smell that he brought with him was incredible. As far as they could tell, none of their animals were ever harmed–they had the usual farm livestock, Holstein and jersey cows, young calves in their calf pens, hogs and chickens, meat rabbits, several cattle dogs and jillions of barn cats (they generally didn’t take a close assessment of barn cats.) So, I guess if no one’s livestock suffers, the threat is not real? My aunt said that frequently early in the mornings, she would see the giant black monster-man walking along the river bank tending to some mysterious business. (The “river” was just a glorified irrigation canal) She had no idea what he was doing but he seemed to be purposely trying to stay out of the way because he was always at the far end of their fields. She said that one day, she was back there and had discovered a large wallow where it seemed that he had been sleeping, and she found strange black hairs in the wallow. She said they were coarse hairs, with the texture of a horse’s tail but not as long. She put them in a baggy and gave them to some scientists at Idaho State University, who were like “Uh, okay, thanks, whatever.” They hairs disappeared after that and she never heard back about any analysis done on them. The black monster man lived down by the canal for one season and then seemingly moved on, never to be seen again. My aunt would tell people about these experiences and they would say that she was full of crap. They would laugh at her. And of course, she had no evidence except for her word. And then they refused to ever speak about it again. I alone believed her, simply because I know the good person she is and that she would never make something like that us. This whole thread really lessons my faith in humanity, which wasn’t so strong to begin with, because it’s a given that people are buttholes. So, you people come on here and roast other folks for simply speaking about something that’s on their minds, and accuse them of formulating a money-making venture? What’s the whole point of Sasquatch Chronicles if that’s the case?

  43. Damon M

    Folks –
    If you go to her web site there are Videos
    For someone who deals with Grief and Caregivers for a living, you can hear the fatigue in her voice. Christine you should just get out of there before you wear yourself out or end up with cancer or something. The house is not worth it. The stress will kill you.
    On the other hand, where is the military teams that deal with these things when they get out of hand. Time to send in the A Team to clear these things out. They have crossed the line and they won’t stop…


    • Steven P

      You mean the Bigfoot throwing orbs video? Etc. looked at everyone of the vids and pics on her website and most on YouTube. Hell I want to see something I BELIEVE but just not this person. Like it was mentioned earlier one has a shadow walking with the dog happily wagging it’s tail,yet her dogs are petrified,or territorial. Something unusual probably happened here but not enough evidence for 3 books worth. Car batteries dying come on? Not to mention if true they sound like evil little bastards crossing over into paranormal crap. A jump I’m not willing to take without more evidence. Again love the show but not buying this story.

  44. Mark b

    Look people, if someone doesn’t like a show well then thats their opinion. It really doesn’t need all these so call do gooders having a go back at them because they said a few harsh words. Toughen up so what, it seems people get little chufties out of doing it, i can see you all sat there waiting for their little pats on the back. Grow Up…..

  45. Steven P

    I bought her book, visited her website wanted to believe her story but with soooo many incidences and no evidence make that impossible.
    She has got film of her neighbor chasing them around in his garden but won’t release it to protect his identity???? Would like to hear her husband and son’s side of the story. Just the way she goes on and on about the damage to the house, like it’s because of the monsters in the woods, but never says that. One of those cases where the more she tals the less you believe until there is nothing left. Kudos to book sales etc. and understand why SC has her on,but think it is no help to the overall credibility of the research.

  46. Rick F

    Nothing emotional about her experiences when she speaks. Lot of joking ad laughing. Makes you question the authenticity to some extent. Not saying she has not seen or not had experiences, just saying……………………

  47. Jim D

    Note to staff: Whatever happens, PLEASE do not let this comment section turn into what has become of the ones at Bigfoot Evidence. If the same names keep popping up with negative post after negative post, well then I think it might be best for all involved to have these people’s ability to post limited.

      • Hayden

        Jim D Are you volunteering to be the first to limit YOUR ability to post comments here? Yours too is just an opinion–people should be able to post their opinion just like you have posted yours. Thank you!

