Jun 26

SC EP:866 A Little Gravel In Your Travel

Tonight I will be speaking with Roslyn who is from Georgia. She will be discussing her encounter near her home. I will also be speaking to Evan. In the fall of 2013, Evan was driving north on I-49 in South Louisiana.


Preview Of Evans Encounter


Here is the video I was talking about during the show: Surveillance Video Sheraton Hotel Lobby






SC EP:866 A Little Gravel In Your Travel






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85 Responses to “SC EP:866 A Little Gravel In Your Travel”

    • travis r

      Wes now i hope you see this i love it wen you go so called off topic .may be to were it does not bother you hearing the few bitch you could post in an extra Tab like dude`s overtime in a way name it what you will ye know like Above and beyond or The wild side , Reality bites,And now theses more fun fer you and me .. Then not no one can gripe and you do not get irritated by it LOL …Oh yea i miss the Conspiracy corner with Duke you to have great chemistry. it take a year fer the result to come in ill bet you will get more subsciber to and loss a few idiots but only a few that are bitchers any how In life keep it simple do not let silly people troll n bother you {pride} and be informal and your self peace love and may the good lord Jesus guide ye Man ! Thanks Travis ps i would like to just on a call tell you some encouraging words but typing this is as good as it get fer now friend .PARDON MY GRIMMUR GRAMMUR SKILLS AS I AM JUST A LOLLEEY TECH

  1. Ann Y

    Hi Fam!

    PS….it’s PTSD awareness month. Wes,ever think of having a counselor or psychologist on that is open-minded to Sasquatch on to talk about PTSD?

      • Jeremiah S

        Hey Alexandra how are you doing? It’s been a minute since I last seen you. I hope you and your family are doing alright. Sending all my best across the way to the U.K.

        • Alexandra H

          Thanks my lovely. My daughter finally passed in March after a horrible year battling cancer she was ready to go and I’m so happy she is no longer suffering but I miss her so much. I see her often and hear her and know she is having a wonderful time in heaven but I just wish I could hold her. But we are continuing her legacy supporting other cancer families and kids with chronic illness and extra struggles.

          We are getting the house finished enjoying our little 3 year old boy my little hero. And expecting our new little one in October. Very excited. X

          • william g

            God bless,you’re only temporarily seperated and when you meet her again there will be no blemish!

  2. Linda B

    Here, we gk!!!! Happy Sunday night listening SC Fam!! Thanks, Wes!!! Wonderful shows, just love em. Have a good weekend everybody, and thank you guest(s) for letting us hear of your encounters.

  3. Linda B

    Cracked me up when our guest tonight mentioned the beef jerky sasquatch, just sayin , so cute. Love this precious lady. She sounded so scared when she talked about the roar, poor thing. Glad she could get this story out to you and all of us, Wes. Hope she feels a little better. The 411 stuff is very scary. Really appreciate her take on what she believes bjgfoot is, I have the feeling they are abominations too. Re regeneration, reminds me of the road crossing SC episode where the bigfoot was carrying the rabbit disappeared when he was about to be hit by the witness’s vehicle. A flash of light, did that bigfoot regenerate?

    • F S

      Miss Roslyn:
      You are 100% correct as to what these things are. They are ABOMINATIONS.
      I personally don’t know if the things that created them were celestial or alien – or if they are both or neither – but they should have never been created.

        • F S

          Thank you for the book referral. I just received a copy.
          It would be great to have two more tabs on the SC site:
          * “Reference Material”, which could include referrals to books, YT videos, and other podcasts, like “Strange Familiars” and “The Confessionals”.
          * “Pictures, Audio, and Video Evidence Submitted to SC”, so we would have one place to access all of the images submitted by all the guests – even if access were just available to SC Members.
          Just a suggestion.
          As for what these things are – Wes – I concur with you as to their origin and why they are so much more than an “undiscovered ape”.
          We are living in evil times.
          God bless.

  4. theresa m

    Wes, another fabulous show. Loved listening to your guests. Roslyn, I hope that you get some relief from sharing your stories. Evan, if you ask them to show themselves or acknowledge that they ‘UFOs’ are there, they will show themselves. Happened to me, my husband and two life-long friends. We have been looking at the summer skies for over 40 years, each summer. We have seen some interesting things up there. The Sheraton Hotel lobby surveillance shows how pasty white the MIB’s skin is. I saw that before and with the story to back it up … pretty scary. No facial hair! No blinking! They sound non-human trying to pass as human and they don’t have it down yet.

    • Jeremiah S

      Thank you David, I knew it couldn’t be just me. Your only the second person I know of to mention that. Every time I heard it I thought “Really? Come on you got to be kidding me. That can’t be no accident.” I tried to squeeze an answer out of Wes, but no reply. Who knows he might be saying “that’s ah butt!”

