May 1

SC EP:850 The Desolate Highway

Tonight I will be speaking to Kyle. Kyle had a very recent encounter in PA. He is a long haul truck driver and had a very strange experience. Here is the full encounter

I will also be speaking to Timothy Renner from the Strange Familiars podcast to discuss his new book The Witch Cloud: The Haunted Bridges of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is available on Amazon and on


At the beginning of the show I played a clip from the Paranormal Portal podcast I was on. Here is the link







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58 Responses to “SC EP:850 The Desolate Highway”

    • Tara C

      Hi Wes a couple of years ago I came across a very interesting radio show with Lori Williams renowned remote viewer where she discusses remote viewing sessions of Sasquatch. From memory there was lots of talk to get through to get to the good stuff but it was very fascinating. I think it’s been since taken down off YouTube but the web link is–cool-finds—pt-1-of-2.html (not sure if it’s part 1 or 2 with Bigfoot).

      Loving your references to remote viewing and Stargate the last few episodes. I’m sure if they know what transpired on Mars a million years ago they know exactly what of Sasquatch,

      Also, great hotdog quote from Brent Thomas who borrowed it from Kevin Malone from the Office.
      “I just want to lie on the beach and eat hotdogs. It’s all I’ve ever wanted”. BEST!!

      Much love from Sydney AU keep up the amazing work.

  1. Giles L

    All of your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed . Thank you for your efforts. I plan to email you soon with my experiences. Thank you again sir.

  2. Daren c

    Little harsh don’t you think? Have you forgotten these aren’t practiced Hollywood actors and story tellers? Seems like it bc your comment SUCKS

  3. theresa m

    Good Monday Afternoon, Wes, Claire, Kyle and Timothy! Kyle, that moment when you had that fear I think is such a pivotal time in your event. Then when you lost cell connection … alone … crushing. Do you think praying for protection might be helpful … going forward? Others have done that and it seemed to help. So glad you came on tonight to share. Timothy, love your show! Claire, your experience is the one I share with folks when they laugh at my belief in Sasquatch. So riveting. Thank you so much, Wes. Great show.

  4. richard r

    thanks Wes ,all worth it. my own town of Tahlequah was mentioned in some past shows which intrigues me a lot. ever since i moved here i have had my house hit by some unknown force like others have and i live on the edge of town not even in some remote area as you would think. never heard of that particular thing about them before till i listened to your show. i realize what it was now. I’ve heard stories from highway workers getting big rocks coming from the sky and hitting the ground next to them. at least they thought they came from the sky out of nowhere. real spooky stuff. when i moved from the old house and bought the one i live in now ,it felt like some one was always staring at you and our door bell rang at 3am in the morning. just a few things that happened here. my mother told me a classical story of her cousin going fishing and while walking back home after dark was followed by something that stopped when he stopped and followed him again when he kept waling ,this was like in the 40’s .its amazing why i never hear about a bigfoot story from anybody in particular they just chalk it up to ghost around here. we do have some meth amphetime producers around here too i heard it was one of the biggest areas in the country which is sad but true.

  5. Kim S

    It seems most people are third eye blind ???? as we have enough people not going by their intuition.. yet again no hope for humanity…pick up your game people’s…. Secret, stop scrolling.. and just be YOURSELF…. Good time to find yourself right now…..

  6. David H

    hey Wes I had question on but off topic is washtenaw county Michigan a hot in your opinion or in anyone opinion that knows the area? I’ve been looking into it around that area and have found a decent amount of witness reports in my opinion. what does anyone else think?

  7. Richard C

    I’m not listening to hear about a haunted bridge but I will definitely Listen to More Billy the kids stories and stuff like that that was awesome Wes but come on man this guy needs to go back to his own podcast talk about his bridge over there maybe get together with Clint Eastwood

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