        • Jim D

          I always limit my comments and always carry myself with respect towards other people Hayden. Sometimes if I don’t like what I am writing then I will check myself and sometimes just say to myself “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all” and I just delete what I was writing. It’s all basic principles that we all learned when we were kids; treat people the way you’d want to be treated, do unto others…but we all fall short at times . As far as the “people should be able to post their opinion just like you have posted yours. Thank you!” Let me ask you this, have you READ the comment sections at Bigfoot Evidence? That goes WAY beyond the pale and I would hate to see the disruptors be able to take this site over, like they have done at Bigfoot Evidence.

    • Mark b

      These are our opinions i see you’ve had your little rant which you are entitled to just like The rest of us. if you don’t like them jog on. We do not force you or anybody else to read any of them!

  48. matthew D

    This was a fascinating story and I am glad the show had her on. Its actually terrifying if true. The habitation seems pretty easy to validate. There are some easy facts to check, and most importantly, I think many posters forget, her entire family have seen the creatures, and so has the son’s girl friend. We just need to check a couple of things, and once those check out, this could turn out to be one of the most interesting sites around.

    Check the house itself, was the renovation work done by the family? Check the layout of the neighborhood, look at the two parks she describes, are they as she describes them, with lots of food cooking facilities, unlocked dumpsters, kids areas? Ofcourse look over the pathway area across from the house, are the trees as she describes them and visable from the house? Is the woodland footpath visable from the driveway? Does she have a security system with cameras AND microphones? When was it installed? What type of night vision did she use, does it have the range and capabilities she described? Find her BFRO report, did the investigator go out to her location? Did he come back with a second investigator? That’s a key one. If we can find him, will he talk about the situation?

    Keeping emotional responses aside, if these items check out, then a follow up onsite investigation may be warranted. I would probably try a stake out, not by the woods and or house but by the parks. Bait the park dumpsters, stay far back, have surveillance cameras set up in vans/ trucks with flir all trained on the dumpsters.

    Let one or two come in and eat. Get it all on film from different angles. Do the recreation followups. Prove the creature exists. I know way too easy.

    Keep up the good work. Great show!

  49. greg d

    6 bedroom 4 bath, time to do a Kickstarter to buy the house and all of us can move in. It’ll be the Sasquatch Chronicles Compound. From the feeling of constantly being watched, to the constant stink, just being there will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

  50. Jacqueline N

    Just read some more comments and disappointed in all the disrespectful comments! I had a sighting as a teen once and understand the difficulty in processing just that one time. Can’t imagine having sightings and strange happenings over several years and not understanding what they are or what to do. I now know this is a site I will not share my account on air with comments like this!

    • Steven P

      Jacqueline, please keep n mind there is a whole different scale to this, at least to me there is, once you start writing stories and publishing books and selling it. It has a different set of standards , hell to me somebody calling in an encounter on a talk show is more plausible as there is no monetary value attached at the very least. That said I love all the stories and like the grandmother in Kentucky said “I don’t give a spit if you believe me or not, I know what I saw” I like to hear your story too.

    • Mark b

      I’m not lonely or angry I’m just stating the obvious, it’s all done for the money and nothing else! Surely even you could get past all the lies. I’ve heard this woman 3 times now, and to be a good liar you need a bloody good memory. There are just so many inconsistencies within her tales, and I’m afraid thats all they are. TALES!

  51. Bob S

    Maybe I’m not in my right mind? But based on what the woman said they had the perfect oppertunity to put a posse together and take one of these creatures down for the sake of science, that would have been my move. Her husband a military man and didn’t entertain that? Cmon!

  52. mark k

    I don’t buy it one bit. Was this a replay or was she on before? That 3-pack-a-day voice sounded awefully darn familiar. I interview people all day, everyday. I question her credibility completely.

