Oct 24

SC EP:803 Sierra Sasquatch

I will be speaking to Jaime Avalos and he writes “In June of 2006 I would see something that has forced me to question who we are and where we fit in the web of life. If you told me prior to this event that I would be scanning the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in search of something that science says does not exist, I would of just laughed at you.

Now I spend many hours in the wilderness alone, without a gun, food, use of lights or many other creature comforts. Through the years I have thought about the best way to be able to have sustained contact with these indigenous people as well as creating a formula that would help me locate them throughout the seasons. A measureable, repeatable, predictable formula that would work anywhere. A scientific approach. The resulting data has been promising.”


Some of you might remember Jaime from Monster Quests.



I am still working on posting all of the information Jamie sent me. Check out Jaime’s YouTube channel



To look at his Anatomy of a Track video the link is below









Also check out: Sierra Sasquatch Tracking a Legend on Amazon














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70 Responses to “SC EP:803 Sierra Sasquatch”

  1. Denise F

    Wes, after Friday’s show I thought…. ‘ Lord, Wes (that would be the way I said it)…. you know we are getting old if we are tripping at the gas station’ ????
    In all seriousness, get better soon and take care of yourself. Thanks much

  2. Reid D

    Hey Wes? Hope your shoulder turns out better than mine did when I fell about 3 yrs ago! Blew out my rotator cuff and had to have surgery and then rehab! Can not lax on shoulder rehab because it will lock up! Take care of yourself brother!

  3. Marta B

    Fantastic guest, Wes. Jaime is not only highly intelligent, he’s also very observant, intentional, thoughtful, and uniquely strategic in his approach to researching these beings. One of the best guests yet!

  4. Charles R

    Great interview Jaime. You certainly are a wealth of information. I so agree they can read your intent. I remember that Monster Quest from well over a decade ago. Continued success and do take care.

  5. theresa m

    It’s a dark, wet Monday here in NH and Sunday evening’s podcast is perfect with a hot cup of coffee. Wes, hope your arm mends well. Thanks so much for the show and turning us on to Jaime’s experiences. As soon as I heard his voice I got excited from hearing it in your intro. Jaime, thanks so much for sharing with us. Your pictures are amazing and I really appreciate your honest and open approach in the nature areas you visit. I think you nailed it. No whooping or tree knocking. Just enjoying what you do. Looking you up for sure. Have a great week all.

  6. Roy F

    People’s estimates of distance can be so inaccurate. To think that you can see any detail at 300 yards or even 100 yards without binoculars or a scope of some kind is wishful thinking. 440 yards is a quarter mile.

    I spent 3 years living in farm country of western Pennsylvania with deep woods within walking distance. Looking at this area 60 years later, I didn’t realize the distances I had hiked and explored at an age range of 7 to 10 years old with my collie at my side. Like this guy growing up in Ohio, listening to these encounters stirs my memory with familiarity. I remember spying on 3 individuals that I assumed were father, mother, and a male that was not quite an adult living in a shelter of some kind of large branches but not quite a log cabin. Once I discovered an old out house in the same direction as this groups home. The young male appeared out of nowhere without alerting me or even my dog. We did not talk. He pushed over the outhouse with ease and inside, startling me was an opossum nursing 5-7 babies. The mother hissed at us and we took a few steps back for safety and observed them for a while. The young male was gone without my notice and my dog and I moved on.

    • schlad

      Hey Roy, sounds amazing! Have you been on an episode that i missed? It would be excellent to hear some of your experiences, of course it’s none of my business, i have never seen one myself, but i understand it can be tough revisiting. Your account here is fascinating to me, thanks.

  7. Bonnie I

    Thanks Jaime for sharing your knowledge and encounters. Seems to me these Sasquatch might be leaving some type of communication to each other. Just because you don’t hear or see anything at times doesn’t mean they aren’t keeping an eye on you. Too many hikers/outdoor enthusiasts who venture out into the wilderness alone have mysteriously ended up at the bottom of a ravine. My sister just went to a funeral in August for the twenty year old son of a good friend who I was told died doing what he loved. Really?

    • Wes

      What would you have liked to see me challenge him on? I always tell people its a conversation not an interrogation but I will entertain this. How would you have done the interview? Or how could I have done it better?

    • Jennifer G

      Yes he took forever to tell a non-encounter. I do realize and respect his passion for this subject and he probably doesn’t get to share his stories often, but his story (especially the gps one) was a long and winding road to nowhere. Not everyone is a good story teller, though, and I do give him much credit for going on the show and sharing his experiences with us.

  8. Vanessa C

    Another fantastic show, Wes. Thank you.

    A month ago I went back into the archives and listened to an episode where the witness saw a tracking device on the creature’s ankle. I wish I had taken note of the episode number because I’d kill to hear it again. If anyone can miraculously remember which episode that was, I’d really appreciate a reply.

  9. schlad

    What an incredible guy, he has really approached this from a very calm, scientific, smart and logical place, it’s amazing how fear didn’t seem to dog him. Brilliant show Wes, you find the very best, most interesting guests, so varied yet consistantly plausible, thanks.

  10. Kadri L

    Wes, have you yet read Lloyd Pye “Everything You Know Is Wrong”? He has some alternative suggestions to current ‘bigfoot situation’ that seem rather plausible. A very good book imo.

  11. John G

    Great show Wes. Loved Jamie’s approach to Bigfoot And the way he immersive himself into the environment and studies patterns. He reminds me of the late Paul Freeman and the work that he did.

  12. Mike B

    I build flintlock rifles and from experience muzzleloader hunters are just as quiet as how hunters only we”re less likely to loose a deer because we have the knock down power of a rifle but the effective range of a bow.
    Btw. I saw a hairy man last week in the Mackenzie unit here in Oregon. There was no way I was going to point my 54 at it. And I heard them way off in in the distance on my first scout of the day.

  13. mermaidmood

    I’ve been listening to “Sasquatch Chronicles” from its inception. This is hands-down one of the best episodes I’ve heard. It’s magnificently riveting, and immensely impressive in how articulate and educated Jaime is. What a treat! Wonderfully fun to learn more than just a few things. Thank you so much. ????
    Fantastic! More! More! Encore!

  14. Johnny N

    those foot casts are of feet that have been wearing footwear for years. You can tell its the toes of a modern human who wears shoes because otherwise the toes wouldnt be squished up. google to see what a natural barefoot human foot looks like thats never seen a shoe. toes are splayed out.

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