Jul 8

SC EP:869 Strange Man In A Ghillie Suit

In 1999 Bo and his father were hunting in South Carolina. Bo said “I was in my tree stand and at first I thought it was a bear but it did not walk like a bear it walked like a man. Than I thought it must be a huge man in a ghillie suit. I watched him take his foot and scratch his calf just like a man would. When it saw me it took off so fast. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was like on a zipline. It was so smooth and fast.”

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48 Responses to “SC EP:869 Strange Man In A Ghillie Suit”

  1. Linda B

    Hi family! Congrats Brian! Isn’t it fun being a part of this podcast!!. Wes, thanks for being such an awesome person!! Thanks to your guests as well tonight. Ready to listen. Gee, I think I pulled this off without a typo tonight, a small miracle. God bless everyone and keep cool! We’re having a heatwave in the Midwest!

  2. m99

    Well, Beau, thanks for your excellent description of what you felt and witnessed. Really good descriptions. I don’t recall ever hearing of a Sasquatch being seen hunting like that. And I’m glad you didn’t shoot. You’re right. It coulda been on you in a flash. Thanks again Beau!

  3. Linda B

    Loved what Bo said about it being an animal because it hunted like an animal and not like a person. In contrast to that statement, though, very curious that the hair was pulled together to hide the face (a humanlike action) and like Bo said “.aybe more human than ya think”. As to whether some are neat and some are all nasty and gross, I can tell you for sure the reason for that is humidity. Try living in Kansas the past week with the 110 heat index and 98 percent humidity (joking). Feel just like the nasty ones, haha.

  4. Leann G

    Thanks Bo for sharing your encounter. It was incredibly interesting and Hello from the North Carolina 🙂
    Thanks Wes for another great episode. Happy weekend everyone.

  5. Lisa K

    Thanks Wes good show as always! Can you please get more women’s t-shirts in stock I’ve been checking for weeks I want to buy one but it always says out of stocck. Thanks!

  6. Shana K

    That spider crawling would freak me out too! Very unnatural movement for something of that size… Thank you for sharing Bo and stay cool Wes????

  7. Robert E

    Thank you Wes. Its awesome that you keep giving us great content with 869 episodes its just amazing to me! Hope you have a nice weekend. And look forward to the next 900 episodes and hopefully many more ???????? ????

    • Chad W

      Dovie, a couple of months ago, I’d wondered the same thing. I did ctrl-f on the web page linked just below (50x, once for each state). The site provides thumbnail descriptions of each show:


      This was just a quick and dirty approach, and almost definitely not exhaustive, but I got hits for 46 states this way. The only states that got no hits were Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island and Kansas. It kinda seems like I remember an encounter from Kansas, but I couldn’t verify it this way. Many states have many, many encounters, with Washington and Texas leading the way! (By the way, I love geography.)

  8. richard r

    thanks Wes for the new show, every time i hear about one of these things crawling on its belly like a spider brings out the arachnophobia in me ,why in gods name do they do that?

  9. Jay T

    South of North Carolina, Angela. Guessing on sightings, I’d stick to North Carolina. Like to see Wes get the guy on SC that pointed long stick and saying “Get, Get” after bothering his good dog.

  10. Alexandra H

    Absolutely LOVED this guest shout out my lovely you were captivating! I have never hunted before but done a lot of fishing and camping and this gentleman is honestly such an accomplished outdoorsman it is so so captivating to hear his version of events.
    20min he watched with his scope.

    Personally the reason I think we never see these things on trailcams is the fact that they are a glass lens. I think years of “government control measures” aka going in with a team and mowing these poor creatures down has made them terrified of reflective lenses. I reckon many times they bring in rifleman to take them out from a distance for the safety of the soldiers. And I think they know exactly what a lense means. That scope reflection is the only give away. You see it with snipers in war zones all the time. A phobia of a small reflection out of the corner of a veterans eyes.

    Anyway I always go to sleep listening to your podcast I love it’s chill calm but scary vibe. And I am a very vivid lucid dreamer from the age of about 3 I’ve been able to lucid dream. And I had a beautiful dream with this gentleman’s description about a family of sasquatch. Don’t get me wrong I know they kill people, but I think this guest nails it on the head, so do bears.

    If we look at other ape species, the young males get tossed out from the family units, are very very aggressive, dominant and territorial. They are wired that way to find a mate and protect their territory for the next generation. But you find these males calm down as they age. I’ve worked with dogs and advanced training (protection work scent work guide work) for years and you see this in wolf packs too. I think most of these deadly attacks are young males panicking when a hiker or fisherman comes they see them taking fish (probably their main food source given their size and availability of protein rich prey) They either over react territorially or respond to firearms mercilessly as they are aware how the government comes into cull populations. It matches up with the fear of lenses and fear of trail cams. I also think given the fact they have a language they are clever enough to know that even if trail cams don’t mean scopes, they mean that agents with scopes will come in shortly to cull the population. So I believe they remove the cams.

    We have to think of them as human level brains in an animalistic pack like hierarchy. Plus they are primate adjacent, males are notoriously deadly in their teens.

    Do I think they are humanoid primates, no but that’s for another post.

  11. Parkway

    The Carolinas have great hunters, especially the mountaineer breed.
    There’s lots of red color type in the region, they are stealth and notoriously aggressive.
    Terrific witness.

  12. Janetta V

    Another good show Wes, and thank you Bo. One reason I would not have shot it, is to not give away my position, since it had no idea where he was at that point, and the rifle may have not been big enough, but just to make it mad.

  13. Michael J

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    Conference price is great $100 for 4 days, awesome. You really can’t beat that.
    Rooms run a bit pricy for a hick town , 1 person $125 for a 2 star.

    Hopefully I can swing it, never been to a conference but I am super interested. Anyway for anyone curious here is some info that may help you.

    God Bless you all, even the liberals. Hopefully we can all come together united on the other side of this attempt to the Great Reset. I pthink the Great Awakening will be the winner here, truth will cut through their lies.

  14. Sue L

    Hey BFF (BigFootFamily) Great show, I was bothered by the fact that after 20 min he never saw a face, (I do believe him) but I don’t recall another encounter like this, there are a lot where they only see shadows but this is scary, you would think that would impair its vision, as fast as it moves….I understand guys in gilly suits, they move slow…

  15. Ron S

    100% truth and take it for it’s worth. Of the 4 creatures I’ve seen so far that fit into a Sasquatch category, and the only one I’ve seen in the wide open on a road at night looked like what this guy described. Here’s your visual…You take the old Marvel character “Thing” (the older images where it’s pictured as having an unusually small head) and put a tight guile suit on it and long dreads on the forearms. From the back it was just really wide and almost flat going across the top with barely a bump or rise where the head should be so the head must’ve been mounted more on the front. When you see a person wearing a guile or even an ape suit they look frumpy and their limbs start looking fat and stubby with no definition and not like what I saw. Unfortunately for me this thing had something near the crook of it’s right arm that gave off a really bright 1” circular propane colored blue light, and seeing as It was directly to my left as I passed, I’ve concluded there wasn’t enough light on it to be eye shine. It also had different mechanics as it walked with the legs seemingly more in front of it and flat footed, a little more like someone sitting upright on a bike pedaling.
    I feel pretty confident the only way you could’ve faked what I saw that night is with CGI or a type of realistic visual hologram …otherwise it was something non-human.
    Sadly, with the glutinous rush to push technology it won’t be long until we don’t know what’s real or what isn’t anymore, so accounts like these are important, especially now…before the skeptics have more excuses to doubt these occurrences.

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