Aug 27

SC EP:786 My Father Shot It In Our Front Yard

I appreciate everyone’s patience and I apologize for running late. I am pretty much exhausted after going non stop to all week and trying to learn all of this technology.

Wade will be my guest tonight. Wade writes “The childhood experiences with my 5 sisters and 1 brother all older have being horrifying to all of us when we lived in Rainier Oregon. Dad was a pipe fitter and worked on a new nuke plant there. Mom was a stepford wife so to speak. Not long after we moved there odd things one could explain..starting with the 3 other houses that no one came out at night.

Animals disappeared and or twisted and put in trees. Lots of foot prints. The lumberjacks dad hired kept leaving. The well drillers pulled off twice. And then it got way worse. Bangs on the house, broken windows. We think there were 5 for sure….they all looked different and had NO fear of us. This was over a 3 year span. It had a life long no BS effect on the family. I talked to my older family about Rainer and it was way worse than could 10 year old to grasp. I went back there 2 years ago. It continues to this that day. It’s hard to piece together so so many things over the years. There were a hell of a lot of stuff people knew back then. And we were warned by the very old couple dad bought the land from.”







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    • Scott M

      I waited all day for the show to listen to on the hour drive home. I kept checking and it didn’t show up until I got home. I’ll save it for work tomorrow.

    • m99

      I hope the woman who was complaining about the new show (in the forum) got her very detailed answers to the new show, straight from Wes. That is, if she was paying attention. No, I appreciate Wes’ patience with us all. Thanks Wes. We’re with you. It is exciting to be evolving with you. We sure love the show, and you!

  1. Clifford B

    This is the first new show that I’m playing on the new App.
    So Wes, it’s been running all previous shows to date smoothly with a few freeze ups that were easily thawed by restarting the android pad ( as you must know my iPhone is not trusting the developer) .
    .I’d say it’s unbreakable , and simply a joy to use ie running other apps while listening to the show plus the killer interface etc… It has shown no signs of being finicky IMO ,
    I’m buying a new iMac tomorrow. I’ll try and download SC as soon as I get it .I think the IOS on the iMac gives users more discretion on mew apps . We will see .
    Thank you for this.. it’s been super fun and a privilege .

  2. jeff m

    That was just painful to listen to. How many times does Wes have to ask someone to describe something for the audience and they just use vague terms of he/she, big, fast, monster. Sounded like a potentially great show but due to lack of details, scale or even color this was a waste of time.

      • Norman C

        Wanted badly to get his description on the height of the large one. Thanks for sharing Wade. I think there is a lot of meat left on the bone with the issues this family endured from that troop. Would love to hear some of the other siblings details and experiences. It almost mirrors siege at Honobia.
        Thanks for everything you do Wes.

        • L. Oriana S

          I agree, Norman C – it would be great if Wes could get the father on a show….he probably knows a lot more than he told the rest of the family and saw more behaviors as he shot at these things. Or if the father is no longer alive, perhaps an older sibling might have more details. I also wish Wade would go back to talk to the men living in the single wide and have a frank discussion about what they have been experiencing. They would probably love to be able to talk to someone who understands what they’ve been going through as well.Like you said, Norman…there’s more meat to pick off this bone.

      • Norman C

        Wanted badly to get his description on the height of the large one. Thanks for sharing Wade. I think there is a lot of meat left on the bone with the issues this family endured from that troop. Would love to hear some of the other siblings details and experiences. It almost mirrors siege at honobia

      • m99

        Uh, no Wes. You were as good as you ever were. I found myself getting annoyed as well. Some people just can’t describe things as well as others. But, Wes, you did a great job. Don’t take that on yourself. 🙁

    • Nicola J

      I agree. So many unanswered questions. I couldn’t believe the episode finished when it did. Maybe the guy was a bit reluctant to say much and didn’t want to give too much away about who he is. Strange.

    • NHSquatcher

      I felt his story telling skills were not as good as they could have been. He was too vague on many levels. But not everyone is equally articulate. The descriptions left much to the imagination but the few details you did get were consistent with what we have heard many many times before.

