Jul 15

SC EP:871 Strange Creature At Grandma’s House

Tonight I will be speaking with Chris. Chris will be sharing with us his families experiences back in the 70’s in Kentucky. Chris said “I don’t think anyone knew what it was, it was large and hairy and walked around like a man but it wasn’t a man.” The Smithsonian Institution makes a surprise appearance in this families encounter.





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81 Responses to “SC EP:871 Strange Creature At Grandma’s House”

  1. Leann G

    Wow , Another fantastic episode Wes! Thanks to you Chris for sharing your family’s experiences. I am struck by how fortunate the family was to be so close knit and get through these encounters together. Very interesting details. It would be awesome if the “field agents from the Smithsonian” came forward. Have a great weekend all!

  2. theresa m

    Wes, Chris … thanks for tonight’s show. It was refreshing to hear a well told experience that was not awful. It seems the beings at your grandmother’s home were just trying to live in their environment and Wes, you were correct about their wanting to stay there because they had water, food and places to sleep. Your grandmother lived during a time when people were able to let strangers hang around to research vs. today when people are just more feral in their behavior and it’s hard to trust. Have a great weekend everyone.

  3. Linda B

    Thank goodness it’s SC time. In the death throws and dog days of old people moving! Me! Hehe. Thanks Wes and Chris! From members’ comments, i know this will be a very interesting episode and can’t wait to listen. Thanka so much.

  4. Linda B

    Chris, I would love to know if the tomatoes were plucked from the vine or if the tomato plant was plucked from the ground. As I am listening I am hearing you, Chris, talk about the layer of fat. Amazing.

    • m99

      I thought it was amazing too. I don’t recall hearing about a glob of fat coming from a Sasquatch. I think perhaps it was sleeping and they startled the animal, and it jumped up, waving it’s arms to say, ‘I’m here’. Then it got shot. What a bummer.

  5. Linda B

    Wow. Got my answer. They plucked up the whole tomato plant. Something was doing that at my mom’s early May. Mom thought it could be a large rodent as she is in the country. I thought you would see a track or other evidence. Since we’ve had a couple wood knocks out there, I think I was right.

  6. Stacey C

    There are many many many ppl that have been abducted and probed, Travis Walton is a perfect example, discount their stories and you do them all an injustice… For many years ppl were kook’s for believing in Sasquatch… You can’t believe they exist and then roll your eyes because they’ve been “probed”…… Itherwise goid show!!!!

    • Christopher S

      Very much doubt the Walton story is true. Traumatic events typically result in serious worldview changes. When Walton said he agreed with US military torture, because he could “take it” on an alien ship, warning signals went off. I get no sense from the man that he has a greater humanity (as in we are all human) worldview that grew from an experience of being abducted by aliens. he talks more like a movie “tough guy”. I would have thought that his humanity would be front and center if his encounter was true. Same as I would expect someone who sees a sasquatch to seriously rethink the world in which we live. But, I have never seen a sasquatch or been abducted and probed by aliens – so, what do I know.

  7. Denise F

    I have never been more happy to say, “TGIF” ????????????
    Have a marvelous monster weekend! ????????????
    Ty Wes, we always are happy for new episodes to settle down to.

  8. Chad W

    Loved hearing your remembrances Chris! It’s fascinating that your family’s experiences were so well-known in that area, and then the magazine article happened!

  9. richard r

    being so close to one so that you could see its nipples ,sheesh, thats too close for comfort. i sit by a window on my pc reading this at night and keep the shades closed. i dont want to turn my head and see one of these things staring at me through the window is why. lol
    thanks Wes for your hard work to bring us thee shows every week.

  10. Johanna V

    Thank you for the great show, Wes. And thank you, Chris for sharing you and your family’s story. I was very recently visiting the Smithsonian last month extensively. And I can verify that at the Museum of Natural History there is absolutely no Sas prints, hairs, half-eaten apples, etc. In fact, there is absolutely not even one reference to the existence of any such creature or any evidence. So, not only who were these guys (not from there or any Museum), but where is all the evidence they collected? Also, they, whomever they actually were, had no qualms about opening up to the family about knowledge/theories they had about family units, living in caves and coal mines, and having colonies. In other words, they had no fears or apprehensions that the family had not bought their story hook, line, and sinker. Otherwise, they would have bern way more guarded and never even let them near their car, for example. Fascinating story! Like I said, I wonder who the really were, and where all the stuff they collected ended up. Thanks again, Wes and Chris!

  11. Jeremiah S

    Really great show Wes! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and family history Chris. It was an honor to listen to it. Loved hearing how close knit your family was and you had each other to lean on. Much love Chris and Wes.

  12. Janetta V

    That was a really super show, Wes. So much content. I was just glued to this young man’s story and what he would say next. Just love listening to deep stories like this. Thank you, Chris.

  13. david b

    Thanks Wes. I really appreciate what you are doing! I havent posted in a while because my opinion means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Dont take this the wrong way but I also appreciate the way you are conducting your shows. I really enjoy Bigfoot encounters. What i dont appreciate is how so deep down the rabbit hole some of these other podcasters have gone. I am not taking away from some of the paranormal aspects of Bigfoot, but some of this stuff being relayed is just so far fetched, no one believes it. I think that really hurts our cause in trying to figure out what these things are. Anyway, I really appreciate what you are doing!

  14. Laura M

    Great show. Thank you Chris for sharing your family’s experiences. Your description of your grandmother and her view of liars reminds of my maternal grandmother. Her saying was, “I would trust a thief before I would trust a liar. A thief will steal from you. A liar will steal from you and tell you he didn’t.” May they all rest in peace.

  15. Mason S

    Something that came to mind when the first guy said his uncle blasted a chunk of fat off the creature he shot is that boars (at least where I live) have what we call a gristle shield on the front of their body. Not sure of the exact purpose of it, but generally it is belived to protect them when they fight. It could also act as a reserve fuel tank in lean times. Could these things have such a layer? Sure they are heavily muscled and most likely have very thick skin, but there are many accounts of them acting like bullet-sponges.

  16. DIDIER T

    The Smithsonian is still in the business of sanctioning Sasquatch denial journalism today so i doubt very much it was the Smithsonian and if it was, then it’s not something they officially stand by as yet. Also it’s base is in Washington DC so i suspect there’s alot of ongoing DC cloak and dagger action.

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