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SC EP:794 A Strange Place To Camp

Charlie writes “Hi Wes, At the urging of my girlfriend she has suggested I write to you about our encounter this year over Memorial Day weekend in Big Bay Michigan. I began listening to your Podcast on spotify a few weeks prior to our trip up North.

I will begin by saying I am neither a skeptic or a believer but I am interested in the subject and I found your Podcast entertaining. After our encounter my girlfriend urged me to contact you with our story. I was very reluctant to do so. Since then I have been listening to a number of your previous podcasts and have been keeping up with your current ones as well. Several of your Podcast peaked my interest especially the ones from Michigan pertaining to the dog man. It wasn’t till This evening while I was listening to episode 751 where you played an audio clip of an encounter in Michigan that I decided to contact you. The clip you played was literally exactly what we heard in our encounter. We have been struggling to verbalize in words what we heard that night and the best way we have been able to describe it to others was the sound of a yipping Coyote leading into screams and grunts which sounded like multiple animals at once. But what makes this encounter crazier Was an object that we saw in the air moments before we heard the screams. I can only describe it as one would describe a UFO. We witnessed a large bright single colorless all white object that was either diamond or cylindrical in shape. It was not flying at a high altitude and it was not a satellite nor was it the space station or a jet aircraft. It was very peculiar to say the least. The object even seemed to be directing itself straight towards us from the horizon and seemed to slow down as it passed over us. It was shortly after that we heard the screams I described above that match the audio recording in episode 751 from Michigan. We were absolutely terrified to say the least and my girlfriend wouldn’t even discuss what we had just said until the next day regardless of my desire to talk about what just happened. To provide some context we were camping in big Bay Michigan in an area called the Huron mountains. This area is not available to the public and is one of the largest privately owned natural reserves of old growth forest (20,000+ Sq acres) this side of the Mississippi.

I have camped and fished there my entire life and I have never heard anything like this. I am familiar with the sounds of coyotes, wolves, , moose, Bobcat , owl’s, deer rutting, etc, This was none of that. The area is very desolate there are very few roads, there are no powerboats allowed on the lakes and plains barely fly over. It’s about as pristine as it gets. What’s interesting about this is that this piggybacks on top of 2 previous experiences. 2 summers ago my son and I experienced a solid cylindrical object approximately the size of a home storage propane tank (6′ x 12-14′) Come out of the woods at the shoreline iand traverse the lake we were on silently while not actually being in the water but seemingly being maybe inches off the water yet casting no reflection and then disappearing into the shoreline on the opposite side moving at about 3 to 5 miles per hour. We know the area of the shoreline well and there is no place to launch a boat or dingy. We were able to capture a grainy image of the event. This occurred on a different inland lake on the property approximately 5 to 7 miles away. However approximately 20 years before that, approx 2003, I was camping very close to where we heard the screams this Memorial Day. In fact I would have been literally a 10 min hike from where we felt the sounds came from. At that time I was camping alone with only my husky. We were rowing in at dusk from night fishing. When we got about 30 yd from shore we heard a bunch of crashing and snapping of limbs coming from the shore line. My dog was alert and very interested and anxious in the shoreline. We watched for approximately a minute as we saw 12′ saplings and young hardwoods bending 90゚ towards the ground and then popping backup as if something was walking along the shoreline pushing them down. We never saw an animal and we never heard any sounds except for one monetary low grumble that was hard to recognize, more like a grumble. It stopped as suddenly as it happened. What is also important to note is that the disturbance along the shore stopped approximately 20 or 30 yd from my camp site. We didn’t hear any further noise that night and I never thought much about it until recently.

While we did not see an actual creature (Memorial Day) I can tell you that the experience was far from normal. The fact that we saw this white glowing object traveling in a straight line directly over us as if it ‘intended’ to go over us added a degree of mystery and eeriness to the whole event.

I’m not sure if this is something you would like to cover on your Podcast but you’re welcome to follow up with me if you would like to know more or discuss it. In fact we are actually heading back to that same location next weekend despite my girlfriend’s abject terror of what occurred but we are both curious to see if maybe it was our combined energy that manifested the event. Feel free to contact me at any time.”