    • Evelyn L

      He saw them as a child a LONG time ago. How much detail do you think you would have? I had some horrific things happen to me as a child. I have tried to push them out of my memory for years. When you repress memories for a long time you do not always have clear detail 20 or more years later. Besides, he said that they began moving at high rates of speed. How much detail do you think he got them?

      • Mangas S

        There r experiences that I can recall in detail from years ago. So if this guy had these type of experiences occurring, I’m sure he cud at least have some details.

    • Charles R

      I agree with others on more details. I get it though that Wes is running on fumes. Get some rest buddy. At night time looking at them through the dark window they certainly would appear more hideous than perhaps an up close sighting in the daytime. I wonder if Wade got close looks during the daytime. They seemed to be playing games far off and this is what one would expect, especially when bullets are flying. One has to wonder why these Sasquatch stayed around this property for all those 3 years? Also the 2 small ones, I assume children should have shown some sizeable gain in size over the 3 years. They grow much faster than us.

  3. Clifford B

    Wade …One of the best interviews on SC EVER!
    Welcome BTW .
    I totally felt you my motorcycling brother .
    Gracias for the share .
    Oh and my fav Dean Koontz book is Ticktock.

  4. Kadri L

    Wes… haven’t listened yet but take time for yourself. We can wait… even though we really can’t 😂 It’s all good bro. Appreciate the concern and all your effort.
    Now, on to the only episode ever I have not heard yet… LOL. Love the channel.

  5. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and Wade. Those two guys who showed up to tell Wade’s dad to be reasonable … with all the DNA testing that goes on and there’s been talk that they have a human mother but nobody knows where the male DNA comes from … are these folks not wanting the sasquatch to be killed because they are part of the link to humans? Why do these guys care about these creatures so much? Somebody knows something and that information comes from the top down and anyone employed in forestry, local sheriff departments, national park staff … they are told to say that someone has seen a bear and not what they report seeing or are told to squash the witness testimonies. I’m rambling but this family suffered for three years with ever increasing interruptions to their right to peacefully enjoy their property and were told to back down from defending that right and their lives. You might think that after the male of the group was wounded, they’d move their home base for a quieter spot.

    • Evelyn L

      My guess is that someone with great influence is studying these things. Not “the government” specifically, but someone who has a lot of influence (money), like some big corporation. Maybe this organization understands what they are, maybe they do not. I am guessing that they do not completely understand them. Because these things do not function like any other living creature these people do not want to publicly acknowledge that they exist. What are government officials going to say? “There are big scary monsters out there but you can’t track them and they tend to disappear a lot! We cannot predict where you will run into one or more of them either.” That would not go over well.
      Or maybe the creatures do have some tie in with UFOs and, of course, that subject is also tabu. I don’t think that they fly UFOs but I do consider that whoever is responsible for those flying “aliens” could also know something about genetic manipulation. There have been so many abductions and animal mutilations. They say that the incisions found on the bodies of those mutilated animals are made with some kind of precise instrument.
      Just my speculation.

  6. Miss Kendall S

    The YouTube peek it was awesome and I love the little Sasquatch that goes running across the screen LMAO 😂
    Also I’m loving the new app I haven’t had any problems with it and I also want to thank you for Putting so much of your blood ( I’m sure over the years ) sweat and tears into this show 💙
    Thank you Wes and Wade it was an awesome show..

    • Wes

      haha yeah I was testing out a couple of things to see if it would work. My son said “Why is R2D2 on your show? I’m not complaining everyone loves R2 I was shocked and happy to see him….haha hilarious

    • Wes

      Thanks brother. I’m going to catch up on sleep…haha. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. I think my video production is poor at best but it will get better

      • William L

        It (video) is pretty good Wes, especially first time out of the gate. We are always our harshest critic. I love the direction and the fact that you are being careful to not lose existing functionality. I’ve had some issues recently with apps created primarily for smart phones that say they support PC environments, but are an obvious after thought and “support” is quite arguable.

  7. Steven P

    What happened to the big one his dad shot. What did he shoot him with? Was there retaliation?
    What happened at the end of three years? Were they run off by the game warden?

