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  1. m99

    Looking back, I remember seeing red eyes up in the trees. Back in the 80’s when I lived in the woods. I was watching the sky for Mars in Conjunction with Mercury & Venus, plus Haley’s Comet was around then too. Sometimes I’d sit in the dark in the backyard and search the sky with my telescope. We didn’t even have a booger light. Anyway, one night I got up, stood at the window and looked out into the night. What I saw was some distance away in the woods. I assumed it to be the planets. When I went to open the shade I clearly was told (I assumed by the Lord) to Not Open That shade. I was standing in the dark looking through a bamboo shade. I said okay, and went back to bed. It was about 2 or 3am. I often wonder about that night. I clearly say what looked to be a red planet and another red light beside it, because I was expecting to see the planet. Now I think it was a Sasquatch in the trees staring over at my window which was on the second story. I never dreamed these creatures were out there. I did not believe in cryptids, at all.

    Also, Owls were prevalent and drove me nuts. That’d land on my house and hoot hoot hoot! I’d get up and run outside and shout leave you dang owls! And throw rocks at the house. I never saw them. Just heard them. And heard them land and kinda “scoot” on the roof (gabled), then hoot. Trust me. If I had any inkling they were Sasquatch I’d have had my children in bed with me.

    Anyway, good show Wes. Thank you for having Kerry Arnold on. It’s good to hear different perspectives. You guys are amazing. Be well. Be blessed. And oh yeah, Happy Holidays Mr. Arnold & Merry Christmas! ????

    • Melissa P

      Wow m99, thats scary, I I bet thats what He was warning you about. Owls don’t usually perch on houses so maybe you’re right by bringing your kids in bed with you.
      I also grew up in the woods, my father still owns his own mountain. The only strange thing I’ve seen up there was a portal. Is was a large diamond shape with a glowing bright blue/white light coming from the center of it. It stood a good 3-3.5 feet from veritical tip to vertical tip, across was around 1.5 feet, and seemed about 2 feet off of the ground. I knew at once that it was a portal, even though I wasn’t familiar with them at the time. I knew for certain that if I went in I would never come out. So I watched it shimmer for hours and then it was gone. I still wonder what I would have experienced if I had gone into it.

      • m99

        “…my father still owns his own mountain…” Wow. It must’ve been quite the adventure growing up. Well, I didn’t know owls don’t perch on roofs. I thought they did. But, I’ll take your word for it. That deal about the portal is very scary. I wonder about those kinds of things. I think about Alice in Wonderland and similar things, and think, did someone fall through/ or into a portal and come out to tell about it to someone else, who wrote about it? Maybe. Possibly. Anyway, thinks for sharing that Melissa.

      • Charles R

        Wow, that is some sighting Melissa. Those have been seen on the Skinwalker Ranch, at least when the owners in the 1990s had it, maybe also by the Bob Bigelow Nibs crew. One time a Bigfoot type creature came out of this portal. Must be cool as heck to own a whole mountain.

    • Brian L

      I don’t believe that Sasquatch are psychopathic killers…..sure..I think..they occasionally kill humans….but to kill for fun…??? If it was Squatch that killed that family….they left alot of nutrition on a hiking trail.

    • Shelly B

      My in law was a young man and died the same way, seemed suspicious to me. with helicopters and airplanes and everything else they couldn’t find him for a week then suddenly they found him on the side of the road.

