Jan 27

We almost hit it

A listener writes “My husband and I had an encounter in Oregon a couple of years ago up above Maupin Oregon on what we call the Criterian.

This is after you pass through Maupin on the way to Madras on 197. There aren’t any homes in that area but there are cattle grazing. The area is mostly tall yellow grass. We were coming home from Klamath Falls pulling a car trailer with Uhaul truck with the big square side windows that come down almost to the seat. It was about 11:00 at night.

As we were traveling down the road going fairly slow because of the heavy load. A creature stepped up from the gully on the passengers side of the truck. It was a golden color reminded me of the color of a golden Cocker Spaniel. It was very tall maybe 7ft.

We almost hit it. It was so close to my window that I pulled my feet and legs up as an automatic reaction anticipating the impact. My husband swerved and we missed it, but I was face to face with it as we passed. I saw it’s face it was human like but much bigger features. This is the craziest part. It smiled at me. My husband and I both saw it and described him or her exactly the same.”

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  1. Charles R

    But, But, I heard Cliff yesterday in his interview with Doug and Alex Hajicek state they do not smile, they only grimace. I, however, think they can have most of the expressions as we do. Many close encounter witnesses have stated their expressions. Heck, my dog will smile when I scratch his head. I do wonder how we have these sightings when they almost get hit. Do they, in some cases, get so focused on their objective, they fail to pay attention to danger? Even going slow a vehicle is going to make enough noise, especially pulling a U haul, that it should be heard.

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