    • Dovie D

      Yes hot hot in the willamette valley in Oregon where I live. At least it’s not 116-117 again as it was last year. It scorched my garden last year. Happy Sunday

  5. Jeremiah S

    Miss Roslyn! I hope your out there listening. You made my night! I’m so proud of you for stepping up to share with us your hard to talk about account. Your brave and I know you ain’t got no back down in you! Just listening to you talk felt like a home cooked meal. I love your roots cause I know them roots. There ain’t nothing like living down the road from a Hog Farm and that sweet breeze hits you in the face knocking you out! Boy I show don’t miss those days, but I can’t forget them either.
    Just lettin you know you got Russell County in your corner, Chattahoochee Valley. If you need something, I’ll do the best I can. I’m just around the way.

  6. Cristina J

    I loved the intro!!! I haven’t been that excited to see a movie in a very long time and Maverick was worth the wait! I saw Elvis last night and it was amazing to. I’m a huge fan. Are u going to see it Wes? Just so u know I can’t wait for Sasquatch Chronicles. I never really paid attention to UFO’s before but you have me looking into the topic and I’m hoping you will do more episodes on aliens, ufos when u launch that. Love the show Wes. Hope all is well

  7. Ron S

    After having multiple sightings of Sasquatch, strange sounds and impressions in my favorite fishing area, the one that leaves me scratching my head the most is when I walked to the rivers edge in the dark one morning with a flashlight and my fishing gear…I found a decent spot to start just down from the “good spot” and waited for the first bit of morning light. I didn’t cast as it was too dark so see the brush in front of me and I didn’t want to get my line snagged and scare off all the trout..at the first moment it barely started to get light but yet still too dark to throw a line, footsteps approached through the woods…20-30 yards upstream at the rivers edge I could see it was a man with no fishing gear or light, wearing jet black aviator sunglasses…I watched him for a couple minutes and it got just a little lighter out where I eventually could see he had a blue mechanic jacket and his black hair slicked back like a 50s greaser. He looked Native or similar and the whole time he had gazed side to side up and down the bank several times…I was in camo hat and jacket and stood slowly from my crouched position next to a fallen tree, it was a lower elevation on the bank and I didn’t want to startle him (I carry and I didn’t know if he did also)… he spotted me right away in the dim light immediately as I started to move. I gave a friendly wave, climbed the slight embankment and walked toward him as he moved toward me with no wave, expression or not even a response when I said hello, and we passed each other by. I decided to fish where he just stood as it was the best spot and I didn’t want to lose it if more people were to show up or if he was going back for his gear. As soon as I stood in his tracks where he was scanning I got the “smell” for just a couple seconds…death/garbage/porta-poddi and a sweet musk…I smelled it once before while grouse hunting a walking trail in a bizarre case where you could literally lean in and out of the stink and either smell it very strong or not at all….when I smelled it the second time where Mr. “I walk through thick woods, ferns and fallen trees in the dark while wearing sunglasses was”, It put me on high alert. I’m usually pretty in tune with instinct and feelings but something tells me this wasn’t normal whatsoever. I thought I’d throw this nugget of info out there in case it validates something for someone….Looking back I laugh at myself for first seeing the guy and wondering what brand of sunglasses let you see in the dark???? and wanting some…but so far I haven’t found any.
    Since then my fiancé and I even saw an African American guy (which is rare here) riding a motorized dirt bike on the paved walkway we take our dog on…I swear he turned into a white guy at about 10 feet away…my fiancé and I looked at each other in disbelief as we both saw the same thing and we were wide awake, in a good mood, stone cold sober and it was a beautifully lit morning…luckily we brought it up to each other immediately or we may have independantly just brushed it off as shadows or something. Haven’t seen either guy or a even a dirtbike on the path before or since that day. This is such a weird world…I really don’t know if I want the whole truth or not some days lol.
    Thank you to Evan and all the guests for being brave and not afraid to tell those accounts that make people think something is wrong with you. The Truth is the truth even in a pill too bitter for most to swallow…It’s the only way we’ll ever get anywhere with all of this????????

  8. Laura K

    Classic. Loved it. and the video inserts. My mother in law passed 6/26/2022(4th and last mom I will lose) so I didn’t listen ’til 6/27/2022. Once again I need the distraction of your show to take the bite out of loss. Thanks, Wes, and guests.

  9. Mark R

    Thanks Rosalyn. Your story resonates with me. I haven’t seen one, but I did hear a long Lion roar at 3 AM in Folsom, CA. on the American River. My daughter & her friend had a scary encounter in No. Ogden, UT. I started reading everything I could on the internet that I could hoping I would see one, but listening to interviews like your’s on Wes’s show convinced me that I don’t want that experience anymore.

  10. richard r

    stranger program tonight. man this women sounds really scared. i wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. she could be anybody’s mom, thats what makes it so difficult for me to listen too. i wish it didn’t ever happen to her.

    The men in black could be faked but i really want to believe it. but i cant help but think of the movie with Will Smith and the other dude. lol.