  8. Rodney P

    I love listening to encounters like this I can’t imagine being 10 years old and seeing monsters at my window.
    Then staying in the house for a few more years dealing with them. If that was my family growing up in that house my dad would have moved us out that week after seeing these things . We’d still be in therapy to this day.😁

  9. Matthew J

    Wow Wade, that was a heck of a story! Seems like the story sort of ended when it was getting crazy. What years are we talking about? Late 70’s? After Dad blasted the big bastid’s shoulder, did it recover? Did it have a noticeable injury after that happened? Was there a showdown with Dad and his friends with rifles?

    I assume that your family moved away and the creatures stayed behind still acting crazy like they did? I’m surprised it didn’t come to a head with the creatures getting sort of dead.

    Those 2 idiots that visited have been in many encounters. Probably 1980’s – 1990’s. Same guys, same act. Pretty sure they’ve retired by now. If Wade starts listening to a bunch of encounters, he will see different behavior and physical differences too. Wade, if you find a picture of what “yours” looked like, send it in. Thank you.

  10. Linda J

    Another terrific show!! Im still amazed at how long these phenomenas have been kept from the public. This was a truly incredible story.. i just cant imagine living through this!! Brave 10 yr old for sure. Thank you so much for sharing and blessings to your family.🥰🙏❤️

  11. James A

    This guy made my brain hurt!!!! It was a great story but this guy was all over the map. i had a hard time understanding alot of what he would describe he left out so much info also why did you’re family leave the city?
    What happened with the large sasquatch that was shot in the shoulder did he retaliate? So many details unexplained

  12. Danny B

    I love all of the shows , but this one is my new favorite. By far the best retelling of scary as shit life experiences that involved these things. Great guest. His Dad was a badass.

  13. Lisa H

    Great show.I would love to hear more from the rest of the family & employees. Take care of yourself Wes It’s ok with me if a show is late or you need a break all good Thanks for all u do

  14. Evelyn L

    I am looking forward to the Chronicles after Dark. It is definitely time to expand on this subject.
    As for this interview….did the people who told this guy’s father not to shoot the creatures give him a reason for that?? How did all of this end? Did they move away? Things got kind of vague toward the end.

  15. Terran S

    Great show! Thank you, Wade! Your Dad sounds like a hoot… a very good way. Wes, we all know anything you put your mind to only gets better and better.
    Look where you started from and where you are now.

  16. Jonnie S

    I thought the show was great! Definitely had me on the edge of my seat! If you think he was all over the place then don’t listen to my interview with Wes! I was definitely all over the place because of my nerves!!! There was so much that I wanted to tell him but he can only allot so much time per witness. Don’t beat him up! He has a lot on his plate! I still hope to speak to him in the future about some ufo encounters, a woman in white that my grandmother seen and a small creature that was peering in the window at my best friend. I’m 53 years old and through out my life have heard many strange happenings with people. There is so much more to this world than we know!! I applaud you Wes and your guest for a great interview!!!

  17. Andy S

    Hi Wes, I am a new listener for a few months now and really enjoy your show! This episode was really intriguing for a number of reasons. I understand what other listeners are saying about Wade’s delivery of the story, but we all have our own different ways to tell a story, and some of us may be more linear than others. But at the same time, I think Wade did an amazing job of remembering how it was for him when he was a young boy. The story played out like a child would tell the story, and well, Wade was 10 when it happened so it makes sense! I think back to things that happened as a child and my memory of them is not as concrete as memories I have of events that occurred as an adult. So I get why Wade’s retelling felt a bit non-linear. However, of all the stories I’ve heard so far, this one sounds like it is worth further investigation. Wade at one point said many people that lived nearby knew what was going on after the 2 and a half year mark, including people who worked for Wade’s Dad, rangers, and police. That’s not just a buddy you were with or a couple of friends who were there, that’s a large group of people. Has anybody ever looked them up and asked them what they remember about this? Wade’s story took place over a 3 year period, and judging by his description of the old trailer when they first arrived, the trouble was happening before his family arrived. And he mentions he went back there recently and he suspected that things were still going on. So this seems like a great opportunity for an investigating team to corroborate the story with several witnesses and maybe even gather current physical evidence. And, what happened at the 3 year point? Did they just pack up and leave or did they sell the place to someone? I think there is a lot more to explore with this story and I would love to hear it.

