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    • Amie S

      Man…hearing Kerry talk to Wes I am heart broken all over again. Realizing again what we’ve lost. What a honorable person Kerry was and maybe he was just to beautiful for this world.
      The Sasquatch Community has good reason to mourn.
      It helps to think of Kerry smiling upon us, now having all the answers.

  1. Linda B

    Wes, I love what you have written “Legends never die”. Kerry will be sorely missed. My prayers go out to his family.
    We all, as online friends, are better people for having had him in our lives.

  2. Daren c

    Many prayers to the Arnold Family , losing a loved one is extremely hard , so much more so when it is so unexpected. If there will be financial support needed , a link to the fundraising account would be great. If we all chip in even a small amount could help lift the burden of funeral costs, which are unfortunately very expensive. God Bless the Arnold family and help them during this very hurtful time.

  3. Traci B

    Thank You for this beautiful tribute to truly a nice man! Never thought I would feel so heartbroken over someone I never met. But finding his channel about 3 yrs ago or so I was hooked. Finally, a man and his channel with such integrity, interesting and funny. Watching him every week and being involved in chat brought a lot of nice people in my life, He will be so missed, a hole in many lives. I pray for peace and comfort for his family and friends now. Sorry for the loss of your friend Wes and mine.

  4. Brandon W

    I remember Carey talking about loved ones he had lost back to back and how it affected him and thats why he spent alot of time hunting, well, it comforts me to know he is reunited with those loved ones on the other side.

  5. Linda B

    Love the song. Loved the Billy the Kid episode, Wes. Husband Steve met Chris Christofferson aboard ship when he was Navy. Love Willie and Johnny. Jesus is our free ticket to the most beautiful ride were going to get and we get to see each other again and for some us it will be the first time we meet…Blessings, everyone.

  6. Monica T

    Thank you, beautiful words & music so fitting as we all are incredibly sad. Supporting and encouraging, one another with words is powerful. Difficult to hear Kerry, but we know he would want us to be wiser, a “Knower” and he sure put his heart & soul into Bigfoot Odyssey and we all benefited- will miss his voice but SC will get us through – Creator continue to watch over us

  7. theresa m

    Oh, Wes. I am so sad to learn of Kerry Arnold’s passing. Ugly crying! Too soon. I am sorry for your loss, all of ours. Have listened to his late night show many times with Daniela when I couldn’t sleep. I remember the first time I heard him tell about his encounter … truly detailed and I felt for him. A reminder we have now and need to make it count. Thinking of his wife, Miss Linda, the kids … great sadness … Your closing song is one my husband’s and my favorites when we listen to the Highwaymen … RIP Kerry!

  8. Paula J

    Oh Lord hold Kerry up in your sweet arms. Thank you Wes, I knew you would do your best for Kerry. Thank you. Still having a hard time processing the loss. Rest in peace Kerry.

  9. Cynthia H

    I was shocked and heartbroken to hear of Kerry’s passing. I pray for Linda and his family and assure them that he made such a difference for so many people RIP Kerry. You now know what Sasquatch are. May God hold you and keep you ????

  10. Diane C

    Rest in peace Kerry. This is so sad. My deepest sympathy to Linda and his family. I’ll miss his voice, his stories, his humor. Such a devastating blow to our community and his family. ????

    • F S

      “Do not stand at my grave and weep,
      I am not there, I do not sleep.
      I am in a thousand winds that blow,
      I am the softly falling snow.
      I am the gentle showers of rain,
      I am the fields of ripening grain.
      I am in the morning hush,
      I am in the graceful rush
      Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
      I am the starshine of the night.
      I am in the flowers that bloom,
      I am in a quiet room.
      I am in the birds that sing,
      I am in each lovely thing.
      Do not stand at my grave and cry,
      I am not there. I do not die.“
      – Unknown

  11. Stephen C

    Damn right wes you couldn’t have said it any better. The world could use a few Kerry Arnold’s in it . Prayers especially for Linda and family. God’s speed to the bigguy with the even bigger heart.- folks hug and kiss your loved ones and never take it for granted

  12. Ryan W

    My heart aches….I am absolutely gutted for Miss Linda and the boys. Kerry was such a “larger than life” and “too good for this world” type of person. He was a beaming light of warmth, acceptance, and openness in a subject that is traumatic for so many. He truly touched so many lives – given how stunned and saddened we are, I cannot fathom how his family is feeling during this devastating news. I pray that his quest for answers and truth is continued on by those he trusted. I pray supernatural comfort and perfect peace for his wife, children, and loved ones. He finally has all the answers straight from Heaven. God bless the entire Arnold family and Bigfoot Odyssey family.

