Oct 8

Drone Catches Something Powerful Trying To Tear Down Tree

A person in Tennessee posted his drone footage to Tik Tok. It appears to show something powerful trying to tear down a massive tree. I still think it was a large piece of equipment taking down this tree but you be the judge.


ThinkerThunker see’s something more than I do.

He writes “Originally posted by “TheWeirdShelf” on TikTok, filmed in Tennessee…This video shows the impossible. I have no idea how what we’re seeing is happening…but it does. You’ve got to see this for yourself. What do you think this is? The Great White Bigfoot…?”

12 Responses to “Drone Catches Something Powerful Trying To Tear Down Tree”

  1. brad b

    I don’t know if it’s a creature jerking the tree around but it doesn’t look right for a piece of equipment. If it was a machine it likely pulls the tree in one direction not thrashing it around all over the place like the video shows. Something like a bulldozer would simply push it over. Or pull it over if connected to a chain. This looks nothing like that.

    • Charles R

      Yes Brad B. I know of no machine that can jerk a tree like this from side to side in a vicious fast manner. Crazy footage. If it is a Bigfoot this is one big fella. In the comment section one gentleman stated his Father in the 1920s in Kentucky witnessed a Bigfoot shake all the leaves off a maple tree.

  2. theresa m

    Wow! Such brute power. If that is a living, breathing being we need to not be in the woods. I appreciate how he tries to break down the video to show us hard edges vs. whatever it is.

  3. Debbie S

    It will be interesting to see if anyone can come up with any kind of explanation though I have NO idea what that would be. That is just plain bizarre. My next question would be what in the heck is it trying to do? Temper tantrum? Not something that would encourage you to be in the woods…

  4. wolfheathen

    Someone cleared it up on the SC fb page. Looks like it’s an old video of some tree felling, making the rounds again. Thought it was too odd that the pilot didn’t move the drone closer. says she couldn’t due to it’s range, but that it was a lumber operation.

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