  2. Alan Y

    Hey Wes, Glad you got Kerry on so soon after his film hit YouTube. Kerry told me to call him after I watched the film, which I enjoyed like you looked at it. I called him but as you know He’s busy like you are most of the time. I’m glad Kerry was on to explain what his goals were in this film and it all fits together after this interview. Digital cameras unless you spend mega bucks tend to saturate the frames with the most dominant color, that’s why I like to explore images, which are green jungle like mostly with monochrome/ or black and white filters, cuz it brings out much more detail. Same reason you see upper level photographers do award winning pictures in black and white…crazy detail. I emailed Kerry to congratulate him on your interview with him. GREAT JOB! I THINK YOU SND KERRY HAVE THE BEST VOICES FOR PODCASTS AND EPISODES. Same reason was applied when I did Intel although I wasn’t an analyist

  3. Dovie D

    I shared with Wes when I was a child I watched one walk up to my window from the back of our house to my window it took me years of listening I got to Sasquatch chronicles before I realized what it was but I had red eyes. Glowing red eyes. Not shine . I didn’t share it with my family after my mom told me I must have had a bad dream. That shut me down. The go to in my family “that didn’t happen” thanks Wes like always. Love this podcast

  4. Matthew J

    Many cryptid/sasquatch channels these days. They cover many of these topics. No 2 are the same. There are reading accounts, there are witness accounts (my Favorite) and some that study certain hotspots, some show their technique, many shows. Kerry’s own sighting is scary and very interesting. Kerry was a skeptic until he had an up close and personal visit from a real life monster. It had a major affect on him that a lesser man would pretend it never happened.

  5. Benjamin K

    I’m sure I’ll get crap for this, but personally I wasn’t too impressed with the 168hrs documtary. I’m not saying that the “proof” provided wasn’t okay, or that putting the whole thing together wasn’t very tough to do, because I’m sure it was. However, I do think a lot of “imagination” and simple cases of pareidolia were present in the film, but mostly to me it simply didn’t live up to the extreme amount of hype that Mr. Arnold and his channel created around it. Especially after it was released months later that is predicted release date. In all honesty I could listen to Kerry talk all day on THIS podcast, but personally I find him to be a bit snarcky and judgmental, while he’s interviewing guests on his own show. Many of the exact same guests that have been interviewed by Wes, were also interviewed by Kerry and I find Wes’ approach and techniques to be FAR more productive, as it allows a more accurate and un-inpeaded telling of the true account, told by the original witness. Wes’ approach is also free of any public judgment. I mean no disrespect to Kerry or his crew at the end of the day, as I personally find Kerry Arnold’s own Sasquatch encounter to be one of the MOST BELIEVABLE and intriguing encounters EVER told by anyone! Probably second, only to Wes’ encounter, in terms of shear terror. I’m just saying that the particular demeanor that Kerry chooses to use while interviewing guests on his own show, is simply not the style I appreciate as a fan of the subject, Bigfoot witness and paying subscriber, to both Bigfoot Odyssey and Sasquatch Chronicles. Then again, in my opinion, Wes Germer has the best show of its kind in the world, HANDS DOWN. So it’s truly hard to compare any other show to Sasquatch Chronicles! Peace y’all!

    • Esther L

      Although I struggled to see the faces at times, the assistance of Mr. Arnold made it easier. I enjoyed the documentary immensely. It was extremely well put together, flowed perfectly, Mr. Arnold’s voice is very pleasant, and the integrity shown by mot embellishing speaks volumes as to the quality of participants. It was a very cool gathering of some famous names in the biz.
      I didn’t judge it on proof of existence, only on the merits of the production. Outstanding. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Diana O

      I just watched this documentary, and I really liked it! It was good to see a group of researchers come together as a true team. It did not appear that there were any out of control egos or people who were trying to push out their own agenda. I was impressed how the group just wanted to share their own experiences and their expertise. Great job!!

  6. Kadri L

    Well. I don’t know if Kerry needs to be doing all this explaining to defend his movie, and until you’ve made your own you probably should not critique it quite to this extent, but we all are entitled to our opinions I suppose.

    Back to listener stories now, though?

  7. Gabriel H

    Yes, bigfooters haven’t been getting along since day one, going back to the Four Horsemen, etc. It was basically MY idea for a few of these Michigan researchers to go on this expedition with Kerry in FLA, and pushed I for it leading up to the failed mission of 2020 when COVID broke out, and before the loose confederacy of (mostly) Southeast MI people had an official name for the group. There were a few researchers like Bill Sowards, etc. that I informed the first year that would have done well out there.