    And Wes, the same qualities everyone speaks so highly of in Kerry are also within YOU. The mutual respect and adoration you and Kerry have for each other was obvious from the very beginning. Thank you for honoring him in this way. I hope you are hanging in there as best you can. We all love you dearly.

  13. Nathan E

    Hey there, Wes. I understand how you feel, having to have bid a few friends goodbye in the past few years. It’s always a heartache, even as we hope & pray that one day we’ll be united again. Kerry was a good man and he’ll always be remembered that way.

  14. Melissa K

    I have been listening to SC since the beginning and remember when Kerry was on the first time.
    Anyone know that episode? I would like to listen again to when he first talked to Wes
    I loved his movies of going and talking to witnesses
    Just sad and heartbreaking to lose such a kind soul so unexpectedly, prayers to all ????

  15. Debbie S

    Thank you Wes….you hit it out of the park just like I knew you would. It still seems surreal. I only got to talk to Kerry one time but I’ll never forget how it was like talking to an old friend. And I think you said it right….Kerry had no clue how many lives he affected or what he meant to so many people. He will be sorely missed and absolutely never forgotten. Great big hugs to you Wes.

  16. Todd W

    Man I didn’t even know Kerry personally an I’m angry ,sad an speechless , I can’t even imagine what his family is going through , God bless his family an friends, what a fuckin blow

  17. Jeff C

    I guess if there is any a person who even without meeting him could make you feel like he’s a friend, Mr Arnold was that man. this hurts and it really sucks. God bless him and his family

  18. Rodney P

    Great song at the end,why does the lord have to take the good people that have so much more to live for in life,what Kerry was doing had such an impact on people’s lives in a positive way. It makes no sense why the lord took him this early. Prayers sent to his wife Linda and the rest of the Arnold family. “AND WE ARE LIVE” Kerry Arnold.

  19. Gary L

    Rest peacefully Kerry Armold. You were a truly great part of this community. You will be missed. I wish I could have met you. Maybe in the afterlife we will bump into each other.

  20. Mario G

    I don’t comment very often, however this time I am. I’m gonna miss hearing Kerry on the odyssey. From my family to his, our condolences and God bless. Rest In Peace my friend and maybe now you know what they are!!!! Thank you ???? Wes.

  21. Shana K

    Whaat?? I can’t believe it, this is so sad. . I’m just now hearing about it and so shocked seeing as I just listened to the latest Bigfoot Odyssey less than a week ago.. My heart goes out to the Arnold Family, as to you Wes, and all who will be missing Kerry. He was who this world needs more of.

  22. Dovie D

    My husband and I are sending our condolences to you Wes and especially his family. So sad. I had not heard about the loss until this evening. Thank you Wes for the introduction tonight. Very thought provoking and kind.

  23. Gretchen W

    Wes, I’m fairly new to SC and I had never heard Kerry’s encounter before. He sounds like he was a good man. I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend. I recently lost someone I loved on Monday and it also was abrupt. I pray for God’s comfort to you and Kerry’s family.

  24. David S

    Thank you for the wonderful tribute to Kerry Arnold
    It was a really good remembrance and he would be happy to hear had he still been with us, blessings and prayers to Linda and his family in these hard days ahead. ????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Joseph G

    RIP Kerry, the Lord called you home. It’s hard for everyone else, but may your soul find true peace and happiness, may our Lord comfort your family till you meet again. Thanks for letting us know Wes, may the Lord bless you as well brother.

  26. Melissa P

    Wes, I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope that all your memories of him will eventually help you to heal over your broken heart. The loss of someone so full of life just doesn’t seem fair. My deepest condolences go out to you, Linda, and their boys. I loved your beautiful tribute to your brother. Love you Chief.
    Lost but never forget.
    Hugs and l

  27. Bryan G

    How did this good man pass? always like Kerry. God bless you and I hope there is place for you in the after life that makes you happy. whenever people say they never find tracks is because they use the trees so much more than we think. being large creatures i understand the trees need to be thick but in the south the trees aren’t as large but neither are the bigfoot. In the north west or in dense rainforest the bigfoot are quite larger and with the massive evergreens it allows them to use the trees to travel. As humans were always looking at the ground so trying Observing the trees as well.

