Aug 14

SC EP:880 Damn Dirty Yahoo’s

I will be chatting with Kent, Kent writes ““I had a encounter in Kimbolton Ohio in 2005. I was in 5th grade and we were living at our deer camp while our house was being built in north canton Ohio.

We had 127 acres of nothing but woods and 3 smaller fields. Me and my brother always were outside, we didn’t have cable or internet or anything like that. All we did was explore, ride our 4 wheelers, build forts usual country kid stuff. We have a smaller creek that ran through our property and we used to catch craw dads in the creek. It wasn’t very deep but we we got a lot of rain it would be about 3 feet deep. One day I was going to the creek to continue building this badass fort. It was just me and my dog angel. You had to go over this hill to get to the creek and you couldn’t see the creek till your crest the hill. As I crest the hill I seen what I thought was a bear… till angel barked at it. I grabbed her collar to keep her from trying to get it. It stood up then turned around.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was a female (I could see her breasts… they were the first breasts I ever seen lol). She was about 6’6 350lbs , she had reddish brown hair. Her face looked very human she had was covered in hair except around her face and not to much hair cover her chest.

Her face was kinda flat, almond shaped eyes, her arms hung down by her knees. When she stood up and turned around we locked eyes for what felt like a hour. At first I was about to shit my pants but when we were looking at each other The fear kinda faded away. I’m not sure why the fear went away but she smiled. Then she turned around jumped over the creek and ran up this steep hill grabbing trees to hoist her way up. I couldn’t believe what I seen, I told my brothers and parents who both laughed and said it was my imagination.”



I will also be speaking to Dennis and Dennis writes “I have been trying to figure out if I need to email you or not. I’m not really good at this email stuff. I have listened to all your episodes, except the members only ones. I’m not a member yet. Your an awesome guy you take time to listen to everyone. You have done a great job with your podcast.

Ok hear I go.Episode 830 talked about a man from Okeechobee Fla who had a encounter in fort drum , and on the prairie. Then I listened to episode 873 which was about I think I shot a man. I’m from Okeechobee FL.My brother had a encounter on our home place growing up. Wes I shot one there were it’s not far from the prairie. I was with my step brother when I did. I’m shaking writing you this email. I also have a couple pictures of some from were my step brother has hunting land least down there. Episode 873 said you never know who else may have shot one and needs to come forward. This happened back in the 80s.If you would like to talk you can email me back.”






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69 Responses to “SC EP:880 Damn Dirty Yahoo’s”

  1. Lee N

    Thanks Wes,
    Hope everyone had as great a family weekend as I did. Loads of Grandson time! Looking forward to relaxing and listening to the show.
    Have a great week everyone!

  2. m99

    Good Episode Wes. Thanks. Hope you got your sytudio completely done and you won’t have to worry about the mechanics of it all. You do a really wonderful job, week in and week out. Thanks again Wesipoo. ????

  3. Chad W

    Two great guests tonight, with compelling encounters. Thank you, Kent and Dennis. I often follow along with Google Maps (and other map apps) as the encounter locations are described. I noticed tonight that Dennis’ brother’s Hunt and Fish camp is shown on Google Maps between Hwys 98 and 70 near the Kissimmee River. It looks like an awesome place to check out ..

  4. RJ G

    Who shoots without knowing exactly what they are looking at? Especially a humanoid looking figure. This is why democrats want to seize our guns.

  5. Pete M

    There was another white Sasquatch video that had 3-4 teens around a bonfire. It was in Oklahoma near a River. They were throwing Molotov cocktails into the fire. During one explosion it lit up the night a white one had snuck up and was watching them from behind an old couch. It stood up and hauled ass. But it wasn’t a close up face shot like the one in Pennsylvania. Maybe he got the two videos mixed up. Thanks for sharing guys!

  6. Jeremiah S

    That was absolutely so good Wes! A phenomenal job well done by you and your guests Kent and Dennis. Friday night’s and Sunday night’s show was awesome. I can tell you felt pretty good about it too because its not often I hear you say have an awesome week. It’s been an awesome weekend Big Guy.