  53. Dutch W

    Wow, some listeners BS meters are pegged, I do not doubt their existence and I do not doubt her and her families experiences, however her sleep deprivation and not having some instincts for research are not helping. She reminds me of a family friend years ago who spoke and sounded like her and everything her sons did was a mystery and she had 4 of them and the way she explained things complaining to my mother about what happened and it was like she was kinda clueless about the obvious…100 big foot nights author has agreed to a new team of investigators during her interview on CtoC am to come out, the city works department in her town is aware of and stafff admitted to having knowledge of these bigfoots the idea an earlier post recommended to have the parks baited and staked out is the perfect solution, however infra red might spook them as they are able to see the light .
    I am guessing the family outside of her are not wanting to participate at the level she has by going public on the radio, if I want to read fiction I will read dreams of my father or something, but if Christine can slow it down and read these comments , the fair and non abusive ones and apply the recommendations, than she could help her cause if that is what she wants. After reading her 2 books I am not impressed with most of the photographs and hope her and her husband can purchase the correct gear to further their knowledge and present a better case. The books make a good read and If George Noorey is serious about sending a professional team to her home than I would live to hear that outcome, so until that time lets be nice as she is a wife and mother and not the president .

  54. John S

    She is her own worst enemy in terms of credibility. Her inability to stop talking makes her hard to tolerate and even harder to believe.

    I’ve known people like her also afflicted with verbal diarrhea, only their cases weren’t as bad. She believes her own story for sure… But my gut tells me her condition is akin to a form of hypochondria just about nature instead of her own body.

    I’d fear you could take her to any forested area and she’d imagine she’s experience the same thing.

    I’m curious why SC thinks she sounds credible enough to have on the program.

    I’ll defer to SC’s judgment, since I’ve literally zero experience on the subject. So, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt… But it goes against my gut 100%.

    I felt horrible for the hosts as they could hardly get a word in edgewise and I could just imagine them on mute rolling their eyes and praying for her to stop talking.

    If she’s credible and the hosts believe her to be so… I think the hosts need to control the conversation better.

    • John S

      I can’t explain the sensation of relief I felt when I stopped listening about half way through. Many times I’ve listened to podcasts of yours repeatedly. This one I wish I could unhear.

    • Sara C

      John, you sum up my feelings concerning her accounts *exactly*. I believe that she may have experienced something, but paranoia has caused her to exaggerate it in her mind. I fully feel that she believes that what she is saying is real, but I don’t think that it all actually happened. In her first book, she states that she was, for the majority of her life, absolutely terrified of Sasquatch, even before she moved to her current location. I think it’s more that’s probable that this fear caused her to see Sasquatches *everywhere*. Her behavior, as she herself describes in her book, is obsessive and borders on unhealthy.

      Another area of concern, for me, is her evidence. I’ve listened to her audio clips and watched her YouTube videos, and I can’t see or hear anything in them that I could even remotely identify as a possible Sasquatch. If she has been experiencing these events for over seven years, I would expect her to have something more compelling than what she has posted. Much of the activity that she claims is Sasquatchian (inventing words over here) is easily identifiable as something more mundane (quick example: she has audio of what she claims is Sasquatch imitating birds when it’s actually peeper frogs).

      Finally, I have issue with the way she responded to Will’s questions. Instead of answering him in a concise manner, she had to tell an entire narrative that often skirted around the question and failed to answer it. To me, and this is just my own opinion, it seemed as though she was reciting a memorized story that had to be told in a specific order and that she couldn’t deviate from. It didn’t seem organic to me at all, and this causes me to question

  55. Steven P

    Being doubtful of this story, doesn’t mean I think SC is sham SC is great got no problem them interviewing Christine,her story is in the news so to speak. . I just don’t believe her story, too many opportunities to get good pics and videos after 7 years. The main reason I believe they are out there is because there are too many eyewitness reports to have all of them be wrong or hoaxes,but with so many reports odds are quite a few are misidentifications or hoaxes,think that is the case here. Need more evidence guess we will have to wait till book 3.

