Apr 18

SC EP:944 – Skamania County Sheriff’s Office Missing Person

Tony Merkel writes “The owner of the van we found in Washington a couple weeks ago while shooting our next film with Wes is officially missing. Any information should be directed to the sheriff’s office.”

Here is a picture of the van from episode 944

The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office Facebook is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing subject identified as 45 year-old John T. Guffrey. Guffery is listed as missing out of Baltimore, Maryland, and was last seen east of Sunset Falls Campground within Skamania County, Washington. If anyone has information on this subject, please contact the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office.”

16 Responses to “SC EP:944 – Skamania County Sheriff’s Office Missing Person”

  1. Steven B

    How sad. I thought of “Missing 411” when his foot wear was found and he wasn’t. This was often reported in the cases that David Paulides has written about.

  2. Colleen B

    Wes, great meeting you at The Shape of Shadows premiere. I was one of the last people you talked to as Tony said you all needed to wrap it up. You’re a very kind person; one big check off my bucket list meeting you. My life has chanced so much over the years for the better since I started listening to your podcast; the first one I ever listened to and the first I became a member of. Thanks for all your hard work; definitely has changed my husband and my life for the better.

  3. Janetta V

    Very sad. Felt sick about it, when I heard Tony say they found his shoes separated from each other, like as if he ran out of them, trying to get away from something. If people would stop doing these type of things we maybe wouldn’t have so many 411 cases.

  4. Nom S

    Thanks for posting the follow-up, Wes. I was wondering what had happened to the van owner.

    I’ve been resistant to linking Sasquatch to the Missing 411 phenomena, but I have to admit, the close proximity to where you had your harrowing encounter and where this guy left his shoes and van behind forces me to take seriously that you have some very territorial Bigfoot that are willing to go way beyond scare tactics.

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