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80 Responses to “SC EP:794 A Strange Place To Camp”

  1. Mark R

    I love the Michigan episodes! I almost hate to tout the natural beauty of rural Michigan in both the upper and lower peninsulas for fear of my favorite vacation areas becoming overrun with people. And then there’s the Keweenaw Peninsula…

    Thanks Wes and have a great weekend!

    • Cali H

      My director said Michigan was God’s country. Being that we were in Detroit I said yeah, okay, whatever. Ask anyone in Michigan what they are doing over the weekend you are likely to hear, Going up North. So finally we did. Loaded up the GSDs and went all the way to Sault St Marie and then I knew. Michigan IS God’s Country. Love the UP.

      • Charles R

        I use to say Michigan is God’s country, and God can have it in the winter. However snow covering the Jack Pines in Northern Michigan is a beautiful sight, took some pics last January. I grew up in Midland. My senior high school civics teacher was a transplant who grew tired of the Detroit area. He used the term Sparkle City for Midland, however the true beauty is north of their and indeed going up north is something my family and friends did often. Long time buddies and myself use to play in softball tournaments while camping out in Northern Michigan a few weekends every year for a time. I actually met my wife on Manistique Lake, Curtis, MI in the U.P. in 1995. Her parents had a summer cabin on the North shore in Helmer Bay of Manistique lake and I was their with buddies for a softball tournament. She loved to fish and that was enough for me. The U.P. is a world onto it’s own that time has forgot.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Or go try the nearest State or National Forest with a Baseball bat one evening and find a stout Tree to give a few whacks to.
      ( When the Sasquatch People hear someone trying to communicate like They do ? They will come in close to investigate. )

      • Eve M

        Yeh i remember that episode Wes, it was way back in the 2-3 hundreds
        As soon as u said trash can
        It jogged back to my memory
        I believe he had also seen greys
        If I recall the episode correctly

  2. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes. Listening to your guests share their encounter during their camping trip and then your playing of the sounds in the woods from a previous episode, I know I would not have been able to sleep in a tent. I would have had to sleep inside my vehicle for sure. The father and son daytime fishing trip account was very interesting. Thank you to your guests for sharing and Wes, as always, thank you for the awesome content.

  3. Nerida H

    I like the comment he had about “DOLMANS”, found world wide, of no obvious use, made by something LARGE, as HUGE rocks involved. Fascinating subject. many believe there are energy fields around them, makes compasses etc go wild.

  4. Miss Kendall S

    That was a great episode Wes, thank you for all that you do for us.. You definitely keep me to where I can’t wait for Friday and Sunday lol.. Thank you Charlie and Allison for telling us your encounter. Oh BTW I love the short clips you’re doing on YouTube. I still think the Sasquatch that comes across the screen is awesome ????????????????

  5. Matthew W

    From the photos, his 2nd account of the ufo, propane looking ufo, sounds ALOT like the tiktok ufo, that the US navy recently released video of, the tiktac HAS been observed before, many accounts… but yeah it looks like the tiktac ufo’s..

    • Charles R

      It immediately reminded me of the tic tac naval footage released a few years ago, 2017. However those pilots described them as being 40 foot long, much larger than a propane tank. I would find it very difficult to believe the small greys could be piloting a few foot diameter propane tank size craft, but something is piloting this not to bad pictures that Charlie submitted. May well be remote control of some kind. The high strangeness never ceases to amaze. Really enjoyed Charlie and Allison experiences.

    • Charles R

      Back in the unusually hot summer of 2012 we took the Pictured Rocks boat tourer out of Munising. I say hot as many people were swimming in Lake Superior which seldom gets above 55 degrees.

  6. cynthia s

    Interesting interview! It’s difficult to determine what the white object is in the photographs. The picture with the large rock sitting on top of the smaller rocks I believe is an interesting example of what glaciation can produce. The rock around it has deep scratches indicating where the area was covered with a glacier in the past and when it receded it took rocks that were trapped in the ice along with it and scratched the rock and as it melted deposited the large rock and smaller rocks where they now sit. There are examples all over the northern US including New York city where large boulders sit where they shouldn’t be but where transported there by glaciers in the last glaciation event. There will be another one in about 10,000 years no matter how much we heat up the planet. We are still in a glacial period.