  56. Steve W

    Perhaps the question should’ve be asked, has she been visited by the good cop/bad cop in the Crown Vic? Seems to me with all of this activity next to a park(s) frequented by lots of kids, the government boys would be interested if indeed there were three of the four different types of bigfoot present and she’s got evidence. The answer to that question would go a long ways towards establishing her credibility.

    If you go to her website though and look at the one video with the alleged bigfoot walking behind the wooden fence (the one with the camera at about a 45 degree angle to level), there’s a beagle-type dog that runs right over to the fence with its tail wagging. Not what I would expect from a dog confronting a BF even if there is a fence between the two.

  57. Gail d

    I don’t know what to say. I had read the first book and when I discovered Sasquatch chronicles and I wrote the hosts to have this women on to tell her story. When I heard her on C2C she had mentioned about foster children destroying the house before they bought it. That to me is a glaring omission. It was strange because the host of C2C I think it was David Schrader and had offered to come out to her house with some kind of zoologist. She jumped at the chance and did not dance around it. So I don’t know what to make of any of her story.

  58. Jennifer l

    I feel like I’ve heard this story already I stoped listening when I heard “I was hearing voices” then it’s itonic all the comments so I Guess I’ll just wait for the next show love sas chron but can we just have like no crazys on here please

  59. Vinnie G

    Her demeanor & inflections spanks of truth & being genuine. She rambles, but that does not make her a liar. What’s up with the “skeptical omniscience” and venom spewing…??? Everybody’s a personality & psychology expert now too..?

  60. Kim G

    Sharing an encounter, especially a traumatic one, has to be very difficult to do. To open oneself up to ridicule, skepticism and deniers. But to publish books, a website, go on podcasts with no proof other than shaky videos and her “for sale” book to hustle….I’m not interested. If someone had a encounter, needed to express that experience, needed support from a understanding and sympathetic group, We Are Here. To hustle your book…not so much.

  61. Gary C

    This lady has so much to say but very little detail, I think Wes said it before something genuine is going on or has gone on but this lady is filling in the blanks.

    I keep relating all the recent stories to the call from that guy tracy, he had such a genuine encounter and you could feel it in everything he said , this lady talks so much she won’t let anything be questikned.

    But hey you have to get these people on to listen so you can find out don’t you ?

  62. Jennifer l

    Ok in fairness I listened because I pay for it anyhow I’m sure she has mental problems she admitted she couldn’t really see it and when she did and described how little it was it could have been anything really she admits she never goes in the woods what would she know about that she could compare it to? it’s sad that peole scrape the barel for a story I liked the show a lot more honestly when it was Wess and woody and just regular people calling in this weeks show was a total nose dive wreck sorry just being honest.

  63. LC B

    Man this episode stirred the pot, hopefully Shannon can give us some perspective, I bet the whole Saschron team had
    their BS meters pinging, but they showed amazing restraint, especially Will. I cannot believe they bought into this account,
    maybe it was meant to be an object lesson?

  64. Dave T

    It was difficult to listen too. I think her maiden name is Dyar. If her local BFs were running around across the street like she claims, this is the holy grail for habituation. I don’t like how everything that happens in their is blamed or tied to BF including car trouble. Seriously? I checked out some of her evidence, very weak especially the audio. It wouldn’t bother me other than she’s trying to sell books. I’m not buying.

  65. Patrick G

    This lady does have fury wild creatures in the “forest” across from her house.
    They are called coyotes. I heard them on the audio. Welcome to the country, rube.
    You can either live with them or shoot them. However, nobody wants to read 2 books about a coyote infestation, do they?
    City folks. Always amusing.

  66. adrian P

    This is supposed to be a Bigfoot community where you respect someone’s encounter. Not where you talk shit because you don’t believe there stories. That’s why more people don’t come out and tell there enounters. Because there are idiots on here and other places mocking there enounters.

