Jun 3

SC EP:859 I Thought They Were People

A listener writes “My name is Michael, I am a retired 67 year old man. One night I got to my favorite camping spot..it was accessible to my old truck and just far enough off the paved road to be unnoticeable to passerby.



I would park in middle of this circular clearing in the foothills. The area was Heavily wooded with very thick brush surrounding on all sides. .I would lay out in the bed of the truck- no camper shell, I had a mattress and cozy bedding in the bed of the truck with a great night sky overhead; the warm summer nights were beautiful for this.

This night I was in the bed and ready to crash out under the stars when I heard sounds coming from an adjacent ridge less than a mile away….voices, possibly several at once. They were yelling and shouting noises coming through the night and I initially thought it was people partying under the moon, just having a boisterous evening.

Then things changed really quickly. I heard such bizarre screams from that direction, nothing like Anything I’d ever heard, I sat up in bed with these unreal sounds that I had no comparison to – getting closer to my truck by the second- literally. Brush and trees were snapping and crunching, obviously under the weight of something real big and moving ridiculously fast. It was coming right at me, directly through an area of impossible thick under growth and mature forest. Not on any trail or road just crashing thru the brush and trees like a bulldozer..

And then it was right at my truck, and I’m hearing this ungodly screaming. It was so loud I felt it’s voice in my body…it was chattering too in some guttural voice between screams and yells.
And I could smell it in the air I was breathing while cowering under my sleeping bag.. awful smell, skunk- old urine- dead animal- rotting smell..acrid and nauseating ..

I remember being so terrified I got under my sleeping bag and curled into a fetal ball, fearing this thing would hear my pounding heart and rip me to pieces. At one point I’m sure it vaulted right over me as I lay in the back of truck- trying to be still and silent under that sleeping bag. It Jumped Right over the top of me in the bed of that Chevy pickup.

I heard the air move and the ground shake momentarily when it came down. I was freaking out by this time and just came up outta the shelter of the bed and looked in the direction of what I was hearing. I was ready to run or fight or just get eaten. I was unarmed and 100 vulnerable and was too frightened to give a rats ass..
It was leaving..I saw I dark shadow only as the Thing was running straight out of the clearing into the tree/brush line and barrel ass into the brush, making its own pathway out of clearing by way of sheer velocity and size. There was a lot of moonlight so the glimpse I did get was adequate for me to know that I was seeing SOMETHING. It was big and dark- and gone as quickly as it arrived.”








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71 Responses to “SC EP:859 I Thought They Were People”

  1. Linda B

    Hi guys!!! Happy Friday!!!!! Wes, you are amazing and we sure appreciate you!! Thanks to you too Michael and thanks for sharing your encounter! 🙂

  2. richard r

    like the way this guy combined evrything together like that with ufos ghost and sasquatch. ive grot my own “grand unified theory” about all this too, sasquatch may be just a way for something else wanting to communicate with us higher up ,like their ambassador. and what they are telling us to put it short is they want all of us to get the hell away from them. or worse they dont want us here period. they are not wanting to offering any peace treaty’s. only reason they dont blow us all away is like i said before, theres a barrier put between us set there by god that we cant cross. ok i sound like a nut too now i hope this guy reads this because hes not the only one whos piecing this all together. thanks Wes your shows akways get my juices going. keep up all the hard work.

    • Connie F

      To get more insight on what is interacting with us and why start reading/ listening to all of retired Sargent Clifford Stones interviews and his testimony at The Disclosure Project. His interviews with Emery Smith are on Gaia. He had ET experiences as a child and was recruited at age 16 by the Army to work UFO crash retrieval. He was able to telepathically communicate with “greys” and helped one escape from a military base. Emery Smith is also a government insider who said Bigfoot has been here for a very long time, they work with/ for other races gathering samples of plant and animal life. Per Emery “They can tele transport at will. They are very large animals, I don’t consider them to be human, but they have a consciousness and a job to do.” Emery has only seen dead ones in the underground base where he worked on undisclosed projects. Emery calls them the most self sufficient ET race, he knows of.

    • Jeremiah S

      Hey Richard, I haven’t even listened to this episode yet and already agree with the general point your making. No, I don’t think you sound like a nut. If people do, I’m with you!

  3. Doug K

    YEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your encounters and your insight Mike! Thanks to Wes for taking the time to bring us these great guests!!!!



  4. Chad W

    Mike is one of the most compelling guests I’ve heard, particularly in his interest in synthesizing all of these mysteries into one knowable answer. Great episode! And “White Star” was the perfect song with which to end tonight’s outstanding show.

  5. TROY W

    Thanks Michael, that Sasquatch encounter would terrify anyone. Something moving that fast at night through the woods is just mind blowing. Your the greatest Wes” thank you

  6. Ann Y

    Mike is a sweet soul.
    Wes,ever think of having a psychologist on to talk about PTSD and facing ridicule and how some ignore what they’ve seen or never bring it up ever again or how the mind makes excuses for things it sees.?

