Oct 8

SC EP:798 No Creature, No Deer and No Light

Tonight I will be speaking with Johnathan. Back in 2018 he had a very strange encounter happen to him while driving back to his cabin in Virginia. I have personally heard many accounts like this and I am happy Johnathan decided to come on the show and share it. Johnathan said after the encounter “I am left with no creature, no deer and no light. All I have is confusion. This incident has bothered me ever since.”







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97 Responses to “SC EP:798 No Creature, No Deer and No Light”

  1. Bryan P

    Just listened to last week’s ep with Doug from Virginia, which was fantastic btw. I wanna hang out with Doug..
    Looking forward to more Virginia 🙂
    Thx Wes – happy (Canadian) thanksgiving ????????????????????

  2. theresa m

    Thanks so much, Wes. Another interesting share. Johnathan, after listening to you sharing, the impression I get is that you saw three fantastic things. The bright light, the imobile dear and the being all happening sequentially are unexpected and profound, for sure. My feeling is that you happened upon a drop off that possibly startled the dear which may have stunned it and then when you were taking time to do something for the dear, the being saw you and watched you in a curious way. I know things happen in the daytime but nighttime events just seem to be more … more magical, more scary, more unbelievable. When we have experiences that are like yours it is not surprising that there is a physical, spiritial or psychic shift that takes place and because we are aware of ourselves, it gives us pause to think a lot about these things. Unlike the dear who may have run away and goes on doing what dears do, we are stuck with the ‘footprint’ to deal with. Thank you, Johnathan, for sharing. I hope it has helped you.

  3. Robert S

    After listening to most of these episodes I’m coming to the conclusion this is all paranormal (whatever that ultimately means). Personally, I’m leaning more and more towards simulation theory. I think k it would explain the high strangeness aspect of a lot of these encounters.

    • Rebecca V

      I dunno..this guy contradicted himself a few times. First he said he was terrified then he changes it to a feeling of peace..then little things like apparently he turned his car off twice. First he said his car was turned off when he went to look at the deer then he went back to the car and turned it off again? And then he says he was in the middle of nowhere but there was a town 15 mins away? It’s those subtle details that always cause me to pause. Plus he was rambling alot and hes one of those guests who are always saying “if that makes sense” which I find sus. And I dont know what works this guy is living in but there is no way a wild deer would try to warn a human of impending danger. And it’s just too convenient that the sasquatch was too far away to give any detail. He also mentioned that every time he tells the story to people that there are parts of it when they call him crazy. But he also said what a relief it was to be able to tell someone about his experience. Sorry but I’m not buying this guys story. Even though I kinda did lol ..guess they cant all be legit.

      I love this podcast and I love Wes and I believe in sasquatch but this can ramble on to someone else..I didnt even finish listening to this one. ????

  4. Esther L

    Wow that was amazing! Jonathan I feel for you having carried that knowledge all these years. It’s truly fascinating and terrifying. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope it does help you heal or find answers. Thank you Mr.Germer for another great show. You are so talented!

  5. cynthia s

    Deers are the most unfortunate creatures on the planet. They are innocent, peaceful, beautiful creatures . Yet they are ruthlessly hunted and killed by predators from the moment they are born. If not being eaten, they are killed by cars or hunters who call it sport. I know your show has a lot of listeners and guests who are hunters. For a human to enter their home, the forest, and look at those large, beautiful innocent eyes trying to live its life in peace and be able to shoot it with a bow or gun for sport is beyond my comprehension. I don’t and never will understand that type of heartlessness. The excuse of eating the meat it just an excuse, meat is at the store. You no longer have to hunt in order to survive. It’s just a reason to get out your blood lust, cause that’s all it is. Sasquatch eat deer because they have to eat protein to survive, humans don’t have to go into the forest to kill deer. And some call sasquatch monsters. People who hunt for sport are the real monsters.

    • David T

      How are cows any different from deer when it comes to killing? Eating beef from the supermarket still requires the death of an animal and commercial animals are often treated horribly before they die. Deer are no more or less innocent than cows, sheep, chickens or pigs. Hunting an animal in its natural habitat may result in a more humane death. No. I am not a hunter. Never been hunting. Eating commercial meat is far from morally superior to eating game meat. Not trying to offend you. Just sayin’.

    • Michael H

      Cynthia, you speak of hunters doing it just for sport and not for food purposes. You also said that deer are often killed by cars. If it weren’t for the hunters harvesting deer, whether for sport or food, there would be way more deer each year killed being hit by cars and possibly the people in the cars dying as well. I live in a very rural area. Yet in the 1 1/2 mile stretch from the main highway to the secondary road to my driveway, I counted six deer that were hit by cars last year alone.

  6. Matthew J

    OK, I have an idea. This is what happened. The bright light is actually an entity that manifests as an orb shape when it operates in our 3rd dimension. It was just returning 2 sasquatches (SQ1 and SQ2) after their annual physical and was looking for a good drop off place. The orb spotted the deer along the road side and figured this place is perfect.