    • Gale R

      adrian P.
      You are right. Exactly why no one would ever hear an experience I might have had.
      Opinions are one thing but the judgement by close minded people who have never even been close to a sighting or encounter is cruel and does not lead to one wanting to share.

      Thanks to Wes, Will and Shannon for treating this woman with respect leading to a good interview.

    • Sara C

      I agree with you, Adrian, that negativity does prevent some people from sharing their stories, but I also feel that there is a difference between someone who tells their story as method of catharsis and someone who is shelling out their tale for money.

  67. mick b

    I guess by that logic adrian p we should have also have blindly believed Rick Dyer and Todd Standing. In fact a lot of people did blindly believe them and they turned out to be frauds. There is a difference between being open minded and being gullible.

  68. tom b

    Nobody including myself enjoys being lied to, if you listen to her carefully, she changes her story too much to be true. She sounds like she has read about real encounters and just puts those facts from real encounters in trying to convince people. The reason why we dont like her is because she is lying to us. Very understandable.

  69. Michael G

    Barbara came on, later in this episode and had an encounter story as a child. She went on to ask some questions and she brought up a story about a trip she and her family had made to the Smokey Mountains. She talked specifically about “Cades Cove.” She said that they’d been directed to go there to take pictures. She said that at one point, they decided to get out of the car and that she was struck with primal fear, to just get out of there. Many of the listeners to this show are familiar with the name “David Paulides” and his missing 411 books. If you’ve listened to his interviews or have read his books, you know about 6 year old Dennis Martin who disappeared from Spence Field, which is up above Cades Cove. Listen to this- and what the “Key” family observe from the Cades Cove area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8QZ0kNUhsk

  70. maryellen d

    All I know is that I also hated it when bigfoot got in my car and kept running the battery down. He kept playing my queen cd over and over. I wanted to lock my car at night but my husband wouldn’t show me how

  71. Dave T

    I don’t have a problem with someone telling their encounters made up or not. I will draw my own conclusion to whether I’m going to believe them. I do have a problem with people trying to scam others into buying books or making $ off them. I hope people don’t buy her books because of this interview. I know Wil, Wes, and Shannon saw through her even though they can’t come out and say anything.

  72. Eddie M

    Have attracted some very juvenile immature listeners. Perhaps if they ever venture capital in restoring 6 bedroom house. Mature enough to care about 7 yr old neighbors child, worked to successfully retire (which I doubt will occur judging from lack of maturity) they’ll recognize credibility. This woman consistently stayed in her known reference perspective and never broke from it. She’s telling what she saw period. Great credible guest and absolutely telling truth. She didn’t wan to know and that is obvious…Great Job Guys! Thanks!

    • BigBad

      So you are (in your own words) “Judging” the maturity of people on this forum because they DARE judge the guest of this show? Does your hypocrisy help you feel better than us? I simply stated a lack of interest in this Guest and her books, but still take offense at generalized insults like yours.

    • Mark b

      It’s called opinions and everyone is entitled to their own, but if you seriously believe this woman then you sir in my opinion in which I’m entitled to, i’d say you are very immature Maybe before posting snide comments you need to look at one’s self!

  73. Nick J

    I just read 1/3 of all the comments and i think im just gonna skip this episode! Im not gonna waste my time on something like this!.. will consider quiting my membership if this goes on.
    I prefer quality over quantity!
    So maybe u guys should go back to only one show a week, if this is gonna be the new norm!

  74. Priscilla C

    So after listening to 98% of the episode I have to say I hate it when guests talk over the hosts. Once or twice is fine but any more than that and it just seems rude. Also with all of her Bigfoot activity on the property you would think the entire neighborhood would either know about it or have their suspicions. Only one neighbor had any sort of real experience. The rest of them seem to be oblivious to what’s going on. This to me is a red flag. If you listen to other accounts people in other neighborhoods know the creatures are there. Granted people have been more dense than that so it’s possible they really don’t know. But with the howls and raiding gardens and such and the garden neighbor chasing Bigfoot out of the garden. The creature fled from that persons yard but yet stared her son and his girlfriend down? I’m no expert by any means but I’m not sure her accounts make sense.

