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SC EP:981 A Large Wolf Like Creature

Scott writes “In the fall of 2022 my daughter and I were driving back from one of her high school choir performance. My wife decided to stay home this time with our son because he can be a little rowdy for these type of events as a toddler can be. On the way home it was between 9 and 9:30 or so.

It was pretty dark and we were driving home on state route 50 just a mile or so out of town. My daughter, like most teenagers was on her phone so the car was pretty quiet and we were going about 50 or 55 miles per hour when suddenly this very large dark brown dog looking thing shot across the road from a dry creek bed into the field across the highway.

I’ve been in the woods my entire life and I have seen Coyotes and all sorts of other animals. I grew up hunting and fishing. There isn’t an animal in our area that I haven’t seen in the wild. Bear, deer, fox, you name it. This was something very different. First it moved faster than any animal I had ever seen move in my life. It was like the flash in the comics. It was so fast that by the time I told my daughter look at that… she only got a quick peek and said. Big dog? I said I didn’t know, but I knew it was much much larger than any dog I had seen before and it move unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It must have covered 100 yards in just under a three or four seconds. It was like a blur almost.

I remember seeing clearly though a large snout and ears that stood straight up like a Doberman. It had a vary large mane like around its head though, but the ears were sticking out of the hair. It almost reminded me of a Chow dog, but with a wolfs ears and muzzle. It was dark brown or almost black and it ran on all fours.

I actually got up the nerve to stop at the spot in the road one day on my way home from work. It was daylight and I could see the creek bed, the fence, and the slope of the hill up to the road on the side where it took off from. I realized, it had to be almost 4’ tall on all fours as I compared my memory to the size of the fence and the road sign on the other side of the road. I cant get out of my mind it was so so fast. It gets weirder. I feel like I saw something very unnatural that night.”








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70 Responses to “SC EP:981 A Large Wolf Like Creature”

  1. Kimberly M

    I own and breed Dobermans and used to show and own many German shepherds. One thing to mention about these types of dog breeds is that when they run their ears go back. They don’t stand up on their heads when they are running. Especially when running fast. Weird to see a tall eared dog running especially running fast with their ears up. So this thing is not a regular dog IMO!!!

  2. Ron Z

    The turtle man saw a large white Sasquatch in Kentucky, he lives out there in the middle of nowhere. He got a big footprint cast of it. You should get him on your show Wess!

  3. tiffany k

    Hey everyone does anyone know which episode it the women from the intro who talks about the 2 creatures screaming at each other? Also the episode where the man was in the tent and one pushed him m it’s face up against the tent. Then he heard mind speak telling him to move he knows he’s awake. I’ve been searching the archives but I cannot figure it out

  4. Steve W

    Wes. We are sending a friend (Taylor) your way. I can’t wait to hear her gush about “binging” through the episodes ! She’s been fascinated about the subject of SASQUATCH for a long time !!!👀🤙

  5. Ron S

    Nice into:) Uncles fishing style is trotline, which can make a great metaphor to human life with many tendrils, connections, choices and lures.

    Yeah, sometimes a person sees something or an aspect to a situation that doesn’t make sense in a concrete world. You’re not crazy Scott, it is what it is.

  6. Linda B

    Ron Z, I love turtle man! he would make a great guest for Wes. hope all is well, Brother Wes…there are fires up there and south of you torrential rains I hear. please take care.

  7. Linda B

    Great show tonight. I have a feeling this thing isn’t natural, or somehow something inside it is supernatural even though it looks natural on the outside, breathes and bleeds, etc. I think there’s a supernatural element to it because a long time ago I would have nightmares and there was something evil in my house. When I found that out, I used the name of Jesus and the Word of God (same thing) on the evil and it left and the nightmares stopped. Maybe that thing cloaked and did follow Scott home. Scott, try telling it in the name of Jesus to get out of your house and speak scripture out loud, then ask God to fill your house with angels. I bet you never dream those weird dreams again. If that happens, check back with Wes and let Wes know. In my view, it would prove some type of supernatural thing is lingering bothering you in your sleep. Just an idea.
    Have a good week everyone. Go Brian!! Thanks, Wes!

  8. Janetta V

    Loved hearing your great stories all about your family going way back since you were a child. You were very in depth a said alot. Thank you Scott. Take the advice from the woman above, Linda B. she is right on. There is no name greater than His name, and at the end of time as we know it, EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS THAT HE IS LORD. He is Lord of all right now and loves you. Turn to Him and get to know Him personally. Thank you. Thanks Wes.

  9. Carl W

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your story Scott, I really enjoyed hearing Them and would love to have you come back on the show and tell us more of all your encounters from your youth in Kentucky up to the present day.

  10. Charles R

    Some very good experiences Scott. Over last couple of years I have heard so many coming from Kentucky, especially eastern Ky. thanks to Charlie Raymond of the Kentucky BFRO doing more interviews. I agree that the old folks knew but mostly kept to themselves, probably for good reason. Sure sounds like the Dogman in SE Ohio, my favorite part of Ohio.

  11. Joyce C

    The Crumpton Booger my granny (South Fulton, Fairburn, GA) spoke of was said to be a white dog-like thing that would scare the Crumpton’s cattle.
    One of my encounters last year in NW GA, one crossed the road and it floated like a puff of fog with blurry fast legs running. Scott, I did an interview on another podcast. You can message me if you’d like to know the podcats of first of my encounters. After seeing these things, it sort of takes over a lot of your thoughts.

  12. Audrey J

    I would love to hear more of Scott’s stories!! I was also hoping Wes would follow up a little more on Scott’s weird dreams and why Scott has attributed the dreams to the fact that he viewed this creature? He didn’t describe the dreams as “nightmares” or as particularly upsetting or disturbing. Nor did they appear to contain any reference to monsters or to this particular creature he saw. Why were the dreams so troubling and why did he think they had something to do with his sighting? I would’ve loved a little deeper dive into what was going on with these dreams in order to try to give some context into why Scott connected them in order to get more insight into the strange effects that even merely seeing these creatures for split seconds has on people and why. I’m so glad he included these details, this is the weird type of thing that makes it all so mysterious and gives us all more fascinating aspects of this phenomenon to ponder.

  13. Lisa G

    Wow! You are truly a gifted storyteller! I could listen to you tell stories about your childhood and family for hours. What wonderful memories you have of spending time with your grandparents. It took me back to a much simpler time when I too was a child and I was hanging onto every word!

    I look forward to you coming back on the show to share more of your stories and experiences. Thank you so much for sharing! Great stuff y’all!

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