  8. Evelyn L

    As I recall, when Kerry first started out with the idea of going to Florida to film he was going to just go with Zaskey and maybe one or two other people to get the evidence and settle the matter. Then over time it grew into something entirely different, which is disappointing to me since I have very little interest in researchers for the most part. There are a couple of them that I may listen to occasionally but I will not waste of my time watching people trudge around in the woods or the swamp or anyplace else for that matter.
    I know nothing about Sasquatch except what I have heard on SC and a couple of other places but I do know a little bit about wildlife. If you want to get good photos of wildlife you have to sit and be quiet for quite a while, just like some hunters do. You can’t walk around like a group of tourists with your cameras and tripods talking it up and waving your equipment around and expect to see any wildlife. I realize that these creatures are not normal wildlife but if they are allusive creatures wouldn’t you think that seeing a crowd of, mostly men, walking around in your backyard would cause them to be especially cautious and to stay as far out of sight as possible? Yes, they hide and watch but there are plenty of photos of them hiding and watching that serve no useful purpose.
    My personal opinion (which is worth nothing) is that if more clear video evidence is going to be obtained of the creature it will be by people, like Patterson and Gimlin, who were wandering quietly through the woods…(and I don’t believe any of that massacre BS).
    As for Kerry’s film….I’m sorry but I have never been able to see even a face in the photos that others post and I am one of those that actually believe that the creatures exist! I have watched on my extremely expensive phone, laptop, and televisions but have not seen what people are describing. I suppose that those photos are great for people who know what they are looking at but for most people who have never seen such a thing it is not going to be the least bit convincing.
    Maybe Kerry should leave out the army of researchers if he decides to go back there again. I really think that in this case the numbers work against his goal. The whole thing seems to have blown up into some kind of researchers club rather than the original intent. Like he said: it was like herding cats. Just not productive. Kerry ended up having to spend many days editing many, many hours of video that was not shot properly.
    Some of those people do not seem to have the same vision that Kerry had to start out. Many of them pretty much were off in left field most of the time doing their own thing. Just because a group of people are interested in the same subject does not mean that they have the same goals. Obviously, everything was explained to them but for some reason it did not sink in.
    I hope Kerry will stop letting the desires of those who contributed to this event get to him and take at least a month off from editing. He should not have to give up his family and put stress on his ability to do his real job properly in order to finish this thing. I am sure his family needs him more than the people who want to see Sasquatch.
    I realize that Kerry is not that comfortable in the more wilderness like areas so he can’t just go sit in the swamp and wait for Sasquatch, or some other monster, to come sit down and have a pow wow with him, however, I think that he would get much better results with maybe just two other people who really understand what the program is and will help to accomplish that goal. If he knows just two people like that he just might get the video that will help others to understand what is out there. It might take some patience and some stealth but it could work.

    • Gabriel H

      he DOES have two people: The Zaskeys! BUT his original mission (before COVID caused it to be postponed) was to have even MORE people, I believe. They were supposed to have like three teams of six people go in three shifts of 8 hours each, so video would be going 24/7. The beings were supposed to be restricted to a somewhat small area (landlocked by houses and streams I think?), so he thought they could just run them down to get the footage I think. Maybe not the best approach, but since Squatches are curious primates, acting naturally and talking amongst yourselves sometimes brings them out.

  9. Timothy S

    Hey Wes. Glad you are back. I sure wish you could put out a scary Sasquatch story. I love being scared! I hope if I can get out your way I can buy you a beer. Take care and stay safe buddy. Tim

  10. schlad

    I Really Love his Film, the super polished stuff has no content, I’d prefer real.
    It’s much better than my Bigfoot documentary..Oh yeah I haven’t made one haha
    Thanks guys!