    Thanks for all the knowledge Wes and Kerry. 2 admirable men.

  28. Melissa P

    Wes, I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope that all your memories of him will eventually help you to heal over your broken heart. The loss of someone so full of life just doesn’t seem fair. My deepest condolences go out to you, Linda, and their boys. I loved your beautiful tribute to your00 brother. Love you Chief.
    Lost but never forget.
    Hugs, and peace, and much love

  29. Paul S

    My condolences to Kerry’s family. May God help them navigate through these difficult times. Though I never had the privilege of speaking with Kerry I did have the privilege of listening to him on his podcast many times. He was a special man who touched many deeply . Hearing of his passing has brought great sadness to all who were blessed with hearing his voice and those who knew him. Rest In Peace Kerry . The world lost a great man.

  30. Seamus J. C

    I see Kerry died in a car crash, a relatively young man, with kids, dammit . Driving is the most dangerous thing most of us will ever do. What I appreciate about Kerry’s narration of his encounter is his attention to detail, drawing a picture for the listener, quite vivid. I appreciate that. I never watched BFO, but my condolences to all who feel this loss, and prayers for the man’s family & close friends.

  31. Charles R

    What a great tribute to your friend Wes. And my condolences to his family and yourself and all that knew and treasured Kerry Arnold.
    What is so remarkable about Kerry’s sighting is his realization that they had always been there. And that those strange noises he heard so many times that were out of place, were the Sasquatch obviously keeping tabs on him. I wonder how many myriad of long time hunters that say I have never seen one and they do not exist, should just search their hunting memory bank on strange noises and activities around them that occured. Thank you for this Kerry.

    • Carla S

      Thank you, Wes, for this heartfelt tribute to Kerry. My heart is breaking and I pray that Linda and family will find comfort from their loving memories of Kerry. Kerry touched many lives with his graciousness and pursuit of the truth. He was a great man.

  32. Deanna L

    I’ve finally reached the current episode after listening to them from the beginning and now feel I can comment.
    This episode was truly heartbreaking especially with the beautiful tribute.
    He is not mourned as he is in a wonderful place (I personally believe).
    But it is the ones left behind- friends and family that hurt the most. He is not there with them and that is such a deep pain.
    I do wish everyone who is hurting, comfort- in whatever way they need the most.
    What a moving tribute, Wes.

  33. Leona L

    I’m just shocked hearing about Kerry Arnold. He wasn’t very old. I’m wondering what happened & if he got the jab. So heartbreaking for his family & those that worked for him. And of course the rest of us who listened & watched him. May God watch over his family & bring them peace! He will be missed! RIP

  34. Tommy

    I have said it more then once: KERRY WAS A ‘HULK ‘ OF A MAN. IT TOOK A BODY THAT LARGE TO CARRY A HEART THAT BIG. Kerry, ” if you come back as a Sasquatch, take it easy on us okay? You completely know now the little bit that we know about the Creatures that we share this planet with, God bless you Big Man.

  35. Jason R

    Kerry seemed like a great dude by all appearances. The only other show in this space I ever took the time to listen to outside of Wes, always a grade A gentleman to his guests, passionate and genuine about the topic. So sad and sudden. I’m sorry for your loss too Wes. RIP big guy, hope you’ve gotten the answers you sought where you’re at now.

  36. Issac A

    R.I.P. Kerry . Thanks for being a good friend and for all the work that you did throughout the years .it was great knowing you . till we meet again brother ????????❤️

  37. richard r

    we will all see each other some sonny day, i know, i lost my brither a couple weeks ago. i never saw him but just talked to him on the phone ,just like kerry ,i think about his voice and thats how i remember him.

  38. Ron S

    When people post content regularly you can definitely develop a connection with them like family and get a good sense of who they are, even when they may not know you exist, which seems odd in some ways but nonetheless still feels real. Kerry definately was family to me and many of us, such a rock for the bigfoot community. If there was anyone who you couldn’t question that had an encounter it was him. I do have a couple theories as to why he had his encounter as I’ve seen how interactions can go and how vindictive and short tempered these beings can be…..I believe it was because he did the burning of the brush for turkeys and unknowingly caused fear in them or altered their habitat in a way that disrupted their normal routine. Rest in peace Kerry and hope to someday meet you and all my Sasquatch family further up the trail if not sooner.