  7. Josephine L

    Oh dang…cam got that picture on my birthday… Thank you & your guests for sharing their experiences, Wes! I’m always lovin’ the episodes. Wishing everyone a great upcoming week until next time❣

  8. Shana K

    It’s pretty cool to see the name of my home town in the blog description. Hey Kent,,fellow
    and lifetime N.C. resident here,,can’t wait to hear your story. Thanks Wes♡

  9. Janetta V

    Kill them all, I always say. Dennis, you did a great job telling about the encounter you two had. Good episode both guests, and thank you Wes, you really are a therapist.

  10. richard r

    we all know how hard it is to get blood out of clothes, thats because it mixes with material on the molecular level instead of staying on the surface. so why no evidence? thats because your shooting a ghost. or a wendigo. that can change its shape. if we could only know what they were thinking, they would be laughing at us because we are so dumb to think it was real and some unknown ,undiscovered species.

  11. Michele C

    Aw God Bless Dennis, a salt of the earth kinda guy, told his account with a great deal of expression and sincerity, did a fantastic job on the description which is great for the listener. There are all types of people on this earth that have seen these creatures, from judges to servicemen and hunters to home makers, from all walks of life , these creatures don’t care what kind of social standing you keep. Maybe in years to come we will all have a real life encounter, who knows….

  12. Jeffery E

    Kent – I grew up in Cambridge and used to squirrel hunt in Kimbolton, Ohio all the time (Had a lot of family that lived there). Don’t know if you know where the Revival Barn Church is but my aunt and uncle (Kimble family owned that farm). I never seen anything there but I did have what I think was a potential encounter while at a Boy Scout Camp at Salt Fork one year. My cousin had a siting near Salesville right in front of her car while going to work one morning. Scared her to death.

  13. Ron S

    Interesting show. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but I was wondering about the first encounter when it smiled…Did it show teeth?…If not, did it smirk like a half smile, or was it a closed mouth full smile? Could it just have had such a wide curving mouth that it looked like a smile with it’s head tipped down?…how big were the eyes? Did the colored portion take up most of the eye or was it beady like a humans with lots more white showing? Was the hair straight? Did the face seem out of proportion like a longer upper lip? Were the long arms proportionately long or just longer forearms? I could go on for days with questions ????
    On the 2nd account I’m not sure if I myself agree with the shooting of one as I sit here now…Only a couple of my encounters showed them using intimidation. It wasn’t charging or acting aggressively…But I get it, the story is relatable when remembering what it was like at age 16 with a lot less wisdom and a whole lot more mischief, peer pressure and testosterone…but man, sure would’ve been nice to get that evidence if there was any! I feel like we should have an episode soon discussing what we can gather about the creature from the open-minded side of witnesses, believers and credible accounts….maybe start asking more questions about what the witness had going on in their life at the time around their encounter and how it may have changed them…maybe revisit memorable encounters with the actual witness from the show once again and see if/how it affects them still today or if they have new insights or encounters of any type since. Also, if someone isn’t doing so already we could gain a lot of information from reports if we categorize them by year or take note of any description trends to the creatures physical characteristics on a national or larger scale, such as eye color, unnatural or superhuman abilities, level of aggression, surrounding or corresponding phenomena, creature gender, juvenile or adult, skin color, environment found in etc.
    I’d like to know if a witness comes out with a strange encounter from say 20+ years ago, does it bring about a resurgence of the same descriptions? (Such as, seeing a white one) people don’t seem to see those lately, but it seemed a popular thing not so long ago….just makes me think about all the info out there just blowing around in the wind… ???? The answer my friend ???? …….nevermind.
    Outside of Teddy Roosevelt recounting the trappers story, another thing I personally never hear of is 2 or more people in a group being threatened by Sasquatch and then one of them gets killed or taken and leaves witnesses?….or 2 or more people get wounded but escape? …….doesn’t it seem too weird that every Sasquatch would seem to know when you can pin a crime on it or when you can’t?…that it would know enough about modern society to see that one lone humans account isn’t credible enough to the rest of humanity to start a monster hunt? Makes you think right? Take care everyone ❤

  14. Bill F

    Glad Dennis decided to come on. I hunt that area, have property on that prairie, I know many people round those parts, I have run into these things many times out there. One of the most active areas I have ever seen for these things with little to no exposure outside of the small communities there. If you are reading this Dennis, I will be chatting with your brother there soon. . . just to share information. let him know to expect Bill. Again Thanks for coming forward, you are not alone.