  11. Leah C

    Humility would become them. The only audio they captured is full of other ‘regular’ critters which would leave one to believe that it is NOT Squatch. The red ‘eye shine’ is the only thing that can’t be easily explained. And just because they caught it 8 feet up doesn’t mean whatever is the source of that red is 8 feet high. It could just be in the tree. Any real scientist that deals with empirical evidence would line the trash bin with this. What’s the point of trying to go out there and look for this anyway? That won’t ‘prove’ its existence. By the time it is ‘proven’, it will be too late. I wish people would put this much effort into finding Jesus as they do Squatch.

  12. schlad

    Kerry you did an incredible job, especially when you are doing everything, amazing..Thank you for getting this kind of documentation out there, I Love it.

  13. Shawn W

    Great stuff. Kerry is a great guy and so is Wes. I watched 168 hours and its very good. On a different note I was browsing podcasts and ran into a show called bigfoot odyssey. The opening of the show is the 911 call from the man who’s dog was killed. I listened for about 10 minutes and its a clone of this great show. Very disrespectful. The guy rips off Wes and Kerry with the show name then the opening is very similar to this show. I have my own podcast with friends and our intent is to raise awareness as well as inform people but we don’t use anyone else’s blueprint. It’s therapy for ne. Im no researcher but I’ve seen this being and I want to know what the hell it is and why we are blatantly lied to. At any rate if you come across bigfoot odyssey skip it.

    • Melissa P

      Thats Duke’s show. Her its the ones thats one the first episodes of Sasquatch Chronicles. He is also the ones that had talked to the police officer that explained the encounter with the elder gent that called 911. I love how protective you are about Wes!!

  14. Hasting W

    As a paid member I expect content that I’m paying for…not this crap or any other last minute thrown together episode.. Just saying..oh everyone deserves a vacation but when someone is paying for content u gotta still provide content..

  15. Melissa P

    I have to totally disagree with your post. I meant no disrespect. Wes puts so much into each episode. I’ve been a paying member for a long time and i appreciate the hard work that he puts into every show. You are definitely entitled to your opinion, just knew he doesnt just throw a show together in the last minutes. Please at least show him some respect.

  16. Jack N

    I was really waiting to see this but as soon as Zaskey’s name was mentioned i turned it off! As far as I’m concerned he’s a fake and is known in the Sasquatch community as a fake sorry folks but thats my opinion.

    • Wes

      Zaskey has been very difficult to get along with in the past but I have heard he has mellowed out over the years. I do not believe he is fake. Mark is very aware when he is in the woods and he is a really good tracker I have seen it first hand. His level of passion for this subject is unlike most researchers…but I do not think he is fake.

  17. John A

    to the 186 team and Arnold, I feel you done a good job editing the show but as a long time follower of field researchers I think I can speak for most to say you need to film yourselves hunting them thru the woods, recording more encounters even if they’re simply faint ones. The audience doesn’t want to watch people talk about them or narrate old stories.
    As for Zaskey, I believe he’s definitely encountered the beast many times but I’m suspicious of his circled pictures as they never seem to match a scale, their heads are several times the size of 18in trees next to them or there’s no room for their body’s to fit there space in many cases. I see this with many other people’s recordings as well from paradolia type claims.

  18. Meesha F

    Kerry says at the beginning he’s not a researcher and not trying to film proof for people but just to tell stories so idk why everyone is getting upset because he did what he said he was gonna do.. Kerry is humble and is good people and I know Wes is too.. and as far as the “Wes and Woody” encounter being unreal.. if it was made up.. so what? who hasn’t lied on at least 1 resume? it’s peer pressure.. he still created the best platform for real encounters and people who had no where or no one else to talk to and did it for us so take it easy with the critiques.. none of us probably couldn’t do much better js

  19. Sebastian A

    Would be bigfoot researchers fumbling around the woods of South Florida in summer experience clear symptoms of dehydration….must be sasquatch infrasound and mind control. Stellar logical deduction and adherence to the scientific method. Absurd. Special kind of delusional is required to be a sasquatch researcher.

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