Dec 2

SC EP:908 The Coon Hunter And The Devil

Happy Holidays! Tonight I will be speaking to Joe. Joe is from central Texas and 34 years ago he was hunting and came upon a creature with red eyes. Joe said “I thought I ran into the devil.”

We will also be speaking to Ben. Ben had an encounter in New Hampshire. Ben said “I thought it was a guy dressed all in black but he was big and he had this ridiculously long arms.





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50 Responses to “SC EP:908 The Coon Hunter And The Devil”

  1. Dovie D

    The one that walked to my window when I was 11 years old had red glowing eyes. I thought it was satan. The eyes glowed red. It dropped down and looked right at me through the window. Joe I hear you. Scary. Being alone out there at night in the woods. I think the prayer saved your life.

  2. Maria G

    @Linda B I checked to see if this week’s episode was up and rechecked about a minute later…and I was already late to the start, my excuse is I was watching the Texas Killing Fields does that count? haha . I’m looking forward to hearing tonight’s guests especially the one from NH which borders me in Maine. I know they are here and I know they’re in Massachusetts also. Hope all y’all are doing well. love from Maine. p.s. Thanks Wes

  3. richard r

    thanks Wes, for once somebody prayed when they saw one or at least remembered lol. im glad you heard his story. he did seem glad to tell someone. now he can at least know thousands of people sympathyze with him.

  4. Josephine L

    Thank you Wes and to both of your guests for sharing their encounters with us. Both showed great courage & I truly hope this helps them feel a sense of relief. Once again, you are blessing to people who find you. Wishing everyone a happy Friday & restful weekend until Sunday❣🥰

  5. Virginia S

    I really enjoyed the show tonite, especially Ben… as I live in Massachusetts also. His answer on what he thinks Sasquatch is lines up alot like mine. I knew there were sightings here but mainly the far western part of the state near the Berkshire Mountains however Ben’s encounter seemed to be more towards the middle (far northern) part of Mass. I live in South Eastern Mass on the coast and have always wondered if there have been sightings closer to hear. I’ve read the several in the Bridgewater Triangle which is not very far from me and I’m right beside Myles Standish State Forest…so I guess you never know. As you said Wes…we’re tight lipped hear in New England 🤣
    Thanks for another great show!

    • Venzulo

      Ben’s encounter was in the far northern part of central MA known as New Hampshire 🙂
      Also, there does appear to be some activity in your neck of the woods Virginia, according to the BMP, and even some on Cape Cod which I was very surprised to see:

  6. Jay Carlsen

    JOE ! It was the Prayer that saved you ! ( As these things React to the Name of Jesus ! )
    I have made the Feeling of Dread & Terror stop , and go away ! By saying the Lord’s Prayer that I remembered from Sunday School.
    …….. 1996 – 97 ? I heard the Mumbling Voices from the darkness of the Forest parked on a seasonal Road in the Huron / Manistee National Forest one night after drinking too much at a Bonfire by Tippy Damn. I pulled my truck down this Season Road maybe a mile and parked my truck so I could sleep some of the Beer I had been Drinking.
    As soon as I shut my truck off and set the seat as far back as it would go, But I couldn’t fall asleep , because I kept hearing these Mumbling Voices coming from the Shadows of the Forest ! I couldn’t tell what the Mumbling Voices were saying , but I was sure it was about me pulling up in my Truck. I explained it away as Cityiots who were saving the $ 7.00 Primitive Camp Site Fee ? So I sat up in my Truck and turned on my Headlights ! – then the Bright’s ! And I reached down and turned on the after Market Market Fog Lights I had installed on my Truck and I lit up that Whole Forest ! And there was No Camp Site , or People , or Vehicles , or a Smoldering Fire,
    No Gear ? And when I drove away I yelled out my window the directions to the Camp Ground on the other side of the River. And I drove 5 miles down the road and found another 2 Track That I pulled over on for a few Hours.
    2013 I was riding my Snowmobile when the Children were at School , and I was going down this Season Road and came up on the same spot where I heard the Mumbling Voices in the Shadows that night. And I stopped the snowmobile and smoked a Cigarette and wondered WHERE Anyone would have been able to pitch a Campsite ? All the Trees were too Large not to have been there all those years ago and everything was too Close to be able to pitch a Tent in the first place ! I was Stumped.
    This was before I heard any Samurai Chatter or anything and I was at a loss to explain it. Until one Day I was speaking with an old Northwestern Michigan Coon Hunter when I got an answer at what I experienced. He Said when He heard the Mumbling Voices His Dogs would quit Tracking and they would all try to walk between His Legs !?! And that was it for the Night – He had ran into these Mumbling Voices before , and after He heard them His dogs would quit Hunting ! And He knew that it was time to find another spot to run His Dogs. Because they acted so crazy – like the Dogs did not want to be there ! He said it was Bigfoot ( But then He said that He didn’t say they were Bigfoot ) ( Wink ! )
    If it has a Sloping Forehead and a Mid Tarsal Break across the center of it’s Feet ? Then it is a Sasquatch Person. ( No matter what they Name it )

  7. Mark R

    Jay, my experiences have happened in the Manistee southwest of Big Rapids. I know Tippy Dam well! I have never heard voices but I had a jackpine snapped and pushed as toward me as it could (the pines were planted in a grid pattern in the 1930’s so they can only fall in certain directions) and I’ve been pelted with unopened jackpine cones in that same area. From my research cones from jackpine don’t fall until they have opened and none of these were opened. In all my experiences I have said a prayer and headed back home. No need to whack a hornet nest.

    • m99

      I second that! Good Job Wes. I hope your recent upgrade to the sound system helps you not to have to work so hard. That’s supposed to be the end game of tech, but often we’re trying to tweak and make it better. Hope that’s all done. The episode was wonderful. Thanks to Joe and Ben. Happy Holidays everyone! ❄

  8. Darin H

    Great show Wes, thanks! Both of these guys sounded very truthful to me. If I had been in Joe’s situation I would have been terrified. I believe the Holy Spirit led him to pray in that situation, and Joe wisely listened and obeyed, quite possibly saving his life.

  9. Bradford L

    Great episode Wes! I absolutely love Joe’s accent and voice. Our country has such a rich variety of regional vernacular and a true identity through the sound of our voices. I love your work, compadre.

  10. Steve J

    Hmmm, 🤔 I’d like to hear more about the red eye thing. I think that he indicated that the eyes were glowing. Not eye shine. Two different types here. I had an experience where something like that swam up to me.

  11. Charles R

    I also like what Ben’s assessment of what a Bigfoot is. Although I do think they are either the Gigantopihicus or a direct ancestoral decendent. This would mean that what anthropoligist suggest the Giganto is that is a very large oragutan based off of some jaw fragments and teeth that are human like is off base. Instead they are a branch of the closer to human hominid branch which has ranged from small homo floresiensis (less than 4 feet) and all in between including homo sapiens, up to the the very tall and huge Gigantopihicus.

  12. Matt R

    Holy cow, I HAVE to go in the show to talk about this. “Ben” from NH is literally talking about my old front yard at one point. This is also where I had my experiences. VERY vocal clan of sasquatch there, major builders, bird-pretenders, the whole bit. I can fill in a WHOLE bunch of blanks about that place, and sasquatch is just the tip of the iceberg. Ghosts, constant UFO activity, you name it. That place is a paranormal homeland.

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