    Also, how about a whole episode on dogs reactions and senses? We love our dogs❤️.

  7. schlad

    Excellent show, thanks Wes, what a fascinating guy, I feel for him, I realise that just as most people don’t look up they also don’t look far beyond their day to day concerns, tha hamster wheel as he called it, no reason to..doesn’t pay the bills. Some of us need to look deeper and further, our lives/hobbies aren’t enough, and to me seem like a waste of such incredible creatures that humans potentially are. I feel that for a very small minority it is more important to realise our True potential as infinitely diverse, creative spirits than to just settle for being born, surviving and then dying, the middle bit could actually be amazing. I believe that people like us are the next step in human evolution, I even have a name for us, ‘homo-supramental’ , a human that only manifests using the highest ideals. I can’t wait till there’s enough of us to change this nonsense and start evolving again and creating a World that honours what we are Truly capable of, Loving, giving and creating, as opposed to hating, taking and destroying. I think Humanity needs to grow the ‘f’ up! Hahaha can’t wait..

  8. DeAnn A

    Mike If you every need an ear to listen to it all, I’m usually available in the evenings, CDT. just call my cell, if I get prank callers I will just change the number

  9. Sam M

    That ‘black triangle‘ has been reported in many paranormal experiences for a Very long time and I’m starting to think that it isn’t an alien spaceship

  10. Clifford F

    Hey nWes,

    This episode is one for a best of show! Mike was very articulate and thorough. Loved it!

    Don’t ever stop producing these shows I need them for my own sanity. Actually your show is about the only thing I listen to for entertainment and enlightenment.

    Cliff Falen

  11. Zuzanna P

    I’ve seen a very odd aircraft hovering like 50 meters high and it did not make a sound. There were weird orange-red lights pulsing. Those would face out and glow back again. I even did a picture, but obviously it’s a light blob lol. It could be that my then Sony Xperia P was just terrrible with pictures. There was some edge between the lights barely visible and it remainded me a triangle. Like, a pitch black triangle with lights on the edges, which were barely visible.

    That’s way too few to speak about it to someone, but here ya go!

  12. Curt N

    Great guest! I have also gradually come to lean toward a “unified theory of the paranormal”. I’m no physicist, but in retrospect it seems much more feasible that”aliens” visit us from a different dimension rather than a different solar system.

  13. Adam M

    Crazy I wonder what part of la he grew up in.
    I was born and raised in LA I’m over got a place in the high desert with space. Love it the freedoms space and sunsets

  14. cynthia s

    Great show, Michael is so believable. I have experienced the same ridicule from my immediate family when I share my beliefs about Sasquatch and UFO’s. I have one brother who is a believer as well and we are both laughed at when the subject comes up. I have received several Sasquatch gag gifts. I don’t care I just tell them that someday the truth will come out and I will be vindicated. I think the ridicule is a fear response. They don’t want to believe cryptids or an alien presence is real because it shatters their safe view of reality. I can’t blame them, I guess it can be scary. But to me I find it intriguing. The unknown is frightening if you are threatened by it. I’m not. If Sasquatch were a danger to humans, there wouldn’t be eye witnesses alive to recall their experiences. If the alien presence was a direct threat to humanity, we would have already been destroyed. I’m not saying that all Sasquatch are friendly, if they are directly related to us and I believe they are, there are probably ones that are violent when angered or just predatory perhaps serial killers, same as with humans. But I believe as a species, the majority of them are non violent and want to remain hidden because we are a threat to them.

  15. Carol W

    Another great guest and encounter! Wes mentioned perhaps having the “DNA doc” (the woman) on as a guest, which I would love to hear. Again I go back to my Bible studies that say the angels came down out of heaven (disobediently I’d say), because they saw the “daughers of men” who were beautiful to them. They engaged in sexual intercourse, and the Bible says the resulting offspring were “giants”. For me it kind of ties in with the lack of male DNA in these creatures, but human female DNA found. We have so many mysteries yet to solve!

  16. Linda G

    Good report Mike! I believe all of what you shared. I’ve never had an experience with BF. But I’ve seen ghosts twice. Almost anything is possible. I’m spiritual — 74 years here.

  17. Mary G

    Awesome story. And I would have reacted the same and been frustrated why no one else was feeling the same way. We have been lied to for millenia and we are slaves to the same race/aliens/demonic entities or whatever you want to call them There is multiple universes and multiple realms and portals all over our planet as well as other planets and all over our galaxy and universe. And if you don’t agree then stay asleep and keep coming back to do it all over again and again until something finally wakes you up. It took the stolen election to wake me up to the lies and all the stories and witnesses to wake me up to the fact that we have parallel worlds and we have been slaves over and over again. This time when I die or leave this world I am not coming back but going forward to a better dimension and will take on that task to be even more enlightened and free. Sounds corny or weird too bad, this is my reality. Just like the silly people who try to be first to comment on this blog, those are the ones who are still asleep and deny everything and point the finger, etc.. Great show Wes, keep them coming.

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