    • Charles R

      I agree with you Andy S. Trying to recall so many memories that come from a young age certainly is difficult at best. The mind just gets flooded and jumps around. Wes was dog tired. I certainly would be up for another go around with Wade.

  18. Jan F

    MR WES i really hope that you KEEP the the play know the green. Play bar.
    I love just lay whit my eyes close and listen to the testemoni at Night..

    So you have a podcast amd a video podcast…you know KEEP the old ways and the new.
    I hope you Read this.

  19. Linda B

    Great job, Wes! Hope you sleep in and turn in early this week. We very much need you to take care of yourself. Sorry for some of the stale unfounded comments you receive from time to time. Please let them slide, especially at 3 am. I notice none of those geniuses have a successful podcast like you, Wes, our humble and talented friend.
    I found your guest to be a soft-spoken gentleman who was thankfully protected by a strong willed father, and as a little boy growing up amidst monster animals gave a pretty good description of faces, behaviors, and movements, etc.
    You are doing a great job.

  20. Leann G

    I enjoyed the episode and the guest Wade. He gave a really good account from a child’s perspective- a city kid no less! His dad was a Korean war vet who was a take charge protector for the family so I’m sure many details the kids didn’t see were not discussed with them.
    I thought Wade did good at explaining what happened . I listen to hear the witnesses experience and perspective and Wade gave a good account of how his family and the community reacted to these things.

  21. Jay T

    Excellent episode, guest and interview. Wes made excellent point that it is a shame that an impressionable 10 years old had to grow up with this fear. I’m against killing one, but this renegade adult needed to be taken out! I’m guessing that the military eventually got involved on this one. If Wade reads the episode, I would be interested in him describing the emblem on the Govt guy’s truck.

    Thanks Wes for what you do as you treat members and guests like family with your SC dedication.

  22. Jason D

    Thanks Wes. Wade, thank you for sharing. 4th generation pipefitter here. My father worked the nukes on the East Coast. We’re tough as boiled owl, but I was scared out of the woods by one of these damn things last hunting season. Be safe out there everyone.

  23. Clifford B

    Wow some of y’all are just impossible.
    I’m a forensic listener ie one listens not to the semantics of language but to the molecular constitution of individual phonemes.
    Wade gave “truthful insight” as he recalled to the best of his ability .
    IMO it was worth the price of a months admission.
    And Wes is dead wrong . He did just fine on his questioning .
    Again, I loved it . You did just fine Wade . You don’t owe anyone anything on top of what you do generously shared .

  24. Glen M

    Communist traitor sasquatch’s. I had those fuckers on my property in rainier also they screamed at us nocked over trees and made it scary to enter the forest. wonder if it could of been the same ones?

  25. Tim K

    Wes, just for info for you, I have a Samsung phone I got thru Verizon and the video didn’t show just your characters would show periodically.
    Great show, but only got to listen to it nothing else showed in viewing area.

  26. Bonnie I

    Very familiar with Rainier, Oregon and the surrounding area. My sister’s husband used to own a double-wide and cabin on a few acres of property on a hillside behind the town. Now I know why he was so eager to sell that property when he married my sister. Thank you Wes and Wade for a very thought provoking and scary SC episode.

  27. Daren c

    Back for a 3rd listen. Such incredible experiences Wade had .

    It’s a crime that we have a Huge portion of our population that believes this is just campfire stories.

    If every episode was like Coast2Coast , where the guest is selling Books , OK maybe it’s all BS. But Sasquatch Chronicles is the complete opposite. Most fascinating subject on earth.

  28. Luis C

    GOD created al creatures to men to have control of , but he created specific beasts , to be hidden from men , to protect the remaining natives of Gods land . To protect Gods children from the suffer the white men inflicted on them upset for the bloodshed and carnage of crimes vomited the lost tribes . The white men was chased away from their own brothers for later
    Inflict pain on people who welcomed them . No weapon
    Created by man would be able to stop GOD’S. Fury .

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