    As SQ1 and SQ2 materialized, the orb emitted a brilliant light and leaves. The blinding light knocked the deer senseless for a few minutes. SQ1 whispers to SQ2 and tells him to go around Johnathan and do it quickly. Johnathan looked the deer over and went to his car.

    As SQ1 saw Johnathan had noticed him, SQ2 grabbed the deer and ran off the left side of the road. Johnathan saw only SQ1 (the decoy) divert his attention. When SQ2 was far enough away, SQ1 left the road and quickly joined him. They were hungry and ate the deer in record time.

    Just sayin’

  7. Steven P

    Another fascinating story and interview! Sasquatch has to have a paranormal factor as no lights accompany animals the way we keep hearing lights are associated with sasquatch. It is very puzzling.

  8. Ashley H

    My husband and I had a short but scary experience in San Isabel Forrest in Colorado. Hiking for 3 hours and we saw no one else the whole time. Only one other car in the parking lot and they had takin a different trail. My husband wanted to make out since we were alone lol but I told him I felt like someone was watching us. We did see a heard of deer. On our way back to the car we heard what sounded like a bear Or elk grunt but then it turned into whooping noises like a giant monkey and then into grunts and tree snap breaks .
    I told my husband not to run and we just walked quietly and quickly back to our car. My husband ,who knows I listen to Sasquatch podcasts , now actually believes we might have ran into one! He thought it was all myths and crazy people before when I tried to get him to listen to SC with me. On the way home he listened to the Colorado hunter’s encounter with me.

  9. Christian B

    I’m just gonna put this out there: None of the encounters that I’ve listened to where lights, paranormal stuff, etc are involved include a description of a Sasquatch that’s definite or careful or describes the common physical traits or behaviors of human/ape-like creatures that are seen in the northwest etc, and are obviously quite primitive in a lot of ways. Why does this podcast steer towards lumping these encounters together? This sounds like someone saw a creature with advanced technology, and in my opinion probably an alien. Maybe the aliens even like to appear in different forms, and it also appeared as the deer. Maybe it was actually healing an injured deer. Who the fuck knows, I’m sure with an infinite universe, there are an infinite number of aliens that could visit us and present themselves as orbs, etc.

    HOWEVER- there are seems to be pretty conclusive evidence that there’s a caveman-like hominid out there in the deep wilderness, and the accounts that describe these creatures in detail seem to point at something that is of this world, related to us, and not possessing advanced tech. If there are aliens roaming out there, there is no reason for them to look like humans or primates, and it would be especially unlikely that they would be so similar to us that so many people would say they look like gorillas or humans. As rational people, we have to seek out the most likely explanations first. In my mind, as someone who believes in science, the most likely explanation is that Sasquatch (the creature that Native Americans have always described) is an undiscovered hominid/primate that has evolved along different lines. This creature does seem to be amazing at living in the wild, very strong, smart etc, but doesn’t seem to have advanced tech. On the other hand, I’m sure people are also seeing aliens out there, and maybe the aliens are even monitoring Sasquatches. But let’s not confuse the two- at least without much more solid evidence. Right now all the evidence points in the opposite direction. There’s no way an alien from another planet is going to look like a relic hominid, they might not even be carbon based. And don’t even start with the dimension-hopping or whatever. We have no idea what that even means or if it’s a real thing or why a relatively primitive and wild creature who clearly subsists and eats and drinks etc would have to cross dimensions. That’s all speculative nonsense.

    Not everything is the world is related as closely as this podcasts wants to relate Sasquatch with paranormal/alien stuff. People in wild and remote places see all kinds of things. They aren’t all the same thing. My two cents.

  10. Kelly S

    Virginia and more high strangeness…interesting episode. Wes, I am curious..you say you have heard this before. In those encounters are all three elements involved (light, deer, creature) ? Thanks to you and your guest.

  11. Alexandra H

    SO EXCITED for the app. I know it’s probably too late to mention but is there a way we could have a randomiser button???and for the episodes just to keep playing forever lol

  12. m99

    Thx Wes. I really enjoyed him. His descriptive way made it easier to visualize. I was there with him, so to speak. When he just stood there I was thinking get in the car and leave! Bless him. So glad he lived to tell it and found your podcast. Maybe now the experience here can help him accept what he saw. Loved the Star Wars shirt mention. Cool episode. Thanks again. You are the Best. _m

  13. Miss Kendall S

    That was a great show Wes,, you did great Jonathan thank you for coming on and telling us your encounters.
    Everyone loves mountains, that’s why my backyard is
    Skyline Drive..
    I can’t wait for the app Wes ????

  14. Bonnie I

    Interesting episode. Thanks Wes and Johnathon. Seems to me there is a connection between the Sasquatch and the lights. Have seen odd lights (some pillar like and caught on motion detectors) and heard tree knocks, howling, hoops, screeches late at night not far away by the river near our home. My thought is these lights are perhaps spirit entities of the Sasquatch. Very strange I know but plausible I think.

