May 19

SC EP:955 Hunters Encountering Cryptids

Trevor writes “Wes, I hope all is well. I’ve been carrying around this experience 20 years now hoping that what I saw in the woods while turkey hunting in southern Indiana.

While sitting beside a huge poplar tree on top of a ridge in the Hoosier national forest area of Martin county, that was blocking my view of anything coming on my right side. I was watching a few turkeys that were coming up the south ridge in front of me, they were startled by something and started acting strangely. That’s when coming from my right side I heard some small twigs and leaves rustling around and it was something of significant size by the sound of it. I slowly peaked around to see what it was and the thing I convinced myself of that I saw being a good sized bear somehow standing in a region of the country bears aren’t supposed to be.

Suddenly I realize the shoulders were way too wide to be a bear it almost had the features of a dog, long snout pointy ears, in all these years I’ve yet to find what I seen that day researching bears. Only a month ago did I hear the same almost exact story from your podcast American werewolf.

I don’t know why those cold black eyes didn’t choose me as it’s target but now I know what I saw was Dogman or something like him and am ready to release the burden of carrying this experience for good there’s more on how I managed to get away so please contact me and looking forward to sharing my experience.”

We will also be speaking to Frank. Frank lived in Estacada, Oregon. In 1989 he was 17 years old and hunting with four friends. Frank said “My friend talked about seeing two of these creatures. I did not believe him. I did not believe in Bigfoot.

Frank describes seeing this creature after hearing a limb break. Frank said “We all saw it. This thing paced us out.”









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Thank you again Tracey!

94 Responses to “SC EP:955 Hunters Encountering Cryptids”

  1. Linda B

    Lol. Well, I’ve been outside my camper recording screams tonight that are mimicking coyotes, and I can’t lose on that one….very cool…”one of the “coyotes” said, ohhhhh, huhhh . Trying to record them, they were louder last night, too far off to the northeast tonight. Congrats James W.

  2. Maria G

    too funny. James didn’t even bother with the whole word..lmao just the F…he had his toe in the door…Linda was like noooo…omg that is so awesome and funny…Brian L just shakes his head..I’m dying laughing

  3. Matt L

    The The guy dropped his gun and ran what If dog man or Sasquatch picked up the gun and kept it not only their size their speed and their agility what is he became a good marksman as well

    • Heather G

      Trevor the one I saw did not have a tail. I also think a lot of people who see these say man legs bc the legs are muscular like a man but bent like a dog. Especially the thighs. Mine was near the water and I’m curious if your was too. I’m starting to see a pattern of them near water. Would you say the face was hyena like? Did you see its hands?

  4. Dovie D

    My husband and I found tracks there in Estacada in around 1985-86 . Yes Estacada is a hot spot. I wasn’t aware of that at the time. I think something was watching us but I felt uncomfortable then suggested we leave. Glad the guests and his friends left

    • Miriam H

      I have lived In the Estacada area most of my life, and on the wooded property I grew up on for over 30 years. If you’ve ever read ‘The Oregon Bigfoot Highway’, we technically live within the route shown on the map. I recall a few strange incidents growing up, but nothing like what we experienced once we moved back. We’ve had a couple of sightings, seen footprints, heard chatter and calls, had one charge in, sneak out and vice versa. It hung around while we were outside playing guitar and asked for more by knocking on a tree. It frequently would come when my daughter whooped for it and it has never shown aggression… maybe smacked the house once or thrown pinecones at the windows a couple of times. What intrigues me is how pinpoint accurate their hearing seems to be. She would call it and we could hear it crashing through the woods for at least a half mile away, but it always knew exactly where to come, no matter where we were. We kind of quit interacting when my daughter moved out and after listening to all the stories here. My opinion of what they are has morphed over the years.

  5. Darren H

    What an awesome and unique gift. Didn’t know you played Wes….Sounds like you’re pretty good.
    If possible, I would be very interested in possibly having one built with some type of Sasquatch theme.

  6. susan w b

    The embrace Tracey with the guitar is so cool. Thank you for sharing that Wes. What a friend. What love!

    Satisfying stories, and I, like others, am now listening as I unwind and transition to the Land of Nod. Nice.

  7. Dennis C

    Great Show ! Dr Melba Ketchum is finally doing interviews, Would be great to have her on and redeem yourself after having that phony dna guy on . Keep up the great work ! Would love to see you play the star spangled banner on that guitar..

  8. Ron S

    Love that outro Wes, classic SC. Great encounter stories, and good job digging into the psychology surrounding the encounters, I think you’ll find more clues there.

    Life is just a test I believe, it seems we are always watched or monitored by something we don’t necessarily see or are aware of all the time… maybe we should be. These watchers could be everything from other people to technology to spiritual or natural forces. This isn’t a scare tactic it’s just reality.

    I used to be the same “see it to believe it” person, and looking back realize that mindset said a lot about myself, that I didn’t have enough faith in my life… that mindset also invites the unseen to say “I’ll show you something then”.

    These natural forces seem to know the witness better than they know themselves and give a person just enough of a psychological spanking to start sending them in the right direction, but only for a moment, then it’s up to the witness to learn from it, and through faith and fortitude keep going in a positive direction.