  7. Barry R

    I love the show Wes . I just have one question . Why is the forum community here so nice and polite but the facebook group has the most disrespectful trolls Ive ever come across?

  8. Shana K

    Katherine – you aren’t alone seeing the faces, I’m glad you commented. Many would argue that we are visual exaggerators, or ‘pareidoliacts’, but personally that has never been something I can accept. I’m thinking maybe you (as myself) have a very hard time NOT seeing things like this in a lot of shared videos or pictures anymore. My phone is full of screenshots of above mentioned that are (in my opinion)-extremely interesting. Years ago, I had spent many hours looking up a possible explanation for this maybe caused by digital artifacts, pixelation and various other camera related anomalies. Needless to say, my curiosity for an educated explanation has yet to be satisfied.
    Just for references, heres an article someone posted on a photography forum listing these types.

    List of all types of Image Noise and Artifacts

    This is a list of imaging terms I have been collecting off the web, if anyone can add to it or better help describe it it
    would be great. I am using my own definition of Noise and Artifacts here-it is most likely many would not like this
    distinction, but I find it usefull in classifying these affects.

    By NOISE I mean any non-image affects that occure between the sensor chip and wrighting of the RAW file.
    This includes the cameras circuitry and any algorythens used to make the resulting file(s)-anything that can
    negatively affect the fidelity of the recording process from the moment the light is recorded to the moment the digital
    negative is produced.

    By ARTIFACTS I mean any class of non-image changes introduced by the lenses or post-processing of the RAW
    file. As the term implies, the effects of these various manipulations of the RAW file can leave visible affect (artifacts)
    within the image information throughout the workflow.

    “Purple Fringing” usually refers to a typical digital camera phenomenon that is caused by the microlenses.

    “Blooming” is a type of noise where an excess of charge flow over to surrounding pixels, brightening or overexposing
    them in the process.

    “Pixilation Noise” (jaggies/aliasing) is due to insufficient image information/resolution for the required output. This
    type of information loss is part of the restrictions of the CMOS chip used to record the image.

    “Pixilation Artifacts” (jaggies/aliasing) is information loss idue to post-production down sampling.

    “Chromatic aberration” or “color fringing” is an artifact caused by the camera lens not focusing different wavelengths
    of light onto the exact same focal plane.

    “Maze Artifacts” are moiré patterns caused by the camera’s internal image processing to generate “maze” like
    patterns. If this is post-processing of the RAW file in-camera, I think it should be consdered an Artifact, if it is done
    as part of making the RAW file it should better be described as noise.

    “Moire Patterns” If a scene contains areas with repetitive detail which exceeds the resolution of the camera (1), a
    wavy moiré pattern can appear. This may be a type of noise, but a unique class for sure.

    “Sharpening Halos” the affects of モDigital resolution” where sharpness is faked by making the edges more contrasty.

    “Luminance Noise” fluctuations in luminance across different channels-monochromatic grain, similar to film.

    “Color Noise” or “chromaヤ noise is not luminance noise, but I do not have a good definition here?

    “Posterization” is an artifact that occurs when an image’s apparent bit depth has been decreased so much that it
    has a visual impact. a loss of continuous tone information.

    “Color fringing” is this really different than “Chromatic aberration”?

    “Channel noise” is random spikes in long exposure modes.

    “Barrell distortion” is the distortion of actual pixel information due to the effects of lenses without proper coating.

    Random noise is characterized by intensity and color fluctuations above and below the actual image intensity. There
    will always be some random noise at any exposure length and it is most influenced by ISO speed. The pattern of
    random noise changes even if the exposure settings are identical

    Fixed pattern noise includes what are called “hot pixels,” which are defined as such when a pixel’s intensity far
    surpasses that of the ambient random noise fluctuations. Fixed pattern noise generally appears in very long
    exposures and is exacerbated by higher temperatures.