  11. Evelyn L

    When my mom and I witnessed a UFO, quite a while ago, there had been several sightings in the area for the past couple of weeks and the local newspaper had reported on it. So we went outside one night and sat on the front porch to investigate. We had been out there for about 20 minutes when we saw some strange lights in the sky not very far away. It was a saucer shaped aircraft. It was approaching from the east, headed west, and was positioned over a house that was across the street and about three houses down. That is an estimate. It was a small town neighborhood. The craft was absolutely silent. I knew nothing about UFOs at the time except that people claimed they were from some galaxy far, far away. As the craft approached I jokingly stood up and left the porch and began waving. As I did the craft stopped. It stood there in the sky. There was a very strong sense that there was something intelligent inside observing us. My mother got freaked and so did I. She said that we should get inside. As I got back on the porch the craft again began moving and headed south. The next day there was an article stating that someone in the town south of us had seen a UFO at around the same time that we had seen it.
    We did not report our sighting. The most significant thing that happened was that eerie feeling of being observed while the craft stood still across the street from us. It was creepy. I had a sense that they were angry that I had tried to communicate with it but at the same time it was obviously not trying to hide from us either. Maybe it was considering communicating back.
    The craft was not exceptionally large as far as we could tell. There were lights that were on it but they did not flash as airplane lights do. They seemed to cycle around the craft if I remember properly.
    I still wonder to this day what would have happened if we had stayed out there and communicated with whatever was inside. Really do not want to find out.
    Sightings continued for a few more weeks but then stopped and there have been no more there as far as I know.

  12. Tracy L

    The men in black that the female worker described who came into the hotel asking weird questions about the man who saw the UFOs sound EXACTLY like, to a tee, the Tall White aliens who are the subject of Charles Hall’s book series Millenial Hospitality. He worked with the Tall Whites at the Groom Lake proving grounds where he took weather measurements out in the middle of the desert north of Nellis AFB in what is now known as Area 51.

  13. Clifford G

    Roslyns experience and take on Sasquatch is really interesting because I get the feeling she’s not far off. Especially considering where she mentions about them regenerating. This specific thing is highlighted in The Miller Documents which I took time out to read because of something that happened to me and a friend years earlier in a state park not far from where the dead Sasquatch were being investigated by Miller. My friends encounter was around the time a couple made a 911 call which is actually on YouTube. From what I recall, that very incident is what supposedly prompted the Rick Dyer situation

  14. Linda S

    She is right on. They are abominations. Hybrids created by fallen angels whose sole intention is to corrupt Gods creation and be worshipped like a god. History proves this answer. People keep looking for the answer but it’s been given biblically, historically and naturally. We live in a spiritual and physical world. Animal. Human. Fallen angel. Same with aliens. The revealing of aliens is nothing more than fallen angel deception on the world and another attempt to be worshipped like a god. I think the government knows this as well. In fact one person wrote that the government knows they are fallen angel created and were told by these entities that they are going to try and overthrow God again. Like the beginning. Another failure on their part. However, our government system will be complicit and judged.

    • Carol W

      Great show, Wes! Poor Roslyn, she has such courage you can hear it. I agree with her about what they might be, and as Linda S said. The Bible kind of lays it all out, even to the point of saying they will try to overcome GOD again. Without looking it up, I think the wording is that there were giants in those days, “and after that”. Which would be after the flood and down into our times. The MIB are so creepy too! Even on the bleary security footage it comes across. Great song at the end, perfect! Love this show!

  15. Elizabeth D

    I nominate Roslyn as one of your best of the year. dang, that girl knows how to tell a story. I also like that you might include a woman story teller from a different background than most callers. love you bunches, Wes❤️

  16. Dawn G

    OK so I’ve said this before, but not here to other people. Our ex President Harry Truman made a pact with aliens his either great granddaughter, or granddaughter will even admit that he had some kind of agreement with the grays. I will also add that if you do your homework like we all do on this subject, there are women that say that they have had pregnancies that only last for months and then the baby is gone there’s one particular woman that said that she has been taken, and the aliens show her her children, they have big blue eyes. So the fact that there’s these men that come in posing as humans well they are probably hybrids meaning half alien half human and I believe that they work for our government. it just makes sense you know you can talk yourself out of all of it but at the end of the day we all have our senses that tell us wrong and right. Jiminy cricket. It’s sitting on our shoulder and telling us that this stuff is real. Now if you believe in what Mike Paterson is doing, without a doubt believe that he’s in contact with the Sasquatch then, if you watch one of his YouTube channels, he will tell you that he asked the big foot about these things. Roughly end, very simply, and even they say it’s our own people. Doing it to us. I will say it scares me a lot and I am a believer in God and so I still have to guard myself even listening to Mike, even though I don’t think he’s a fraud and he seems nice enough. But evil comes in many forms, and it will trick you to think that it means no harm or it tries to gradually make its way into your life. I’m not saying that that’s what it is with Mike and his Sasquatch but we should all be a little on guard about all of it. Sorry this was so long.

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