  15. Diane C

    Wes you’re an angel with a microphone. You can’t help it. Another great show. I’ve turned my family on the West coast into SC fans. Thanks to you and your guests, they were excellent.

  16. Evelyn L

    For thousands of years people of a variety of civilizations/people of various belief systems, have spoken of “the veil” that separates this realm from the next. Spiritualists, occult practitioners, people who worship various types of “gods,” tribal people from around the world, know of this veil. Even the New Testament mentions the veil. The veil is what various types of physical entities come through to enter this realm. It appears that portals or doors need to be opened from this side for something to come through. People who preform certain types of rituals open portals. The shedding of innocent blood can sometimes open a portal.
    When the first European settlers came to “the new world” they found remnants of some ancient civilization. Today’s “scientists” say that the natives made these things but the natives of that day insisted that those things had been there when their ancestors had arrived in the area.
    Giant skeletons were uncovered as they settled the land. There are the many giant mounds, miles of stone fence like structures wandered through New England and on into Pennsylvania, stone structures that someone had built. America’s Stonehenge is one example but there were many large rock structures through New England.
    As people moved west they found more strange structures as well as more remains of giant human like skeletons all of which were gathered up and taken to the Smithsonian several years after it was built in Washington DC. Supposedly they intended to return those artifacts. Receipts still exist that were given to museums and private collectors when these things were taken away to be examined by the Smithsonian “experts.” Sadly, the Smithsonian experts lost every last specimen. Anything that does not fit with the story that these people have forced on educational institutions disappears. Those artifacts were collected up by the Smithsonian just a few decades after modernism and Darwinism were brought into the most prestigious higher learning institutions of the west by some of the most powerful people of the west, many of which belonged to the so called “secret societies.” There is a common thread between many of those “secret” societies and that is that they all have some ancient pagan god that they bow to.
    Most of what most modern people know about what is today called “paranormal” is what they have seen in scary movies etc., most of which is far from accurate. The ancient civilizations that worshiped “gods” did not do so just out of tradition as many religious people do today. They did it because their shamans got some results. It usually involved shedding innocent blood.
    There are many different types of entities beyond the veil and those who want in are not good. They are very physical but they come from a realm that functions at a different molecular speed. Sometimes when they first come through a portal they appear different than our physicality. Some take time to manifest. Some can change like shape shifters. The veil was put there as protection but people have made these openings. Many dabblers leave portals open.
    Some have said that as the end of the earth lease approaches that the veil will get thinner and more things from the other side will manifest here and vise-versa. Not really wanting that to happen while I am here.

    • Trey

      That’s my Nephew Kaeson. We were out camping one night listening to SC and he wanted to do an intro into the show. So I recorded him saying, “Hey this is Kaeson from East Tennessee and welcome to Sasquatch Chronicles” he loved it Wes loved it cause he made him an honorary Jedi to take care of the Jawas and my nephew went to school letting everyone listen telling him he’s he was a celebrity now lol. Which he is. Best Nephew on the planet!

  17. craig d

    Dennis shot and murdered a creature for no other reason than it had eyeshine larger than norm. Not confused for a deer just kill it coz it’s there. That’s bad behaviour, 16 or not poaching or not it’s just wrong to kill anything you aren’t sure of it’s identity.
    It’s irresponsible and I’ll say it again, wrong.
    I believe these things aren’t normal but until they are positively identified .. even if and when they are there is no excuse to take somethings life unless it threatened yours.
    I suspect these creatures are in league with higher forces but that’s just a far out theory and in no way justifies killing one.
    Kinda disgusting really, when you think of the story that poor old hunter lived his life racked with guilt after killing one of these creatures ( justifiably) then this yahoo just murders one on sight without any remorse.
    Sad story.

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