  75. Kenny S

    After listening to her stories I felt they were pretty compelling and somewhat sincere however the videos she has posted on her page aren’t very compelling at all I didn’t see anything in most of them that were suppose to have Bigfoot or Dogmen in them I seen shadows casted by light anyone can pick out a shape no matter where you are or what you’re looking at so with all do respect the videos do not back up her stories in my opinion but still great show guys keep up the good work

  76. Matt P

    It sounds like natural selection if the kid died, I can’t think of any reason how even the smallest child couldn’t tell the difference between an upright man covered in hair and a freaking cow… Unless the child was mentally handicapped.

  77. Sherry R

    All of you disrespectful nitwits. You want her to divulge her identity and where she lives but you wear silly masks and won’t even divulge your identities here. There are children and young people who are really into this subject and they have to see all of this filthy language. Grow up so people will take us seriously because they certainly can’t after reading some of this total crap.
    READ THE BOOKS. Everything in there is documented extremely well. She has dates, times, pictures for everything. I’m not into the “ORB” stuff either but other well respected researchers have seen the same things around bigfoot sightings also, so you can’t count it all out. I don’t know if the lady is lying or telling the truth either but I’m going to give her the same respect I would anyone, until it’s proven otherwise. They’ve gone through sheer terror if the books are true and as much as I’d LOVE TO SEE ONE, I would never want my family to endure the things that happened to them.

  78. Charles W

    I can’t believe all the negative comments! This is EXACTLY why nobody wants to share their experiences.
    If you don’t want to believe the guests, GO ELSEWHERE!!! Nobody, except you, and others like you, want to hear.

    To Will: Keep it up, Bro. You and your guests tell it like it is. Keep on keepin’ on. Love your show!

  79. William S

    Relistening to this show, im starting to think that shes being haunted more then shes experiencing bigfoot. Drained car battery? spirits using the energy from it… IMO. Sounds close to what the two brothers were experiencing.

  80. ROBERT C

    Christine Dela Parker, who lives in an undisclosed southern state after moving there from California, told Cryptozoology News that the investigator posted his findings on the Bigfoot Forums.

    “He told his side of the story,” Parker said. “His name is Tal Branco and he works for the BFRO. I was shocked to find out that Bigfoots have been sighted in our area for years. We would have never bought the house if we had know that.”

    Parker claims that two different types of creatures are roaming her property and that she and her family regularly observe them interacting with each other. In early February she told Cryptozoology News that she had witnessed a meeting between two groups of Dogman and Bigfoot beings, some even wearing some sort of clothing and holding “weapons and metal objects in their hands”.

    Branco posted information about his personal sighting in late August when he went to the area to investigate Parker’s case, in response to some of the questions involving the case formulated by members of the forum.

    “I was investigating the report for the BFRO. I was obligated to keep the names, locations and other personal info confidential,” he wrote.
    He said he was driving to the location when he came upon the creature.
    “I was called early one night when the family and neighbors were hearing the things vocalizing along the creek. I begin driving over and made the last turn less than 100 yards from their house. In making the turn, I saw a flash of red eyes down along the creek, and I nearly ran over a man that was hauling tail in the street with his back to me.”

    The local man reportedly said that he had been attacked by one of the Bigfoots.

    “He was very agitated and I asked what was going on. He said ‘one of those SOB’s nearly hit me with a rock’.”

    Later that day, Branco says, he received a call from Parker about another disturbance.

    “All that I can say with certainty is that there were Bigfoot running in that creek in front of the lady’s home. She knows these to be facts, as do I.”

    And even though many who have read about Parker’s story are skeptical, Branco believes the family is honest and that they have no reason to lie about it.

