Sep 15

What Is Bigfoot? Town Hall (1992)

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Town Hall was a show airing on KATU Channel 2 out of Portland, Oregon. This episode features Dr. Grover Krantz and wildlife biologist Jim Hewkin along with skeptics Michael Dennett and Caleb Burns. This particular episode is from 1992.”

3 Responses to “What Is Bigfoot? Town Hall (1992)”

  1. Charles R

    One thing about most of those skeptics back then. They did no actual research and consider every one who claimed they sighted one and their accompaning stories as either mid identification or out right lies and exagerations, and a good many of these types still exist. They are under the impression that a giant forest human type specie just can not exist. I call them skeptards and not worthy of spending one moment listening to.

  2. Jeff S

    Love Dr. Grover Krantz, one of the first to put his reputation, income, and the ability to work in universities on the line by seriously study these creatures.

    Also, I remember when this originally aired and enjoyed watching it then. All good stuff.

    Rest In Peace Dr. Krantz!

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