Apr 18

KBRO: Eye Shine Captured

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Did one of our researchers capture a peeping Bigfoot? During our recent Spring Expedition we did 3 tree knocks late at night on a wooded trail within a highly active Bigfoot area in NE Kentucky.

Immediately afterwards, our researcher saw what appeared to be eyeshine peeping out from behind a tree about 6-7 feet up. The researcher quickly focused her night vision on the area and began recording and managed to capture 2 more instances of what appears to be something looking out from behind the tree. Both were in quick succession.

The researcher continued to record for a further two minutes but the peeper did not return. What do you think… let us know in the comments!

The date and time listed in the video is inaccurate. The actual recording date was 04/13/2023.”

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