    I’ve been pretty naive and blind to these forces for many years… so yeah, I’ve been spanked a whole lot and at many different angles 😬… At least I know I’m worth the effort I suppose, we all are. But now at least I can testify and maybe shed some light on things for some people, but in reality a person really has to help themselves first.

    We sometimes go through life or into nature thinking we have a certain amount of power or protection based on the size of our bank accounts, muscles or our muzzles. That thinking can be a slippery slope when we rely to much on those sources, especially when is causes us to lose an amount of respect or connection to everything in the natural world both seen and unseen. If we are unethical in the woods causing an imbalanced harvesting or bringing unnecessary pain and suffering or bringing our own negative energy with us to nature, there are consequences… nature slaps, so does life in general when it has to.

    If we apply this thinking to not only nature but all aspects of our own lives and realize the connection to everything and our impact on everything at any given moment (a little more) we’ll make the world a better place, guaranteed. 🌞🦉

    • Jamie J

      Well said Ron. Life truly is a journey and there is so much more to it than just “stuff”. Blessings to you and everyone else here at SC, take care.

  9. Wendil R

    I live in north of Seymour Indiana and yes we do have bear in Indiana. we have known black bear rolling through brown county and Hoosier national park

  10. Wendil R

    and Also commenting on the last interview…there is a new Doc on Netflix that’s about Chimps…everybody should do themselves a favor and watch it. it’s amazing. alot of simulatories between bigfoot and them.

  11. David D

    That’s awesome, Wes. Tracey did an amazing job. Personally made gifts like that are always the most cherished. It’s a beauty. What’s here name?

  12. Sheila L

    Trevor, well done on your interview with Wes!

    I am from Martin County, too. That area is thickly wooded and an area that is very remote. I believe you. Thanks so much for coming on with Wes to share your encounter!

    Kevin L

  13. Jason G

    So Frank wants us to believe his story BUT he wants to discount all the many people’s stories of these creatures doing supernatural things. Interesting. How can he discount all the many accounts??

    • Tracy L

      Very true. If humans can possess both paranormal capabilities and yet be flesh & blood, why can’t Sasquatch? We possess Esp, have Premonitions, see spirits, etc. Sasquatch’s abilities are probably more attuned because they don’t have the constant static and interference that we humans do and which clouds the mind, like noise, the hum of appliances & electronics, etc.

  14. STEVE W

    Yes they are very intelligent, And out class us big time in the woods, And yes we are hunting practice to them, If they are not screaming at you, Then they are playing with you, And that can be scary, You will know if they want you to leave, Ive had numerous encounters with them since Sept 2020 while hunting in a certain area, Not once have they been aggressive, But I am respectful, I dont pull out phones to try and record or try to snap a photo of them, I dont hang trail cams, They are mostly worthless anyways, I walk in and out the same way every time, I say good morning and why I am there, They have never destroyed my deer stand, But they have ruined a few deer hunts

  15. Blanche D

    It was interesting that this man Trevor’s encounter with Dogman was a bit similar to those 2 boys. Dogman conveying to the boys that if he wanted them, he could do as he wished. With this encounter it was as if this message was passed to him also and the witness felt calm but knew not to run or draw attention to himself as he backed out. Both encounters conveyed a Dogman having sites on something else, easier? possibly tastier? Love a Dogman encounter – thanks for sharing. Great PC as always.

    • Tracy L

      In answer to the Frank’s supposition that there are no other species who hunt in groups like Sasquatch, there are several species who hunt the same. This includes the Wild African dogs, lions, and humans. Humans just no longer need to get food in this manner anymore, however archeological history shows that we once hunted exactly like Sasquatch- in groups with some pacing the prey and funneling it into the net of ambushes. Further, as far as Sasquatch not being supernatural and merely flesh and blood, there is just too much credible evidence proving the contrary. But remember that we

      • Tracy L

        Humans possess both flesh and blood an paranormal capabilities like ESP, premonition, ability to see spirits or interdimensional beings, etc. Maybe not all humans have honed these abilities or possess them, but many do. Apparently, Sasquatch do too. If humans can be both, why can’t Sasquatch, especially since their minds are not befuddled by the constant static from electronics, overcrowded conditions, cars, etc.

    • Tracey B

      I built a standard medium 7 string it ends at about 62 mm forgot what the first fret was. I used a bone nut blank to make it six strings. And just evenly spaced the strings across the width. It did play very nice , like flying first class if you got fat fingers.

  16. Tracy L

    Humans possess both flesh and blood an paranormal capabilities like ESP, premonition, ability to see spirits or interdimensional beings, etc. Maybe not all humans have honed these abilities or possess them, but many do. Apparently, Sasquatch do too. If humans can be both, why can’t Sasquatch, especially since their minds are not befuddled by the constant static from electronics, overcrowded conditions, cars, etc.

  17. Janice K

    The first story was way too close to home for me even though Morgan Monroe counties are a few hours east of me. Been there and hiked there a couple of times years ago, long before I learned that sasquatch is real.

  18. Mai M

    dear Wes can I make a sigh for this app please, like so many others there are times when I binge listen to old episodes and I want to skip the intro of each episode. this is made very difficult Bec when I try to scroll the position of the recording the entire page moves while I’m trying to move the dot on the timeline. is there something you can do ? perhaps distance the positions of the time at and the other items around it? as I’m getting older my hand and fingers are not so acute. I’d appig you could consider this. many thanks for everything you do.

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