Aug 14

“Look at that f**king chimpanzee!”

A listener writes “Hello Wes! I’d like to start with a little back story. I grew up in Perry County Mississippi. Hunting and fishing was just part of life. I love being outdoors and I love firearms.

My 19th birthday was spent in fort Benning Georgia, after completion of OSUT I then attending rasp1 and once graduated from there I was sent to Alpha Company 2/75. My battalion was deployed to syira at the time and so I soon deployed to my unit. Spent several months in country before redeployment back to FT LEWIS. I then take post deployment leave and go back home to Mississippi.

While home My uncle and I go for a ride in the woods that I grew up in. We round the crest of a small hill and then it drops down into a big bottom and up on the side of another hill that had been logged. From our left moving right, there’s a giant THING on all 4s hauling ass across this clear cut. As soon as my uncle sees it he says “look at that f**king chimpanzee”! I yell back it’s a bear! And so he smashes the gas and we speed up and as we do you can see that this thing is putting his from arms in between his rear legs as he runs and his arms are by far the longest part of its body. It was jet black with a cinnamon tint on its back and shoulders. The hair looked to be several inches long all over expect for the back of its arms. It was probably a foot long or so. The hair looked clean and manicured. It shined and glistened in the sun. As it was running we couldn’t see its head. It was almost like it had its head tucked back under it. It goes into the woods and it covered about 700yards in just a few seconds. It covered that distance before we could travel 200yards on the road in a vehicle. We get up to where it crossed at and we start looking for tracks but the road was so hard packed that we couldn’t find anything. We walk out across the clear cut and this thing was running through absolutely nasty terrain. Trees laying on trees and limbs everywhere.

Just a absolute mess and it navigated it like it was almost not evening making contact with the ground. This event changed my uncle and since then I believe he has had other experiences that he won’t share. I spent a total of 6 years outside of Tacoma, Washington. With a total of 3 combat deployments and 4 training rotations to various countries. I had never felt or seen anything that seems “off”. Thanks for the opportunity to share. I’m very open about it and have held top secret security clearances. There is no doubt in my mind if their real or not! I’m a very level headed man with strong morals and common sense. I know what I saw!”

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  1. Rhonda D

    Very interesting sighting.. my sister lives in Tacoma.. she just moved to Yelm.. and has recorded some really powerful yelling vocals several times.. I’m going to visit next month.. maybe I’ll hear or see it too.. take care!

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