  15. SAMUEL G

    Bit of fruit for thought but could this gentlemen have just disrupted a hunt? The dear could of been hit with infra-sound hence why is was incapacitated. And the reason he didn’t see it get up and move was because another sasquatch had swooped it up from behind him while he was distracted by the silhouette?? Smoke and mirror tactics once again?

  16. Evelyn L

    I am guessing that maybe another creature picked up the deer and carried it away while the guy’s back was turned. From what we hear in these stories they can be very quiet and very fast when they want to. The creature that he saw made sure that this guy did not try to look for the deer. Maybe? No idea about the lights.
    Atheists just cannot accept the idea of there being another realm or something outside what we see in this physical realm UNLESS we start talking about it being an alien that says that it is visiting us from another galaxy. It is funny to me because the idea of the other realm is outrageous to them but all logic is suspended because “we don’t know what technology they have out there.” No matter what technology an “alien” has they cannot cancel out physics.
    People of all different types of religions tell of a “veil” that separates us from the other realm. Some say that the veil tends to thin at certain times of night and certain times of the year as well as when certain types of rituals are done. Anyway, what if there were really a “veil” and when that heavy silence takes place it is because of the thinning of that thing that separates the realms and the meeting or mixing of those two realms? Possibly that other realm does not have crickets and frogs and other peepers and when that realm opens up we can no longer hear what is in this realm because that other realm blocks it out.
    According to Jewish and Christian writings that other realm is more real than this one and will last longer than this one. Human beings were supposed to have been created beyond the veil.
    Just thinking. No cricket is going to go quiet even for a monster.

  17. Tracy L

    I wish Wes had spent more time asking him about the Mindspeak he experienced. He should also have told the guest that he is not crazy to have experienced Mindspeak as it happens to many people. I bet the Sasquatch stepped out of a portal into the middle of the street, or maybe both of them did, the deer and the Sasquatch. I hope one day someone films it happening.

  18. Clifford R

    Im probably going to get reamed for even mentioning this… but check out Dr. Mathew Johnson on Jimmy Church Fade to Black (its on Youtube) a few weeks ago. I think he was on with JC back in early September. Now I got some serious issues with that guy… and yes he did start crying on that show 🙂 …. but just check it out. Its total woo woo but what he talked about is definitely related to this sighting. Now if I had not seen that recent Bigfoot special (season two) where the Primate researcher got some truly weird FLIR stuff, I would say the Dr was taking too much of his own medicine… but there is some seriously weird s… going on with this Bigfoot phenomena.

  19. Chamberlin

    I’m reading a few of these comments…
    I roll my eyes to them.

    When you witness something like Johnathan has,
    lets hear your true account! I’m positive you
    will sound confused/shocked/puzzled as to what
    you saw and more.
    Johnathan’s interview with Wes is perfection.

    I hope Wes will post Johnathan’s sketch of what he witness?
    He is an artist, perhaps Johnathan can sketch his entire episode?
    In doing so, it will help him more than he knows.
    I like hearing his story and wish him well.

  20. Charles W

    Shout out to my big booty squatch listeners! Sup mamacitas?!

    I wish Wes could’ve posted some of this dude’s drawings of the creature and the deer’s expression. I’m interested in his perspective and exactly what he saw. The light is possibly not related to the squatch, other than the squatch saw the light and was investigating it. It is possible previous light encounters resulted in food for the squatch so it adapted to follow the lights. Foraging behavior and conditioning are easy explanations for why these creatures are seen near these light anomalies. The lights could be leaving cattle or deer mutilations or animals that remain incapacitated after the light leaves, perhaps temporarily, but long enough to be poached by a wood ape before they can get up and run away.
    This caller may have interrupted an opportunity for that creature to grab that deer before it took off. Previous encounters on the show relate similar behavior when squatches see a human, allow themselves to be seen, then just leave the area as though they’re moving on.
    If anyone is curious about foraging behavior specifics of us and other predators through evolution, you’ll want to study academic literature surrounding amelioration theory.

  21. Sally K

    I hate to say, but it was very tedious listening to him try to tell his story with the stops and starts. Clearly, he was wound a bit tight and very nervous. Kudos for him having courage enough to tell his story. I felt sorry for him trying to get his story told – Wes, as always, compassionate and professional! I’m afraid I stopped halfway through because his voice and cadence became like fingernails on a blackboard to me.. I realize that is my auditory sensitivity and apologize I was unable to listen all the way to the end. I try to honor guests and Wes by listening to the end. This was the first time I haven’t. Thank you, Wes, for giving people a voice and again, I’m not judging the poor guy, just explaining why I was unable to listen all the way through.

  22. Meesha F

    wow at these comments man.. shame on ya’ll.. I’m sure none of you people are exactly Dale Carnegie yourselves.. these men are and women have been through enough without some strangers jumping on them for not having excellent public speaking techniques.. all the interviewees get lifetime SC access and they can see your immature and rude comments so be proud of yourselves

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