    Banding noise is highly camera-dependent, and is noise which is introduced by the camera when it reads data from
    the digital sensor. Banding noise is most visible at high ISO speeds and in the shadows, or when an image has
    been excessively brightened. Banding noise can also increase for certain white balances, depending on camera

    “JPEG artifacts” (JPEG compression artifacts) Artifacts in digital images are unwelcome and unnatural elements or

    “Interpolation Artifacts” any type of non-image information used to upsample image date.

  9. Eli K

    Ehhh , kinda starting to slack on the episodes on here IMO. Idk if he’s got a bunch of other stuff going on or what, but, been a minute since I’ve heard a REALLY WELL episode and to end it 45 minutes in….idk . Ill stop ranting lol.

    And ill unsub prob too. 4 episodes like this a month isn’t really worth it ????‍♂️

  10. Evelyn L

    There is no expert on prehistory objects. We have a lot of academics that give us their guess on the matter. Most of what they say is just theory, not fact. They have no real evidence of most of what they say about these things.
    I agree with this man that it is possible that these creatures move from one dimension from another. Yes, it is physical creature but physical things can move through “portals.” If you look at what has been seen and what happened at “Skin Walker Ranch” you should understand that there were very physical things happening and very physical beings being observed at times. Those things that they saw were entering through portals or doorways.
    Many portals are actually opened by human beings through the carrying out of various rituals. Actually not much happens on this planet without the permission of some human being. That person may not fully realize at the time just what they are opening up to but once that person opens a portal it cannot be closed without the authority of the person who opened it or someone with a higher authority.
    As an example, often people have found that strange events occur and strange entities appear in areas where natives have buried their dead. Their shamans often conducted ceremonies in those burial places. Some of those ceremonies are to open the way for the spirits of the dead to travel to their new home. Perhaps other entities also enter through that same doorway. The other realm is more real than this one. Most of us just do not experience it.
    Europeans have dismissed the spiritual beliefs of the natives of North America for centuries but people who have experienced the terror of seeing and/or feeling a paranormal event in those areas know that there is something very real and yet paranormal there.
    I do not believe that most of the natives themselves understood all of the significance of what their shamans were doing. It was and is very secretive what those people go through to become a shaman. We have heard some of it but far from all of it.
    There are many indications of a civilization having lived in the Americas that predates the natives that are said to have traveled over a supposed land bridge that may or may not have existed long ago. Historical documents show that the natives told the early colonists in the US that the stone walls, rock structures, and the mounds that have been discovered here already existed before their ancestors arrived here. They told the Europeans that many of these things were inhabited by spirits and to stay away from them.
    People believed them about those structures predating the native’s ancestors until the mid 19th century when things began to change in the most prestigious higher learning institutions of the west. Now any thing that disrupts the agenda of the academics is completely dismissed. Any civilization that predates what the academics have established is ignored. They will not even entertain the possibility. They dismiss the natives statements as just the talk of uneducated primitive people. They dismiss anything paranormal or spiritual in any way. Our educational system has become very tyrannical over the past 100+ years.
    Oral history has been found to be much more accurate than some written history. The natives saw it as a sacred charge to memorize their history while some western historians tend to rewrite history according to their ideology. Always source your information because finding the truth may depend upon it. Today so much history has been rewritten that I wonder if anyone will be able to unbury the truth in a few years or if anyone will even want to.

    • Jay Carlsen

      The Ragnarok Event of Scandinavian Folk Lore is detailed as the Nephilim Wars in the Book of Enoch. Which was fought on the Island Continent of the Antarctic , upon the 100 mile x 100 mile Vigard Battle Plain. Which is at the base of Mount Vincent.
      Just Imagine the Artifacts that are just laying on the Ground Down There ( Underneath 2 miles of Ice ) ?

  11. Russell W

    I believe Charlies take on Sasquatch makes a lot of sense! When you look at all the anomalies people report! The woods going deathly quiet, even the dang crickets stop making noise. Then the orbs of light, all the witnesses that report seeing it cloak. They’re way more than just an undiscovered animal! I wish the government would disclose what they have on it (assholes)! Maybe one day we will learn what they are! I can’t wait til then so I point my finger at all the people who have made fun of me when I tell them my encounter! Hope everyone is well and have a great weekend y’all! Thanks again Wes you’re the man! You have no idea how much you mean to us listener’s!

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