Sep 5

SC EP:789 I Thought It Was A Large Man

Tonight I will be speaking to Scott. Scott was a small boy in the 70’s and he lived in Ohio. Scott describes running into a creature he thought at first it was a large man with a fur coat.

We will also be speaking to Jennifer. Jennifer was with her family on vacation in Georgia. They rented a cabin and Jennifer said “At first I was not sure what was going on at night. Something was throwing rocks at the cabin.”




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Here is a little Sunday humor I put up on social media giving Kerry Arnold from the Bigfoot Odyssey a hard time.


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  1. Michael J

    FS why no #46 anymore. We all had to watch you post your BS about Biden. Now 13 brave servicemen are dead, economy is crashing, food and gas prices are through the roof, border is WIDE open with no covid tests, which do not work, our rights are being destroyed as we speak. I was not going to get political but you did for months. Hey FS the blood of AMERICAN servicemen is on your hands.

  2. Clifford B

    I live “out there “ in Ohio .
    Ohio’s DNR acknowledges the existence of these creatures.
    More than likely WVA , KY , PA ,NY Sasquatches
    are our Ohio Grassmen migrating via the Appalachian trail .

    Speaking of hauntings , Athens Ohio ( Ohio University) may be the most haunted city in the US.
    Also,we have a Dogman population.

    We have the Venison numbers to sustain.
    We have a large cave system and coal mine numbers to shelter .

  3. James H

    That sketch you did with Bigfoot Odyssey was Hillarious!!! Your the show that got me started on thus topic and by far to this day have the best show! I know you were messing with Kerry and I also like his show. I get a kick out of how many technical difficulties they have constantly but I know that comes with it. They are better than me so I ain’t cracking lol. I love the dedication he puts into his documentaries! I can wait for 168 to come out next week. I respect you both for the hard work y’all out into your shows and promoting awareness of the topic. Myself, I’m the guy who says been hunting all my life and never seen squat!! But I’m open minded enough to realize out of all these encounter stories that if one isn’t a lie then the creature exists. To me it’s silly not to believe with all the eye witness testimony we have along with the foot prints and video tape footage. Keep on keeping on Wes because we all appreciate you entertaining us so very much!!! Brandon from Bham Alabama!! ????

  4. theresa m

    Wes, Scott and Jennifer, thank you all for tonight’s show. With all of the shutdowns with Covid, renting a cabin in the woods has sounded like a thing to do for me and my family. Having an encounter, though, sounds scary and exciting all at the same time. As I listen to people’s encounters I think how sasquatch might possibly fall into the line of connecting with humans on the evolutionary line but where the heck does the Dogman come from? Are we dealing with a supernatural being?

  5. Charles R

    Would like to know the Ohio location, at least country, of Scott’s sighting and ghost adventures. Scott mentioned seeing their breath, so common in ghost, spirit, and demonic encounters. And this summer on the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, one episode they were bouncing energy and lasers of the old homestead. Things started getting crazy. They had temperature recording devices were it was picking up certain parts of the old house dropping temperature by more than 20 degrees. I have had this thought for years. I surely can not be the only one, maybe it is common in this field which I do not follow to a high degree. What ever realm or dimension these entities exist in would probably be a very cold region as these entities would not be temperature dependent like us material humans are. Just as long as it is not absolute zero, probably. When they manifest themselves in our realm or dimension they must be carrying this cold temperature with them.

  6. Esther L

    Haha funny stuff. I do like Kerry and Daniela’s format and style. I think you found your niche as the funny guy / pesky brother of the bigfoot podcast world. Keep them laughing or at least swatting you away!

  7. Evelyn L

    I think that I would just keep on calling the things monsters. There really is no better description. The term “Bigfoot” brings to mind more of a cartoon character or the Harry and the Henderson’s description. The things are big hairy creatures that, for the most part, horrify those who see them. Maybe there are a few that look more human like but for the most part they are big hairy beasts.
    And what does Sasquatch even mean? It is a word that comes from a Native Canadian term but it is not accurately pronounced. None of the natives like this creature. Even the tribes that seem to worship the thing as some kind of forrest spirit guide say to stay away and leave it alone. They stay out of the areas where they are known to roam. Too bad others do not take the hint.

  8. Clifford B

    Jennifer said at 39:30 /40 that it was “Friday night “.
    Then at 42:40 she said it was “
    Thursday night “.
    Also , she may be having a tough time sleeping if she’s drinking coffee as late as 5 PM.
    I’m not questioning anyone’s encounter or moral turpitude .
    I’m just pointing out what she “said “.
    People get nervous bla bla bla

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