  39. pam

    A true southern gentleman, and in Dr. Bildernagle’s scientific opinion- he listened to ALL and heard them – even more importantly.
    The music you played killed me, to the core. I neve cr. A consequence fof ptsd from my life experiences , I was told. Even when l my son was murdered, my grandkids injured in terrible car accident, I couldn’t get a tear to come.
    But, this tribute and music just about did it.
    Thanks for this Wes. God bless his family with love and peace.

  40. Bryan H

    Breathe taking, thanks Wes, but it is you my friend who is the most humble hero I’ve ever meet. The face of sasquatch is truly you. Without you this topic would have never gotten to where it is today, and the people who have had a voice us because of you. It truly sucks to loose good people. But remember the sun will always set and rise, it waits for no one. Keep up the good work my friend

  41. Kelly S

    I recall the first time I heard Kerry’s encounter being struck by his wonderfully vivid (& equally terrifying) descriptions & charming southern drawl.

    My jaw literally dropped when I read the news of his passing. RIP

    Sincerest condolences to his family, friends & to all who loved him.

  42. Scott R

    Rest In Peace Kerry, thank you for the countless hours of pure joy and entertainment. I can’t believe you are gone and I can’t imagine the pain and loss your family is enduring. May God Rest Your Soul, and may your family find the strength to pick up the pieces and honor your legacy.

  43. Alan Y

    Wes, Thank You for doing this show in honor of Kerry. I was friends with Kerry and got to know him and volunteer to be a member of his team very very early on.Kerry was always so busy, it was tough to talk with him after his show took off understandably. Kerry would send me pic or video captures and I would try to enhance them for him. Kerry would always return my ” How’s it going emails. He was a good guy.So thank you again Wes for your episode honoring Kerry

  44. Stanley M

    Never heard this one before. Out of all the episodes I’ve listened to I have no question that this was 100% legit. Nothing not a single word in that story was made up or embellished. What a stand up guy. His sincerity made it feel like YOU were the one hunting Turkeys that day. RIP brother

  45. Lisa C

    My thoughts & prayers go out to Linda and family with sincere condolences may God Bless you and keep you in this time of need…. And remember only the good die young:) And you will see him on the other side when it’s time…God Bless you and Kerry on :):)

  46. Sherry R

    He and Linda certainly did tough a lot of lives and he will certainly be missed by a lot of people. He touched a lot of lives by stepping out and telling his story. My husband is one of those, “Ive been hunting all of my life and why haven’t I seen one?”. I made him sit and listen to Kerry’s video of his sighting just so he might be prepared and know what to do and not do if he does ever encounter one. I’m a researcher also and I advise everyone to listen to his story. Continue to pray for Linda , his kids and all those who love him and appreciate all he did. Thank you Wes for this!!! We appreciate you and all you do to!!1

  47. Scott G

    I was just listening to Bigfoot Odyssey at work all day today and had no idea this happened just broke my heart! This man and his family freely gave to people to help them through their encounters and was always so kind and Generous my heart goes out to his wife and their family truly sad day.????????????????

  48. Gumshoguy

    This year has been crazy. I seen lot of my familiar Michigan friends had already paid their respects. Wow! What a shock and gut punch! If you have never spoken with Kerry, he was just one of the kindest most down to earth salt of the earth individuals you could ever meet with an almost magnetic eclectic persona that draws one toward him. He was the cornerstone of “Bigfoot Odyssey,” just a cool dude. I’m very saddened to learn this and I know the world lost a good person to a better place. ~ Val

  49. Fran S

    I just recently found out about Kerry’s passing. My heart is sad. Kerry was a great man and a very kind soul. He will be missed. My condolences to his family. God bless his family and I pray for peace and comfort. ????❤???? Ty Wes.

  50. Nancy A

    What a lovely tribute for your friend Wes. I am just catching up with a few episodes. I download them to my table for when I go camping. It is so nice to see how you have evolved over the years into a really wonderful listener and more receptive to other phenomena connected with the Sasquatch. Blessings on your friend Kerry’s continuing soul journey.
    I lost a younger brother to cancer two years ago. It is a sorrowful thing to go through.

  51. Stephen S

    Everything about the episode from your heart felt intro Wes to listening to such a genuine person like Kerry was incredible. My prayers go out to Kerry’s family a true legend .

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