May 13

SC EP:853 It Ran Past Me

Spoke to Brandon and he grew up in Georgia. Brandon talks about an encounter he had when he was 13 years old. This was not the last incident. Brandon was running away from home when he noticed a terrible smell. As he looked up he saw this creature standing by a tree.

Branden said that there was a neighbor yelling and  it got the creatures attention. The creature than ran past Brandon.


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72 Responses to “SC EP:853 It Ran Past Me”

  1. Linda B

    Gotta tell ya, Wes, excellent question and a good answer from Brandon as well, kind of an epic question: What do you think it was getting ready to do right before you saw it? Brandon’s answer: (paraphrased) …getting ready to pounce (on me). My word. Not much out there that would do that but no question it could have.

  2. Pam M

    wonder if the bob and weave movement is the hypnotic effect causing people to freeze either that or when a person locks eye contact with them. scary encounter for sure

  3. Chad W

    Excellent show, thank you Brandon for sharing your experiences. Loved the live version of “Black Lake” at the end of the episode. That bass player is killing it.

  4. James L

    I just wanted to say how much my wife
    & I have enjoyed ???? listening to SC
    over the last few years!!! Thanks Wes
    Because it is so great having a nice dinner and then setting in for yet another great episode!!! Take Care Wes ????

  5. Mike H

    I think it’s very interesting that in Brandon’s first encounter that the creature ran right past him when the neighbor shouted. That tells me just how smart they are for Bigfoot to figure out that Brandon was not a threat and the BB gun wasn’t either. We know they are smart but this puts this big guy on another level, right??

  6. Autumn R

    I live in Georgia, and it’s always awesome to hear of accounts nearby. I know they’re here, my little community has a Booger Holler Road close to my house.

  7. Stacey C

    Good show‼️‼️‼️‼️ I just wish ppl would not risk their dogs, especially if they know they are around!!!!! That poor dog that was found – traumatized for life!!!

  8. Evelyn L

    What does natural mean anymore? We know that human beings can make clones and also genetically engineer everything from vegetables to every kind of mammal. They are genetically engineering pigs that have human DNA so that their hearts can be used for heart transplants into humans. Who knows what they are doing in Russia and China!
    I still believe that these creatures are genetically engineered by the entities that have been flying around in our athmosphere for thousands of years. Maybe some of them are not in direct contact with the “star people” all of the time but they are being put out in our wilderness and near populated areas in increasing numbers for some reason.
    Every ancient civilization has stories of their “gods” that all have some kind of ability to fly in some contraption. Even the Bible tells of celestial beings having “chariots of fire.”
    I think that the creatures are probably mainly physical but genetically engineered for the use of these entities that fly around in our atmosphere. There certainly are more sightings in places where they have never been seen before . Something stranger than usual is going on.

  9. craig d

    I’ve said this before and the more I learn I am convinced these creatures are massing in readiness for the end times. They are Lucifer’s foot soldiers.
    When the time comes they will launch attacks upon us with devastating effect.
    Imagine it, its not going to end well.
    Make your peace with God, ask of him forgiveness and give yourselves to Jesus.
    God Bless you all.

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