    “Her three sons, all in college, are as bright as the evening star, and very courteous and likable. Good young men. There have been other reports from this general area for more than one hundred years.”

    Parker, who says she feels unfortunate to be living in the area, told Cryptozoology News that she is in the process of writing the third book of the series.

    “I will send you a copy of the book when I’m finished,” she said.

  81. Dean C

    I find, personally, a lot of what she says credible. However, I’m cautious of wether some of the DM stuff may be misguided perception ( unintentionally). Either way, that’s ALOT of exact info to be committing to tape and the Web for it to be false, imo too much to keep track off unless it happened. One thing for sure, I’m NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST bit envious.
    I’m fairly new to SC and WOW!!! Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Worth every £.
    Wales, UK

  82. Tammi C

    Ok, I am a new sub 2020 and have already read this book, in fact all three of them through Kindle.
    First of all this is the episode that confirmed my belief that Will was a narcissistically rude interviewer (I’m being nice here) Will could be great at times but more often then not I just wanted silly slap him for every time he interrupted guests and other interviewers.
    I also see a theme in the comment section that if/when there is even a hint of skepticism by interviewers the comments go off in tangent on the guests’ credibility. Well my opinion is that just because someone isn’t great at expressing there interpretations of an incident or maybe a little rough around the edges in communication skills does not ultimately make their experience any less valid.
    I found her stories to be very credible and unbiased and though may have been hyper focused on her given situation, everybody responds to crisis situations in various ways I can’t say how I would or would not respond given her horrible encounter/s that affected her and her family in many distressing ways.
    My prayers go out to her and all and hope they find peace in their current situation wherever that may be.??
    Thank you, Will, for having her as a guest.??❤️

  83. Tammi C

    Also tired of Will baiting guests to cut down BFRO. Yeah, we get it…we got it the first hundred times he brought up their perceived incompetence. Good bad or indifferent they are probably the only place many people have as a first step toward figuring out whats going on. Also an organization is made up of individuals and I am certain there are some individuals that are very good at what they do. Maybe Will should start his own agency if he can do better, (no please don’t) ….just sayin.

  84. David G

    I have been a member of this podcast, for a number of years, this was one of the first episode’s I listened to, I forgot about this show. I really enjoyed this ladies account, and I was really surprised at the negativity and nastiness, she received, I have just listened to her again, and I personally think many people owe her a apology, because everything this lady says, coincides with all the many shows, I’ve listened to, from the the way they camouflage themselves, to the uneasy feelings, and she even touches on the paranormal side. Definitely one of my favourites, but I can’t understand the trolling this lady received, but you have to question why, perhaps this ladies truth, was to much for some, anyway it’s very rare I have ever commented, but after listening to these podcasts for so long, I have picked up enough knowledge to now comment, anyway I would love to know how this lady and her family got on, it would be great for Wez to go back to this guest.

  85. L S

    This was the most maddening interview of all. I believe her. I think her observations are very interesting, so many new things I haven’t heard, but between her rambling and repeating herself and Wil’s “bleeping” interruptions, I had to take a nap. I know sometimes he was just tring to get her to move along in the story at times, but damn! I’d almost rather hear her ramble! He interrupted so many times when she was about to get to the point and say something interesting. THEN, Shannon interrupts!! And it’s as if Shannon hasn’t even been listening. She wants to know the difference between the daytime and nighttime ones, something that hasn’t yet been brought up, and must be in the book, but she interrupted just WHEN I was engrossed in what the lady was saying and re-directed the entire conversation into an area that was so irrelevant at that moment. WTF?? I would read the book, but unless it has heavy professional editing, I doubt I would be able to get through it. I want to know her story and I want those two to shut up. Why can’t you guys do the interview off the air, edit and then give us the meat. You wouldn’t need to interrupt them so much, you could just let them ramble a little and pick out the jewels. I guess that’s how I’d do it; but I don’t have a podcast and probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Anyway. Interesting. And I’m glad it’s just Wes now.

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